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Your Customer not paid invoice?

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invoice not paid by customer

An event that faces many is ‘my customer has not paid my invoice’. A narrative for non payment of your invoice may follow however you are not alone. It is a obstacle that many in the UK face. From Sole Traders to Small Businesses, an unpaid invoice hurts. It hurts your pocket and your bank balance.

If this situation is one you are facing, do not lose hope. Thousands will be facing the same situation today also. When a customer does not pay your invoice action is needed. Following simple tips to overcome the problem can be helpful. There is well used basic steps you can take. Here is a helpful link to such simple tips to follow. Dealing with a customer that does not want to pay.

There are different precursors to the situation where you have got customer not paid invoice. If the customers invoice is in dispute then the matter needs to be reconciled. This can be done through friendly dialogue. A reasonable and diplomatic approach can resolve most issues easily.

Never get angry of become frustrated with the customer. You have been professional so far so closing in on payment should be a formality. If you are Self Employed person, your specialism is your trade. You do not expect to have to deal with Customers who don’t pay their invoices.

If a promise of payment has not been kept, try to find out why. Not everything in life goes to plan so extend the payment date if necessary. It is also good practice to note all this or exchange emails. Be as accommodating as possible where appropriate, diplomacy works.

Minor disputes or a short fall in immediate cash are two reasons why a customer may have not paid an invoice. There are other mitigating circumstances applicable also. But if the basics have been done and you feel your goodwill is being abused, you need to act.

Repeated failure to stick to promises of payment is concerning. Your goodwill does not pay your bills and there comes a time when action is needed.

If payment was via cheque and it has bounced then contact the customer. Everybody over the age of 30 has bounced a cheque at some point in their life so some understanding maybe necessary.

If you have a customer that has not paid invoice, then speak to an Advisor today. We can review the situation for you and advise of the most suitable actions. Dealing with a Customer that has not paid can cause stress and frustration.

From Small Businesses to Sole Traders, we help many people every day. Get Fast, Free advice on how to deal with an unpaid invoice today. Our Friendly Debt Collection Advisers are available to help you. Whatever the problem, we can advise and help your invoice get paid as soon as possible.