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Frontline Collection's London Debt Collection office is based in the heart of the UK's capital. Providing a central base for Frontline Collections to offer London Debt Collection solutions to the city and surrounding areas.

Since 2005, Frontline Collection has been providing Debt Collection services in London. Millions of pounds has been recovered on behalf of individuals and Businesses using our Debt Collector London solution.

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Expert Debt Collector in London

Early on in Frontline Collections' long history it was clear that our client base was growing sharply in the city of London. To be able to help our growing client base in London the decision was made to open a dedicated collections office for the city and surrounding regions. Since then our London office and team located there have grown into one of the leading debt collection agencies in London.

Located a short walk from either Farringdon or Old Street Tube stations, our Debt Collection London office is found close to the corner of Clerkenwell Road and Goswell Road. This convenient locations grants easy access from key transit lines such as the Northern, Hammersmith & City, Circle, and Metropolitan lines.

The London team specialise in helping London based clients with private, personal, international and bulk debt collection services. One of the most highly regarded debt collection agencies in London, Frontline Collections - London Office continues to excel and help client's recover debts every day.

Frontline Collections - London Office (Debt Collection)

2nd Floor, 1-5 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5PA

Contact Telephone: 0333 043 4425 | Email:

Opening Hours

Monday – 08:30 – 18:00
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debt collection london

Debt Collection London

Frontline Collections offer debt collection services to Individuals and Business located in London and further afield. Our professional debt collection service has a recovery rate is as high as 90% on all undisputed claims.

Since 2005 we have collected millions in unpaid debts for London based entities and will continue to do so. This will only further cement our position as the best debt collection agency in London. Working with a quality debt recovery service will bring quality results. We pride ourselves on delivering a low cost debt collection service that has no hidden fees or abortive costs if we don't collect.

We have helped people across London collect what they are owed. From personal loans to services not been paid for. Many customer facing Businesses such as dentists and vets also rely on our professional services to help them recoup owed monies.

Debt Collection London Services

Some of the key debt recovery services we offer from our London office are:

What Our Clients Say

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Debt Collection London Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Debt Collection Agency help collect Personal debts?

Yes, we can help recover debts on behalf of private individuals and businesses in London.

As the No1 for Private Debt Collection in London and the UK, we have helped thousands of People and Businesses collect what is owed to them.

Do you provide debt collection services in all boroughs of London?

Yes Frontline Collections cover the whole of London including the following areas; Canary Wharf, Islington, Hammersmith, Fulham, Camden, Hackney, City of Westminster, Southwark, Lambeth, Wandsworth, Lewisham, Kensington and Chelsea.

Does your Debt Collection Agency help individuals as well as Businesses?

We have helped thousands of Individuals recover what is owed to them.

From Personal loans given to unpaid invoices for services provided, we can help

Does your Debt Collection service have A Minimum Debt Value that you will Collect?

We can usually deal with Legally valid debts from £250+ but sometimes help with smaller depending on the circumstances and volume.

What is the cost to use your services?

We operate the Lowest Commission rates from only 8% for Personal Debts.

We provide a Free Legal assessment to ensure the debt is legally valid and collectable. Each debt is taken on its own merit.

Our service is also a Low Fixed Fee.

Debt Collection Agency service in London

Debt collection in London can be a challenging task at the best of times. Every type of case we encounter is different. However, our trusted Debt Collection specialists can help you with the entire process, from start to finish.

Commencing Debt Collection Action

To begin the process of recovering a debt, sending a letter before action to the debtor can sometimes get the desired result. This sometimes will help resolve the issue. Unfortunately however, the majority of the time is may not. They have already ignored your previous requests so this is where Frontline Collections can assist.

Escalating the situation

If the debtor fails to respond to your letter before action with payment, you should seek to escalate the matter. This can be executed by sending further letters and making telephone calls.  If amicable attempts at getting payment fail, it is time to work with professionals.

Legal Guidelines for Debt Collection

If you need debt collection in London, it is essential to follow the legal guidelines. If it a regulated debt, guidelines as laid out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are appropriate. It is also important to acknowledge that any actions to recover monies must be lawful in all aspects.  Any debt collection process must be fair, transparent, and non-threatening.

Different types of Debt

Professional Debt collection agencies in London can help recover debts of most types. These include private debts, business debts and overseas debts.

Private Debts

Private debts are monies owed from private individuals and consumers. These debts can services provided such as Veterinary, dental and Private Schooling. They can also include credit cards, personal loans, and mobile phones. This also includes include unpaid utility bills and personal loans from one individual to another. Debt collection firms can act on behalf of the original creditor when appropriate.

Business Debts

Business debts are monies businesses owe to other businesses. Also known as B2B Debt Recovery this type of niche focuses on unpaid invoices or overdue payments. Debt collection Agencies can work with businesses of all sizes. From sole traders and SME's through to large corporations.

Overseas Debts

Overseas and International debt collection can aid the recovery of debts owed from people and businesses based outside of the UK. Debt collection companies may work with clients anywhere in the world, using various strategies to recover outstanding debts.

Key Positives of using a Debt Collection Agency London

There are a plethora of positive benefits that working with a debt collection company in London can provide. The following information demonstrates why it is important to consult with a professional debt collector before attempting to recover owed monies.

Legal and lawful Compliance

Any Professional Debt Collection London service should have the essential expertise to recover debt in a compliant and lawful manner. They must have a working understanding of the debt collection process and the legal framework and regulations that govern it. Any unlawful actions taken could see the instructing party being held liable.

Reduces stress, saves time and minimises cost

Collaborating with Professional debt collectors in London will save you money guaranteed. Attempting to collect debts yourself can be time-consuming and costly but mostly stressful. Being disrespected leaves people feeling frustrated and angry. Mitigating all this to a debt collection expert brings hidden benefits on many fronts.

Be successful in recovering more Debt

Working with a reputable debt collection agency will maximises profits. Any professional Debt Collector Agent in London will have unrivalled experience in the best methods to collect owed monies. Never underestimate the value of experience when it comes to debt collection. The same can be said for any role in any given business sector.

What is the cost for Debt Collection London?

Frontline Collections service are low fixed fee. The cost for our comprehensive debt collection solution depends on the value of the debt, the age and any complexities involved. Be sure that the price you are given at outset is the only fixed price you will pay. We do not charge abortive fees like others and there are no hidden fees. We offer competitive rates on all our services, so you can keep moving forward.

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If you are struggling to collect the money you are owed, it is likely time to contact an experienced debt collectors. We are here to help you navigate the entire process with ease while adhering to all regulations. Contact us now for Debt Collection Agency London assistance.

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