Collection of unpaid funeral fees

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collection of unpaid funeral fees

The rising cost of life itself is being felt everywhere. At the petrol pump, the supermarket and even in the funeral business. As people find their disposable income shrinking ever more each year, we are now at a point where the collection of unpaid funeral fees is becoming a daily occurrence within the industry.

This raises a few problems, not least, the awkwardness felt by the funeral director having to chase the bereaved for payment at, what is, the most difficult a time any of us can face. It is no secret that a funeral is not always a cheap affair dependant on the level of service and provisions required.

However, that cost should not absorbed by the Funeral Director who has provided his services in good faith, often personally tending to the needs of the grieving family. Funeral Debt is at an all time high and positive action is needed to combat the problem.


Whilst all funerals are emotional and leave those involved in a deeply vulnerable and psychologically strained state, the cost of the ceremony needs to be covered. When arranging the funeral, the bereaved do so knowing what their obligations are and enter into the agreement as competent adults. As tragic as an event as a loved one dying is, we all still have responsibilities.


Those using a funeral service have a responsibility to meet the cost of burying their loved one or they threaten the status quo and might force the company in question to start requesting upfront payment for all funerals, which impacts us all.


The blame does not always lay with the relatives of the deceased, as solicitors involved in the will and testament aspect of the death can often be slow in releasing the funds that may have been put aside to cover the funeral.

In each and every instance, a funeral that results in an outstanding debt can be a very trying and stressful problem to resolve. The Collection of unpaid Funeral Costs has to be dealt with in a sensitive yet pragmatic manner as the objective is still to seek repayment of the fees owing.

Professional Assistance

Modern day professional debt collection agencies come in all shapes, sizes and specialities. However there are specialised Private Debt Collection firms that have the experience and necessary industry knowledge to know how to approach a problem of this type with the right amount of due consideration to all involved.

At the end of the day, a funeral company is a business, albeit a field that has its own set of specific issues faced during its daily work. It needs to pay its own bills and staff, so however funeral debts are addressed, it needs to done to ensure the sustainability of the business. A Professional Debt Collection service for Funeral Directors can prove to be a enormous help.

If you face this difficult issue, why not reach out to the Best Debt collection specialist in funeral debt. It could save you an awful lot of unnecessary worry and stress and leave you free to concentrate on providing this most vital of services to the public.

A Professional Debt Collection Agency such as Frontline Collections will deal with your debts in a courteous, firm but fair manner allowing you to focus on the ongoing responsibilities of you day to day operations. Contact our New Business team today and let us advise you of our Debt Collection for Funeral Directors solution.

Our specialist Debt Collection for Funeral Directors service has even been mentioned in the Daily Mirror where a report highlighted the increase in the Collection of Unpaid Funeral Fees.