Debt Collection service for Insolvency Companies

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Debt Collection for Insolvency Companies Insolvency debt collection

Frontline Collections is the leading Private Debt Collection Agency successfully recovering millions of pounds annually on behalf of our clients. At Frontline Collections we provide a Professional Debt Collection service for Insolvency Companies to value sales ledgers and to cost effectively collect book debts, quickly and efficiently.

About us

Our Commercial Partners Federal Management, are the only Commercial Debt Collection Agency in the UK to be awarded accreditation by the National Skills Academy for Financial services in addition to holding accreditations from Investors in People and the Credit Services Association. They also hold ISO:9001 accreditation for audited high level of internal performance.

We pride ourselves in our professional handling of the collection of book debts owed to companies in any status and provide a proven service to Insolvency Practitioners working with Receivership, Company Voluntary Arrangement or Individuals made bankrupt as well as money owed under income payments agreements or income payments orders (IPAs/IPOs).


Based upon a wealth of direct experience gained within all aspects of the Debt Recovery Industry, at Frontline Collections we have developed a professional system to deal with the specialised subject of book debt recovery. We offering a tailored, well planned, individual approach to handle each account and reach the best possible settlement through skilled negotiation.

We work closely with the Insolvency Practitioner’s case handlers, agreeing the most suitable reporting format prior to service, and process for regular payment of recovered funds. In cases whereby there is missing paperwork, strong attempts will be made to situate and contact all debtors.

To peruse reassigned debts from Factoring or Invoice Discounting companies, all documentation will be transferred to the Insolvency Accountant ensuring the possibility of recovering the reassigned debts.

If legal proceedings are required, Frontline & Federal have a Commercial Legal Team to deal with disputes & mediation and act quickly using the most appropriate method.


Call us today for free advice and information on how we can help you as an Insolvency Practitioner realise the full value of what is owed to a company in liquidation. The number to call is 0333 043 4425