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Borrowing money from lending institutions in Australia is something people do all the time. Borrowers always have good intentions when they apply for a loan. But those intentions may not become a reality if the debt they carry is more than they can handle. It’s easy to accumulate debt. A steady income, a decent debt payback history, and a few assets that a lending institution can turn into cash if a borrower gets in financial trouble are all people need to get the money they need to buy a car, a home or some other big-ticket item.

But life gets in the way when people have serious debts, and the mortgage and credit industries in Australia are not the most understanding debt partners when there’s not enough money coming in. The financial institutions that were so understanding turn into hungry debt collectors with an attitude. Financial institutions want people to pay on time in spite of their money issues, and when people can’t pay things start to fall apart in a hurry. Defaulting on a home or credit card loan is a life-changing experience. Nothing good comes out of defaulting on loans. In fact, some people who default may never recover financially or mentally.

Debt consolidation is the road some people take when their monthly payments are more than their monthly income. But according to financial veteran Graeme Holm, debt consolidation is not the solution people need when they are facing a financial collapse. Debt consolidators are in that business to make money, so even though their pitch to get people out of financial trouble sounds like the best solution, it’s not, according to Graeme Holm. Debt consolidation keeps you in debt longer, and there’s not guarantee the initial low-interest rate will stay low even though people pay on-time.

Graeme Holm saw the flaws in debt consolidation. He watched people go under after they consolidated their loans, so he decided to do something about that ongoing situation. In 2012, Mr. Holm and his life partner Rebecca Walker decided to start the Infinity Group Australia to help people get out of debt on their own. Holm and Walker thought setting up a personal banker-type system that tracked borrowers’ income and expenses would help people borrow and pay back loans in a more practical way. And the good news is the Infinity Group Australia is doing what it says it can do. According to Mr. Holm, 100 percent of Infinity Group Australia clients pay off more debt in three months than they did in 12 months when they used a debt consolidation plan. The Infinity Group Australia reviews tell the real story. Those reviews say some people were able to pay off a substantial amount of debt in seven to ten years.

Some of the other Infinity Group Australia reviews claim Holm and his team are like personal get-out-of-debt trainers who focus on a realistic budget, so the strain of paying off debts doesn’t result in personal health issues. The Infinity Group develops a long-term payback plan that includes a cash-based budget, and a fairly aggressive plan that uses all available income to retire the debt. The Infinity Group won the Customer Experience Management Award in 2018 because Holm and his team are the best organization CX in Australia.

The Infinity Group helps people help themselves. The positive reviews verify the commitment Holms made when he co-founded the Infinity Group. Review after review tell an uplifting story about the Infinity Group, and those stories motivate people who need help. According to some of those reviews, the gloom and doom that follows people lost in debt disappear when they work with the Holm’s Infinity team.

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