Recovering a personal debt? – 3 Simple Tips

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personal debt recovery

If somebody owes you money then there are 3 simple tips for recovering a personal debt. Your situation could be that a friend has not paid you back a loan. It could be a relative that has not paid for something you bought on their behalf. Or even it could simply just be you have not been paid for your services.

There are literally a million reasons why somebody can owe you money. From the straight forward to the plain bizarre, debt can arise very easily. When an individual owes you money then there is some basic advice to follow. A personal debt collection matter has to be dealt with calmly. The three simple tips within this guide should help you start along the path to collection.

  1. Try to resolve the matter amicably. Contact the individual that owes you via the normal means. This tends to be via Text Message or Email. Even direct messages via social media platforms on a friendly basis. Politely remind the person that you have still not been paid.
  2. Send a recorded delivery letter. If the individual is ignoring you, then there comes a time to act. A recorded delivery letter giving them 7 days to pay can jolt the person into at least contacting you. It will also make them aware that you are serious about your money. A letter before action needs to be dated and carry a basic outline of what money is owed and why. You may advise that if payment is not made then personal debt recovery action could be taken.
  3. Speak to a Professional. Seek advice from Professional Debt Collection Experts. Court action is not necessary to collection an unpaid personal debt where there is proof. Our friendly advisers will listen carefully to your problem.

There has to be a burden of proof to support all debts. We can help with recovering a personal debt where it is financially viable to do so. This is normally for owed personal debts of £500 plus. We can also help with smaller debts dependant on the situation.

If you are wanting to recover a personal debt then there is a remedy for your problem. Frontline Collections assists thousands of people in your situation. Navigating the legal waters when recovering a personal debt is complex. There are direct routes to recovering debt that reduce cost to you. All actions taken should be lawful to get a positive outcome.

For immediate help and advice, speak to our experts today. Contact us now via telephone, live chat or via enquiry form. You can read more about personal debt collection via this link.