What is Included Within Our Private Debt Collection Service

  • All letters, Emails, SMS & telephone calls
  • Debt Collection Officers to visit debtors
  • Legal mediation & Investigation
  • Free initial tracing of absconded debtors
  • Expert Negotiation & Repayment schedules
  • Regular Progress reporting

Our Professional and Specialist Private Debt Collection service delivers superb results and we can recover up to 90% of cases we are instructed to recover. Our Expert Private Debt Collectors teams are well versed in all scenarios involved within Personal Debt Collection.

At Frontline Collections, we have helped thousands of Individuals and Businesses just like you collect what is rightfully owed to them. We are principle driven and aim to collect monies owed as quickly as possible.

Since 2005, we have collected millions of pounds on behalf of Private Individuals and Businesses just like you. We provide the UK's leading Personal Debt Collection service and our principle driven service is on a strict 'No Collection - No Costs' basis.

We adopt a proactive and pragmatic approach. This coupled with pioneering practices and procedures ensure we maximise the potential of a successful recovery and we leave no stone un-turned when it comes to the pursuit of monies owing to our clients.

Every case is dealt with by a highly experienced Debt Collection Officer and we apply different strategies to every case we deal with to ensure everything is done to collect unpaid debts.

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Specialist Personal Debt Collection

Our passion is Debt Collection and each and every individual case is man managed. We do not operate unprofessional call centres where the emphasis is on quantity, not quality, nor do we have ties to any "Debt Management" firms or "Personal Insolvency" companies who will simply portray themselves as "Private Debt Collectors" in order to generate leads for their costly IVA & Bankruptcy services.

We demand the best from our Collection Officers and we ensure that we deliver the best service to our clients by delivering market leading results every year. We are No.1 for Personal Debt Collection and the Millions of Pounds we recover every year for our clients bears absolute credence to this.

Whether its a personal loan to family/friend, unpaid service fees or even a bounced cheque for goods to a small business, Frontline Collections provides an unrivaled and bespoke Personal Debt Collection Agency service. We operate on a Local and Nationwide basis.

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Premier Private Debt Collection

Hundreds of millions of pounds every year goes unpaid and it is our sole objective to combat this growing issue. The problem of customers not paying and suchlike is an ever increasing issue.

We can cater for all Private Debt Collection requirements and are mindful of existing relationships as well as brand preservation for companies. Our practices are tailored to the debtor is question and all Debtors circumstances are analysed and vetted prior to action.

This allows us to establish the most appropriate and correct form of action to take in order to maximise results. Our mantra is to be relentless in the pursuit of monies owed and reaffirm our position as the first choice Private Debt Collection.

Frontline Collections operates the UK's most Cost Effective Private Debt Collectors UK Debt Collection Bureau Nov 2018

Our Low Commission rates start from only 8% and we provide a fully inclusive service that includes all actions i.e.. All Pre Action due diligence, Letters, faxes, emails, telephone calls, accountancy fees, credit checks, investigations, Insolvency demands, Personal Debt Collection Officer visits, pre-sue report (if necessary).

We collect debts on behalf of Private Individuals and here is a just a few of the sectors that we also provide Private Debt Collection services for

We operate Local, National and International Debt Collection services, so wherever your debt needs to be collected from, we will collect it. We are the UK's only specialist Personal Debt Collection Agency so if you are owed money, then we have the solution.

Being owed money can be a very challenging and stressful scenario. We totally understand the nature of Private Debt Collection and our service is designed to minimise the undue trauma caused to our clients and ensure that monies are recovered as swiftly as possible.

Our Private Debt Collection service thrives on the successful Collection of Personal Debts for all of our clients.

Our specialist Personal Debt Collection Agency service is used by Individuals and Businesses alike. Whatever the situation maybe, Frontline Collections have the expertise to deal with all situations where Private Debt Collectors are required.

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Professional Private Debt Collection Agency

Using a Professional Debt Collection Agency is now considered the first option for many in the pursuit of monies owed and is considered a far more cost effective than the well trodden route of issuing legal proceedings to try and attain a County Court Judgement. Even when and if a CCJ is obtained, you will also then have the further challenge of CCJ Enforcement which in itself can be a mighty task dependent on the debtor's circumstances.

The progressive Private Debt Collection service we provide is far more expedient and guarantees to keep cost to a minimum as it has for thousands across the UK. Less than 1% of the Personal Debt Collection cases we deal with require any form of legal action. Choosing a Debt Collection Agency to work with is a decision that should never be taken lightly.

Our services should never be thought of as just Debt Collection for Small Businesses and suchlike. We are proud to empower thousands of individuals who have unpaid debts owed to them personally. Money makes the world go round and if you are owed money, it does not just affect your bank account, it can also affect your stress levels and has a negative impact on your life.

Our revered Personal Debt Collection services is taking a positive action. Positive action is the only way to achieve a positive result.

If you have thought that all Personal Debt Collection services are the same then this is misguided. As with all Business sectors, there are some rogues that operate as Private Debt Collectors. Since 2005 we have helped thousands of people just like you resolve their Personal and Private Debt Collection issues.

Never consider using unlicensed Private Debt Collectors or it could cost you a lot more than you think!

Typical Private Debt Collection Scenarios

Since 2005, we have assisted individuals from all walks of life with our Expert Private Debt Collection solution. Here are just a small selection of the kinds of problems we have helped with.

  • Unpaid Personal Loans to relatives or friends
  • Goods that have not been paid for
  • Overpayment of wages to a former employee
  • Bounced Cheques and failed promissory notes
  • Deposit or refund not paid back
  • Unpaid Rent from Previous tenants

There are many ways in which a debt can be accumulated but it provides peace of mind to know there is usually a solution. We have dealt with the full spectrum of Personal Debt Collection issues in our 15 years. Over this time we have nurtured our craft and have experience of all things in terms of collecting Personal Debts.

Private Debt Collection Agency

Debt Collection Agency or Legal Action?

Less than 1% of the Private Debt Collection Cases we deal with require any form of Expensive Legal Action. Our pro active Debt Collection solution expedites the whole process ensuring that we try and recover what is owed to you as quickly as possible. We are no a fee earning firm of solicitors and provide a low fixed cost service that is trusted by thousands across the UK.

We view Legal Action as being appropriate for disputed debts only. This saves our clients time and money and ensures that monies owed to the individuals and businesses we help, is collected quickly and at a fraction of the cost of using solicitors. We charge for success not per hour!

Our Award Winning Private Debt Collection services are backed by Five Star  Google and Trustpilot ratings to provide confidence for you.

To discuss your problem in confidence and for a FREE personal appraisal of your debt, call our friendly New Business Team on 0333 043 4425

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Personal Debt Collection - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Personal Debt Collection and Private Debt Collection?

Personal Debt Collection is effectively the scenario when a sum of money is owed from an individual. Private Debt Collection is pretty much the same term that can be used for this situation.

The debt can be owing to a customer serving business or simply, another individual that is owed money.

Can You Help Recover A Private Debt Owed To Me?

Yes, we are No1 for Private Debt Collection in the UK, helping Businesses and Individuals - We provide a Free Expert assessment for all Debt Collection Enquiries

Is Your Service Just For Small Businesses etc Or Individuals Too?

We have helped thousands of Individuals recover what is owed to them. From Personal loan given a friend to unpaid invoices for services provided, we can help

Do You Have A Minimum Debt Value That You Will Collect?

We can usually deal with Personal Debt Collection cases for over a £1000. But we can sometimes help with legally valid debts for smaller sums also and have helped collect personal debt for as little as £200. Speak to our advisers for clarity.

Where Are Your Debt Collection Offices Based?

Our Head office in located in Manchester and we have offices in London, Glasgow & Lancashire as well as a Nationwide Network of Collection Agents

What is the cost for Personal Debt Collection?

We operate the Lowest Commission rates from only 8% for Personal Debts. We provide a Free Legal assessment to ensure the debt is legally valid and recoverable. A small instruction fee is payable and can be often added to the principal sum owed.

How long will it take to collect a Personal debt owed from an individual?

It can be as little as a matter of days or weeks. Sometimes though it can be months. Every single debt we take on is completely different than the last but we do endeavor to recover all debts as quickly as possible.

We are a results driven service and it is in our own interests to collect your debt as quickly as possible.