What is included within our inclusive Debt Collection service

  • All letters, emails, SMS & telephone calls
  • Debt Collection Officers to visit debtors
  • Legal mediation & Investigation
  • Free initial tracing of absconded debtors
  • Expert negotiation & repayment schedules
  • Regular Progress reports

Our professional, ethical and direct Private Debt Collection approach delivers superb results and sees a market leading recovery rate, often as high as 90%, for all undisputed private debts.

At Frontline Collections, we understand that chasing overdue payments is detrimental to your business activities. It causes frustration and furthermore can dramatically reduce your cash flow which is inconceivable given the current economic climate in the UK.

Since 2005, we have collected millions of pounds in debt on behalf of Private Individuals and Businesses. We provide the UK's leading Private Debt Collection service and will continue to do so.

We adopt a pro active and pragmatic approach. This coupled with pioneering practices and procedures ensure we maximise the potential of a successful recovery and we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the pursuit of monies owing to our clients. Every case is dealt with by a highly experienced Debt Collection Officer.

Our passion is Debt Collection and each and every individual case is man managed. We do not operate unprofessional call centres where the emphasis is on quantity, not quality, nor do we have ties to any "Debt Management" firms or "Personal Insolvency" companies who will simply portray themselves as "Debt Collection" in order to generate leads for their costly IVA & Bankruptcy services.

We demand the best from our staff and we ensure that we deliver the best service to our clients by delivering market leading results every year. We are No.1 for Personal Debt Collection and the Millions of Pounds we recover every year for our clients bears absolute credence to this.

Whether its a personal loan to family/friend, unpaid service fees or even a bounced cheque for goods, Frontline Collections provides an unrivalled and bespoke Personal Debt Collection Agency service.

We can cater for all Debt Collection requirements and are mindful of existing relationships as well as brand preservation for companies. Our practices are tailored to the debtor is question and all Debtors circumstances are analysed and vetted prior to action.

This allows us to establish the most appropriate and correct form of action to take in order to maximise results.

Frontline Collections operates the UK's most Cost Effective Private Debt Collection service UK Debt Collection Bureau Nov 2018

Our Low Commission rates start from only 8% and we provide a fully inclusive service that includes all actions i.e.. All Pre Action due diligence, Letters, faxes, emails, telephone calls, accountancy fees, credit checks, investigations, Insolvency demands, Debt Collection Officer visits, pre-sue report (if necessary).

We collect debts on behalf of Private Individuals and here is a just a few of the sectors that we also provide Private Debt Collection services for

We operate Local, National and International Debt Collection services, so wherever your debt needs to be collected from, we will collect it. We are the UK's only specialist Personal Debt Collection Agency so if you are owed money, then we have the solution.

Being owed money can be a very challenging and stressful scenario. We totally understand the nature of Personal Debt Collection and our service is designed to minimise the undue trauma caused to our clients and ensure that monies are recovered as swiftly as possible. Our Private Debt Collection Agency thrives on the successful Collection of Personal Debts for all of our clients.

Our specialist Personal Debt Collection Agency service is used by Individuals and Businesses alike. Whatever the situation maybe, Frontline Collections have the expertise to deal with all situations where a Private Debt is owed.

To discuss your problem in confidence and for a FREE appraisal of your debt, call our friendly New Business Team on 0333 043 4425