Trace a ‘gone-away’ Debtor in the UK

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tracing a debtor

In the Uk it is possible to trace a debtor quickly who has gone away or fled their obligations. It is a reality of any service business or enterprise that unpaid debts are a never ending problem, however, when a debtor disappears without paying their debt this can cause added stress to the creditor. Tracing a goneaway debtor is a must for any operation where money is left owing. Landlords for example, are often faced with the problem of unpaid rent when a tenant does a ‘runner’ without notice as are wholesalers who supply to small shopkeepers and traders.

Getting paid is vital to the cash flow of your enterprise, but non paying customers or tenants can cause vast problem including your own ability to pay your bills. Therefore, when you have a runaway debtor it is essential you take action to trace their whereabouts.

Business ceased trading so what now?

Companies who run Business to Business transactions and Limited companies will always have a registered office for communications, however, for individuals,sole traders and LLP companies, disappearing debtors causes a regular headache.

For sole traders it is recommended that as part of your credit control process, you obtain a home address into the application process. The reason for this being; if your debtor goes missing and has a widely used name, i.e. John Smith, this can make it easier for debt collection agencies to track that person down using a home address if it comes to it.

Absconded tenants

Tracing ex-tenants who have absconded without a trace is also a common problem for landlords and letting agents across the UK. This can be controlled by getting a guarantor at outset however this does not always provide a solution so tracing a former tenant is a viable option for many to recover unpaid rent.

Whatever the problem, whether it is tracing tenants, absconded individuals, non paying CSA parents, sole traders etc, there is a suitable tracing solution to help you reclaim money that is rightfully owed to you.


At Frontline Collections, we employ up to the minute tracing systems to locate almost anybody in the UK. Our innovative tracing systems and Intel databases are way ahead of the average tracing system used by Debt Collection Agents or tracing agencies and that is why we have such a high track and trace rate for tracing a debtor that is trying to evade their debts.

We believe that by having the most advanced tracing software, it puts our clients to the front of the queue when it comes to payment. We also provide this as a standalone service to other Debt Collection Agencies, private investigators and tracing companies.

When it comes to tracing absconded debtors, it really does pay to use the best service out there and they do not much come better than the Tracesure service provided by Frontline Collections.

Speak to one of our advisers today, if we cannot trace somebody, there is no charge to you. We only charge for successful results that will either provide a new address or simply confirm their current address to be correct using the latest electronic foot printing technology.

Maybe we can also assist you recover the unpaid monies you are owed making your call to Frontline Collections the most important call you will make today.