When it comes to Debt Collection, choosing the best fit solution is essential. It is said that choosing the wrong Debt Collection service will be worse than choosing none at all.

Since we began our journey in 2005, Frontline Collections has helped thousands of private individuals and businesses collecting millions of pounds along the way.

Here, we address some of the commonly asked questions about Frontline Collections to give you a clearer idea about what to expect when working with us.

What makes Frontline Collections a great choice for Debt Collection?

Frontline Collections is a FCA regulated Debt Collection Agency that holds ISO:9001 accreditation. Also, we are long serving members of the Credit Services Association.

A highly cost effective Professional debt collection service that guarantees to minimise cost yet maximise results. 

We recover debts others simply can’t and have a long history of success.

Our highly-trained debt collection experts are adept at dealing with various debt recovery scenarios sensitively and efficiently.

How much does it cost to use Frontline Collections?

The cost of using Frontline Collections is subject to the specifics of the debt in question. They operate on a 'No Collection - No Costs' basis, which aligns their interests with that of their clients. 

Fees are discussed at outset, and their pricing structure is designed to be clear and reasonable, avoiding any hidden charges unlike our competitors.

Commission rates start from only 8% making us one of the cost effective debt collection services in the UK. This is offset by us requesting a nominal instruction fee to be paid if a debt is deemed recoverable.

How long will it take to recover my debt?

Recovery time varies depending on the complexity of the case. We aim to recover as quickly as possible as we provide a results driven service.

Frontline Collections act swiftly on all instructions and usually within 24 hours. In many instances, debts are recovered within a few weeks of the initial action being taken. 

However, some cases may require additional time due to complexities, disputes or financial difficulties of the debtor. 

Every case we take on is different but ultimately, our aim is to recover owed monies as quickly as possible.

What is Frontline Collections' success rate?

Frontline Collections boasts a high success rate in the debt collection industry, although exact figures can fluctuate based on numerous factors including the type of debt and debtor circumstances. 

On average, our success rate can be as high as 90% on undisputed debts.

We attribute our success rate to their high level staff training and proven collection processes.

How long have Frontline Collections been in operation?

Frontline Collections began in 2005, specialising in providing Private Debt Collection services to Private individuals and public serving businesses.

In this time we have built up unrivalled and extensive knowledge of many public serving sectors.

Our established and successful history provides reassurance to clients who trust us with the sensitive task of debt recovery.

What type of Debts do Frontline Collections collect?

Clientele of Frontline Collections encompasses a broad spectrum, and they collect debts across various sectors, including but not limited to personal debts, private education fees, dental practices, and other consumer debts.

What reviews are there about Frontline Collections?

Reviews and testimonials about Frontline Collections can typically be found on our website as well as independent review sites such as Trustpilot, Bark and Google.

Do Frontline Collections collect debts all over the UK?

Yes, Frontline Collections operates nationwide across the UK, employing localised agents and specialists familiar with regional legal requirements.

We have offices strategically placed to ensure a fully Nationwide Debt Collection service. From Debt Collection in London or Livingstone, our service can help you.

This coverage ensures we can provide efficient services regardless of where the debtor is located. 

I have an International Debt, can Frontline Collections help?

Frontline Collections offers international debt collection services at minimum price but maximum service.

Our network of global partners allows us to extend our reach beyond UK borders, providing clients with the same levels of dedication and expertise in international cases.