Debt Collectors or Court claim?

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debt collectors services

Being owed money from a debtor is a frustrating situation so seeking payment as quickly as possible is the obvious objective. Choosing Professional Debt Collectors or Court claim to recover your debt is a choice that should be made wisely.

It is important to understand the difference between the two and it is also important to be aware that you do not need a Court Order or a CCJ to recover a debt. This in itself is an important factor that should also be considered.

Dependant on the value of the debt and if it is disputed, you may also be looking at instructing a firm of solicitors. It is important remember that you have to pay the solicitors disbursements and fees regardless of the outcome as well as potentially any legal fees also. You can also add possible enforcement fees to this total also dependant on the route taken.

If you choose to issue your own county court claim, you should be aware that failure to follow the basic civil procedure rules in place can result in your claim being struck out with an award for costs being made in favour of the defendant if the claim is vigorously defended.

The important factors you also need to consider are actions, results, expediency and cost. There is no guarantee with Debt Collection however at Frontline, we provide a free appraisal on any debt instructions we take. We consider all the facts and apply appropriate due diligence. Only where we believe there is a reasonable prospect of recovery do we accept instruction.

As a Professional Debt Collection Agency that is results driven, we are clearly focused on recovering the debt owed as quickly as possible. Where instructed, It is not in our interests to exacerbate a situation as we are not fee earners and do not charge per hour.

With current court fees being 5% of the sum owed for debts over £5,000 – this needs to be a major consideration. There will also be further costs if the debt is disputed with hearings possibly required. In the event you are awarded a judgment in default, you can consider enforcement options such as enforcing your ccj via the high court.

In respect of a court claim; If it is a larger debt, you may consider using a solicitor to act on your behalf but be aware that many law firms may require a retainer to be paid in lieu of costings. A Solicitor will generally charge £200-£500 per hour dependant on the complexity of the case.

Also, a fact that is often overlooked. Court claims can take months to go through the civil legal system. In short, issuing legal claims can be a very timely and expensive process that may not have the desired result.

Our commission rates start from 8% for larger debts with no collection costs to pay if we do not collect. Less than 1% of the we deal with require court action and that is a fact. We charge a small instruction fee for any case we feel we are able to act on and that is it. A transparent costing policy with no hidden disbursements which is why we are the first port of call for many individuals when it comes to collecting debts.

In the unlikely event that we have to issue a claim it is done so at very minimal cost to our clients. We also specialise in the enforcement of CCJs and have High Court Enforcement Officers at hand ready to enforce payment of a writ.

Sometimes a CCJ does not cover all bases, then we can look at bankruptcy dependant on the situation. Our bankruptcy services are at no hidden cost to our clients and every debt we encounter is judged on its own merit.

We also offer a full pre sue report so that any potential claimant is fully aware of the facts relating to their debtors financial position. They will be aware if they are bankrupt, already have CCJs or any other financial misdemeanours. In addition, we provide details of any Directorships or shareholdings of Limited companies and also a check on their property for ownership details.

If you are owed money and what it collecting quickly and transparently, speak to one of our friendly New Business Team today. We will give you frank and honest advise of your options with no sales patter and no hourly rates. Think Debt Collection, think Frontline Collections. Call us now on 0333 043 4425




1st choice for Personal Debt Collection

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Debt Collection Agency

Since 2005, Frontline Collections has been the UK’s first choice for Personal Debt Collection , helping Businesses, Sole traders and Individuals recover monies that are lawfully and legally due to them.

We thought it would be interesting to put together a top 5 list of the reasons why some Companies and Individuals use the great services of Frontline Collections so we invited some of our long standing clients and partners to provide feedback and reasons as to why they choose to work with ourselves.

What makes Frontline Collections Number 1

1. Highest Collection rates – This was the biggest reason given and an obvious choice for 100% of those asked the question and this is supported by our unrivalled 87% recovery rate on undisputed debts.

FACT: One of our corporate clients told us that we recover roughly 800% more than the previous Debt Collection Agency they used. Our pro active Debt Collection strategies coupled with passion and perseverance  guarantee we recover far more than any other Private Debt Collectors.

2. Cost Effective - The second most common ‘like’ within our services. Again, a  natural choice for many of our clients as we are pound for pound more cost effective than any other Agency. We provide a comprehensive service that has no hidden extras and is not a front for fee earning solicitors.

3. Professionalism  – A highlighted and appreciated viewpoint of our service. We conduct our operations in a pragmatic fashion whilst maintaining professionalism when dealing with difficult and tense situations.

4. Pro-active – As a results driven organisation, our objective is to collect as much as possible as quickly as possible. Every case we deal with is dealt with by a experienced collections officer. We do not operate call centres or perform conveyor belt procedures. We are very passionate about what we do and our objective to collect unpaid debts.

5. Lawful & compliant - We conduct all operations in a ethical, lawful and compliant manner thus not creating any potential liability for our clients. We aim to deliver a service that goes above the normal expectation level. Positive ethics are part of the backbone at Frontline Collections and is why we have been out in front in the field of Private Debt Collection since 2005. We work in partnership with Federal Management who are the UK’s Premier Debt Collection Agency.

We daily assist people who are owed money and if we believe there is a valid debt to be collected, we will collect.

If you have a debt you would like recovered or simply to discuss the options available to you, call our friendly New Business Team on 0333 043 4425 today

Collecting a Debt from a friend or relative

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Private Debt Collection

Many people think of Private Debt Collection as something only Companies or Businesses use but that is not the case at all. We deal with many instance of private debts owing to and from family & friends for matters such as personal loans, goods bought etc

The issue of personal debts being owed from a family member or long term friend is far more common than people would imagine. We regularly receive enquiries for our services where a relationship has broken down over monies being owed. We try our best to mediate a resolution that is satisfactory to all parties and usually results in payment as a closure on the matter.

Of course the is our Premier Debt Collection remedy for these kind of unsavoury situations but this can be avoided using basic communication and dialogue to resolve personal matters and hopefully restoring relations.

Here is our top 5 tips for personal loans

  1. Get any agreement in writing – We cannot stress this enough. If you are going to loan a friend/relative etc some money, ALWAYS get it documented in writing along with the signatures of both parties. Obviously this can feel impolite but if you have any element of doubt that the money may not get paid back, it is imperative you take this basic step. Clearly state the terms of the loan along with any agreed repayment dates.
  2. Make it easy for them to pay – If you have agreed a staggered repayment schedule, a standing order from there account to yours will help this kind of situation.
  3. Document any requests for payment – If a payment date has been missed, you need to let them know you are on top of the situation so a polite letter/email will help remind them that payment was due and needs to be made.
  4. Stay calm and composed – Never lose your temper with them. It is very frustrating to be owed money especially if you need it yourself but becoming angry and abusive will simply result in a full breakdown and is likely to lead to no further payments.
  5. Take action – Fingers crossed it does not come to this but where every avenue of communication has been exhausted, it is time to call the professionals, never simply write off your money. Nobody has ever been labelled as a ‘bad person’ for simply requesting to be paid money they have lent/provided in good faith.

Where action is necessary to recover a debt, it literally does pay to speak to a professional. of course there is the Debt Collection option but there is also a legal recourse through the courts and solicitors dependant on the amount. The problem with the latter is that they can be very expensive and can protract the matter however they may be a more appropriate option if the matter is disputed.

For further information on Frontline’s Private Debt Collection services, speak to a professional Collections Adviser today by calling the helpline on 0333 043 4426 who will provide a free and frank assessment of your situation.


Tracing an absconded debtor

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Tracing Debtors

Unpaid Debts are a never ending problem for Businesses and individuals who provide goods or services. One of the biggest headaches is when a debtor absconds without paying their debt causing additional stress to the unwitting creditor.

We all know that the cost of a non paying customer can itself cause large problems such as your own ability to pay your bills too. So it is essential when you have a ‘gone away debtor’, you act to take steps to trace their whereabouts. Some people may think this can be an expensive and painful process but it need not be.

For landlords. the problem of tracing tenants can be restricted by getting a guarantor at outset. For Business to Business transaction, Limited companies will always have a registered office for communications but dealing with sole traders and LLP’s can provide a trickier problem.

As part of your standard credit control, for sole traders it is highly recommended to obtain a home address as part of the credit application process. We have seen many cases where the proprietor of shop for instance may have the name John Smith. Well John Smith is a very common name and if the shop closes for whatever reason, it presents a real problem to locate the home a address of ‘John Smith’ as they may be hundreds in any given town or city.

These basic acts of diligence will rarely be called upon but it always pays to be on guard against individuals who do not want to pay their debts. Whatever the problem, whether it is tracing tenants, absconded individuals, non paying CSA parents, sole traders etc we have the solution.

At Frontline Collections, we employ up to the minute tracing systems to locate almost anybody in the UK. Our innovative tracing systems and Intel databases are way ahead of the average tracing system used by Debt Collection Agents or tracing agencies.

We believe that by having the most advanced tracing software, it puts our clients to the front of the queue when it comes to payment. We also provide this as a stand alone service to other Debt Collection Agencies, private investigators and tracing companies.

When it comes to tracing absconded debtors, it really does pay to use the best service out there and they do not much come better than the Tracesure service provided by Frontline Collections.

Speak to one of our advisers today, if we cannot trace somebody, there is no charge to you. We only charge for successful results that will either provide a new address or simply confirm their current address to be correct using electronic foot printing technology.

Best Debt Collection Agency

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Best Debt Collection Agency for Private Debt

Best Debt Collection Agency for Private Debt

At Frontline Collections we pride ourselves on being the leading Private Debt Collection Agency specialising in the recovery of overdue debts from individuals across Great Britain, Ireland and indeed across the international spectrum.

We operate an extremely ethical service, conducting our operations in a transparent manner, ensuring we keep our clients fully informed of our progress and actions taken along with a detailed reporting and accounting procedure that supports our high levels of best practice.

Whats makes Frontline Collections better than other Debt Collection Agents?

Results – The overriding objective and measurement of a Debt Collection Agencies success is the results obtained. We recover on average up to 300% that of the average small debt agency with our wealth of expertise, robust professional strategies and depth of endeavour.

Frontline Collections operates a transparent comprehensive service. Our sole mission is to recover your debt as quickly as possible, not seek ways to ‘fee earn’ or ‘charge fees’ for every little action so our sole purpose is to collect as much as possible.

Minimal Cost - Our service guarantees to minimise cost and maximise results. We do not charge per action or have a hidden fee structure – We also do not apply any additional charges for the management of any repayment schedules.

A commission is only payable of any successfully collected monies, it is that simple! – With Frontline Collections you get the most cost effective service out there bar none, in terms of a cost and success ratio.

Professional Service – We are highly professional and are always mindful of our clients brand and reputation. FACT: If you do not use a professional Collection Agency, you will more than likely end up with lawsuits against you as well as a tarnished reputation.

Pro Active Endeavour - We maximise the potential for a successful recovery by adopting a bespoke collection strategy for every case we deal with. We DO NOT operate call centres or cheap conveyor belt procedures that get no results! How do we know? Years and years of experience tells us such!

To get our clients the very best results, every case is dealt with on its own merit. We know what works to get the very best results for our clients. We never compromise our mission to collect in terms of cost. There have been many instances where as a company we have incurred loses surpassing the actual value of the debt itself. Why? – Our passion and integrity is what drives us to deliver the best possible results based service in the UK.

Our mission 10 years ago was to be the Number 1 Debt Collection Agency in the UK and it is still our mission today.

If you want to maximise the return on your bad debt ledger or simply require a reputable and reliable Debt Collector, then speak to our friendly expert team by calling us now on 0333 043 4425


Private International Debt Collection

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Private International Debt Collection


So far in 2016, there has been a greater requirement for us to provide Private International debt collection with increased migration across the European Union and indeed, across the globe. Collecting Debt from a foreign country need not be a very stressful and hugely expensive task with our direct overseas private debt collection network.

Whilst it is easier than ever the travel the world, it still remains a tricky objective to collect overseas debts there is a strong necessity for professional overseas debt collectors for non payers, using our trusted network our National  Debt Collection Agents with a successful working knowledge of the local jurisdiction in which the debtor is situated.

There are unproven methods of collection and the ‘lawyer’ route is very expensive with many requiring large retainers up front based upon the value of the debt. Our accredited Debt Collection Agent network works on a low fixed fee with no hidden extras.

As with most things in life, the success of using a International Debt Collection Agency depends on the quality and integrity of the company coupled with their overseas knowledge and network of partnerships.

A great example of such is, let us create a fictional Debt Collection Agency entity such as Sea Shark Collections. Now Sea Shark Collections may claim to be able to offer some kind of overseas debt recovery service but can they genuinely actually offer such services with effect.

Will they have a accredited network of fully vetted and professional foreign recovery agents in every major country across the globe? Do they have multi lingual speakers? Probably not is the likely prospect.

By placing your £20,000 debt in their hands, what are you likely to achieve. The answer is very little apart from maybe a scenario that will  increase frustration, unnecessary additional costs and will probably see you write off the debt.

This can be easily avoided by doing some basic checks and using a wise decision making process. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing properly.

The International Debt Collection services of Frontline Collections are guaranteed to maximise the potential of recovering your overseas debt with minimum cost to yourselves.

Our dedicated Overseas team have recovered millions of pounds over the past few years in overseas debts where the only cost effective option was to write them off! We have maximised the cash collections for thousands of individuals and businesses by delivering our leading cross jurisdiction expert recovery service.

From Belgium to the Bangladesh, from Germany to Ghana, our expert global network of accredited Debt Collection partners and agents will ensure we maximise the chances of recovering your debt. No retainers, no false promises and no nonsense.

Speak to one of our friendly New Business Team today, we will give you free advice on how we can help. advise on the realistic possibilities of recovering your money and if we believe there is a realistic possibility it can be recovered, we can take instruction from you and take the first steps to getting your money back in your account. Of course, you could always give a ‘Sea Shark Collections’ type Debt Collection Company a call but then again……..

For the best results, you need the best Debt Collection Agents..….. Frontline Collections are the experts. Call us now on 0333 043 4425 and start recovering your international debts.

Top 5 reasons why people choose Frontline Collections

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Frontline Collections

Since 2005, Frontline Collections has been the leading solution for Private Debt Collection in the United Kingdom, empowering individuals and companies with our professional low fixed fee Debt Collection solution.

We thought it a great idea to compile a list of the top five reasons why individuals and companies use our first rate debt collection agency services so invited some of our long standing clients and customers to provide feedback and an indication why they love what we do.

Top 5 Reasons

1. Results – This was the obvious choice for 95% of those that contributed towards our findings and this is supported by a circa 87% recovery rate on undisputed debts

FACT: One of our larger clients has seen us recover 80 times more than the previous agents they were using. We are far more successful is because of our highly pro active Debt Collection procedures, perseverance and innovative strategies.

2. Low Cost - Another natural choice for many of our clients as we are pound for pound more cost effective than any other Agency. We provide a comprehensive service with no hidden costs and no hidden extras. All enquiries we received are subject to appraisal and we will only take the debt on if there is a reasonable prospect of recovery We operate a low fixed instruction/administration fee and this is reflected in discounted commission rates and the high level of service/results.

3. Professional  – This ranked third in our poll of the best reviewed elements of our service. feedback clearly suggested that our professional conduct and the manner in which we operate on all levels is well received by our clients. Adjectives used to describe us include reliable, trustworthy and indeed professional.

4. Pro-active – We are a results driven organisation that does not operate call centres or work on averages. Our sole objective is to recover as much as possible as we understand our success in measured in the results we achieve for our clients. We provide a FREE appraisal of all cases before we take them on to ensure they are collectable.

5. Lawful & compliant - We conduct all our operations in a ethical, lawful and compliant manner thus not creating any possible liability for our clients. Frontline Collections pride ourselves on delivering a service that goes above and beyond the normal expectation levels of our clients. We conduct our business very ethically and starts from the top to the very bottom of what we do.

We are always looking to assist individuals and companies who are owed money and if we believe there is a genuine debt or portfolio of debts to be collected, we will act on your behalf.

If you have a debt you would like recovered or simply to discuss the options available to you, call our friendly New Business Team on 0333 043 4425 today


Personal & Private Debt Collection

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Private Debt Collection Specialists


As well as providing Debt Collection for companies, Frontline Collections successfully acts for a large number of private individuals who are owed money and want robust action taken to recover it.

The type of individuals we represent can vary greatly but all have one common objective. They want decisive and effective action being taken to recover money that is owed to them whatever the scenario maybe.

Typical examples of the types of personal debts we collect are:

  • Rent arrears for Private Landlords
  • Personal Loans given
  • Unpaid wages from a sole trader
  • Jobs not completed
  • Agreements not kept
  • Broken payment arrangements
  • Unpaid CCJ’s
  • Bounced cheques

We have a proven track record and hold many of the testimonies our clients have sent us to demonstrate our unrivalled prowess in the field of Private Debt Collection. Our services are not just restricted to the UK, we have a trusted and dedicated network of International partners who often assist us with overseas matters. From Croatia to Canada to China, we have collected debts when the claimant has had no other option.

Our Collection Officers treat Debts in their account as if the money was owed to them. We know every single trick in the book that a deceitful debtor will try to play and believe us when we say, we really have heard it all when it comes to excuses not to pay or the unbelievable lengths people will go to to try to evade payment.

Some Debts can be straight forward to collect whereas others can take a while. Whatever the situation, once we are on the case there usually is only one ending, a happy one.

For our clients piece of mind, we operate a fully transparent service with no hidden fees and no surprise costs. We are extremely ethical and professional and 11 years at the very top as the UK’s leading Private Debt Collectors testifies to that so our claims are fully with merit.

Whatever your problem, no matter how impersonal or embarrassing it may be, do not be afraid. Our Teams are committed to helping you rightly reclaim your money in a low cost manner that you can be sure that all will be done to maximise the chances of getting your money back in your pocket.

Speak to one of our friendly team today via our live chat option or just simply give us a call and we can guide you through the whole process and what your options are. We even conduct a free appraisal of the prospect of a recovery and if there is no reasonable chance of recovery, we will tell you there and then. No mess, no fuss just professional and Personal Debt Collection at its very best.

Dealing with unpaid childcare fees

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Unpaid Childcare Fees can be a major headache


Every child’s parent has financial obligations but why is it that some view unpaid childcare fees very differently? Parents have other weekly/monthly financial obligations such as credit cards, mobile phone payments, gym membership etc and rarely do they sway from the payment of such, so why is it that the attitude of some for paying their nursery fees is so different?

The truth of the matter is that many childcare and nursery business owners systematically tolerate late payments from parents.

Many nurseries and childcare establishments fail to chase up late fees on a regular basis and have no real process in place to deal with the non paying element.  To exacerbate the problem, many nurseries and childcare providers also face the challenge of balancing their books against the cost of free entitlement.

At Frontline Collections, we understand the issues that many childcare establishments face on a daily basis and know that getting paid on time is critical to running a successful childcare business.

So to help, we have put together a list of pointers that can help protect the cash flow of your business and help you get payment promptly. Remember –  No nursery has ever lost custom by simply asking parents to pay what they rightfully owe.

1. Make your payment terms clear at outset

When a parent registers their child, ensure you break down what the fees are and the terms on which these fees are to be paid. By making the expected terms of payment clear at outset, you can avoid the usual lame excuses of “I didn’t realise I need to pay my fees every fortnight”.

2. Communication when payment missed

No matter what the circumstances and regardless of how long a child has been at your establishment, make effort to address any late payment as soon as possible. This must always be done with discretion so as not to cause embarrassment so dedicate a quiet room to discuss such matters.

3. Avoid hand written notes 

Some smaller childcare practices still use hand written notes to highlight any outstanding amounts on the account. This demonstrates a lack of professionalism on your part. Any notices given shuld be correctly documented and a copy stored on file for future reference if necessary.

4. Stay on top of late payments

As a Manager or such like, you will have a million and one things to do but never let unpaid fees slip to the bottom of your ‘to-do’ list. The non payment of fees should remain a priority.

5.  Prevention is better than a cure – preventative measures

You can avoid the chore of chasing late payment of fees by investing in industry specialist software such as the Abacus Nursery Software package. This can invoice parents electronically and help streamline your credit control process.

There is also the direct debit option for payment with innovative packages such as Fee Planner

When all else fails……

Sometimes, no matter what pre emptive actions you take or what procedures you implement, there are some parents who will leave owing you money. So what do you do in this instance?

Write it off? NO! This must never happen. This money is lawfully yours and belongs in your bank account.

The simple solution is to use the leading Private Debt Recovery services of a professional company like Frontline Collections They provide a fully comprehensive service and manage the repayment of the debt in its entirety from start to finish.

Frontline Collections have specialist experience in dealing with the recovery of unpaid childcare fees and work in partnership with some of the UK’s leading childcare groups as well as small local establishments.

If you would like expert advice and a free appraisal of your debt recovery requirements, speak to an adviser now by calling 0333 043 4425

Private School Fees Debt Recovery

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Private Education Debt Recovery

Independent Schools Debt Collection

As with most Business sectors in the UK, independent schools are dealing with a more challenging economic environment these days.The recession has left its mark on the industry and many schools had to tighten their budgets with increased and stiffer competition.

As a result, non paying parents can have a devastating effect on a schools cash flow as these fees are relied upon to meet operational costs so a efficient credit control and Debt Recovery service is essential to the long term well being of these establishments.

It is unfortunate that despite the value these establishments provide by way of a premier education for children, many independent schools have a real issue with some parents not paying the fees for their child’s education. It is a unsavoury situation for all parties concerned however experience of dealing with such matters is the difference between the fees being paid or not being paid at all.

Dealing with the non-payers

At Frontline Collections we have a vast experience in dealing with such matters in a professional and expedient manner. we can help you to address such issues fast with our skilled knowledge of Private School Fees Debt recovery.

We possess specialised teams of Recovery professionals who conduct their roles in a ethical and proficient manner. Negotiating the swift payment of fees overdue is the objective but this is done in a professional and courteous manner.

Sometimes, the non-payment of school fees can occur as a result of miscommunication. Other times, there maybe a spurious dispute that needs to be reconciled without delay. It may just be that a realistic payment arrangement needs to be implemented once we have made an assessment of their financial standing.

We have dealt with all scenarios and our highly experienced personnel ensure that the matter is resolved swiftly in a compliant and professional manner.

How do we help private and independent schools?

We have a clear understanding of the industry and just how delicate any debt matters within this sector business need to be processed. We provide a fully comprehensive service so there are no hidden fees and no nasty surprises.

We need to first establish the facts surrounding the actual non-payment of the school fees. Quite often financial difficulties are the root cause or matrimonial breakdowns. We apply a process of mediation to establish the facts then follow this with negotiation which usually leads to a successful outcome for all parties concerned.

Our services are extremely cost effective  and our mantra is to minimise the cost to our clients whilst maximising the results.

Key points of our services:

  • High Recovery rates
  • Commission rates from only 8%
  • Industry Expertise
  • Comprehensive service
  • 24/7 Online Account Management
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Internal Collections Team

We are the first choice for Private Debt Collection in the UK and our track record demonstrates this.

Contact us today to see how we can help boost your school’s cash flow, speak to one of our friendly advisers today

Frontline Collections 4.9 based on 57 user reviews.