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Debt Collection Agency liverpool

The methods used by businesses and individuals in Liverpool to recover debts has changed a lot in the last few years, with companies preferring a different and ultimately easier option. Rather than opt for traditional legal routes to recover outstanding monies – which can be both convoluted and costly – many enterprises are turning to debt collection agencies instead.

When people think of a Debt Collection Agency in Liverpool, certain misconceptions can come to mind, which are largely inaccurate. Modern, reputable debt collection firms don’t use strong arm tactics like some used to, which means that companies don’t have worry about anything questionable methods reflecting badly on their reputations. Techniques like these belong firmly in the past.

A Major Image Change

 When you instruct a reputable debt collection agency in Liverpool to deal with your delinquent accounts, you have the reassurance of knowing that the industry has done a lot of work with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to change its image and the way it works. The industry’s only trade association is the credit services association and they have rapidly helped changed the face of the debt collection industry by way of massive improvements to professionalism and conduct.

Accredited, reputable collection firms are consummate professionals who know they are acting on their client’s behalf and in a sense, are part of that company for a short time. You wouldn’t intimidate a customer, so neither will a Professional firm of Debt Collectors in Liverpool.

No Collection – No Commission

The pricing structure that you’ll experience with a debt collection agency in Liverpool compares very favourably to the conventional court based route too, as they are largely based on the results achieved however it is important to remember that cheap is not cheerful in terms of service and results obtained.

Typically speaking, most average Debt Collection Agencies charge between 15% and 30% of the total amount owed plus ancillary costs. At Frontline Collections, we provide a Free assessment of your debt and advise of the probability of collection. Frontline Collections commission rates start from only 8% for larger amounts and a small administration fee indemnifies you from any further cost no matter what actions are taken, right up to property visits from Collection Officers.

A small cost when compared with what you would pay via the traditional, litigious route which expensively comes with no guarantees.

A Large Commercial Hub

Liverpool is one of the biggest centres of commerce in the North of England and as you would expect, it is an area in which the services of collection firms are in great demand. It’s not difficult to find a debt collection agency in Liverpool either, as there are numerous licensed collection operators in operation there. The increased use of such companies has happened due to its efficacy and cost, as well as a result of the fast, professional and friendly way in which they work.

Accredited & Professional

It’s important when choosing a debt collection agency in Liverpool that you do your research to make sure that the firm holds the relevant UK accreditation. A good firm will be very upfront about this kind of information, so make sure you ask. Companies that don’t work to these exacting standards have no place in a modern collection industry and just a small amount of research on your part should tell you the difference between the good and the bad.

The first choice for Business Debt Collection in the UK is Federal Management whilst Frontline Collections is the Nation’s Number One for Personal Debt Collection. Both are highly accredited firms and deliver the best debt collection services in for their niche in terms of results and professionalism.

In Summary

Should you or your company be having trouble maintaining good cash flow due to customers who won’t pay, a professional debt collection agency in liverpool is a viable, cost effective and efficient solution to the problem. For this reason, they represent an option that’s gaining popularity right the way across the country and for the savvy business owner, the benefits they offer cannot be ignored.

If you or your Business are owed money then give us a call for a free assessment of your requirements.


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