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Debt Collection for Small Businesses

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Debt Collection for Small Businesses

Debt Collection For Small Businesses

As a small business owner, it can be very frustrating, stressful and counterproductive to try and collect debts that clients and customers owe them.

After all, the productivity and livelihood of a Small business depend entirely on its customers paying for the services or products they have received.

When a customer does not pay what they owe, the future of a small business could be in jeopardy.

If you are one of the many Small Business owners in the UK, there are some well-advised tips to consider or you may risk not getting paid at all.

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Never lose your temper with customers that are ignoring your attempts to get paid, just take a breath and remember that you are a professional business person.

You need to handle this matter without coming across as threatening or abusive to them. Otherwise, your clients will never want to pay you what they owe.

Why Don’t Clients And Customers Pay?

There are generally a few possible reasons that customers don’t pay their debts. They are as follows:

  • They are facing financial hardship and simply cannot afford to make payment
  • They are purposely not making their payments to avoid their financial responsibilities to you.
  • They are unhappy with the goods/services supplied and have a legitimate dispute

If you are lucky, then your clients are only facing short term financial hardship. This means that they want to make their payments to you, but they don’t have the money to do so.

In most cases, they probably feel bad about defaulting on their financial obligation to you.

The best way to approach this situation is to contact the client and try to work out a new payment plan or possibly a lower debt amount.

Regardless, make sure you document all your communication with clients. All letters sent through the mail should be certified and copied.

All emails to clients should be saved. As for your phone calls with clients, you’ll want to every conversation you have with them. All this can be used as evidence in case you end up in a court battle with them.

Be careful not to call a customer every day about the money they owe you. This might come off as harassment and is an all too real complaint these days.

Try contacting them every few days or so, whether it’s by email or phone. A phone call is probably better because it allows for direct real-time communication.

When it gets to the point where the client hasn’t made any attempt to make any form of payment over a period of a month or two, then you can proceed to a more drastic step beyond merely contacting them.

You can either hire a Professional Small Business Debt Collection Agency to pursue the debt on your company’s behalf or if appropriate, consider hiring a Lawyer to begin costly legal proceedings.

At Frontline Collections, we provide a FREE pre-action analysis and measure the debtor’s ability to pay. You would be amazed how many people claim they cannot afford to pay their debts yet still manage two weeks all-inclusive holiday every year and a life of considerable luxury.

How You Can Recover A Debt

Chasing payment when you have provided services or goods in good faith can be an extremely stressful one. Small Business owners often take it very personally when a customer does not pay and it is very understandable. When you put your heart and soul into giving something to somebody else you expect to be paid back.

Unfortunately, there is a minority who lack respect and seek to take advantage of others.

At Frontline Collections, we totally get these frustrations and that is why our services are designed to be as transparent as possible with a Low-Cost fixed pricing structure that covers all bases and guarantees to minimize the cost to our clients regardless of whether you are a Large Company, a Small Business or just Self Employed.

We do not seek to vastly profit from the misery of our clients and that is why there are no hidden charges and we charge for a successful outcome only by way of a small commission payable. We do not just specialise in Private Debt Collection, we also help thousands of Small Businesses for domestic debts and even help with International Debt Collection where needed.

There are no abortive costs like others and we are not a front for expensive law firms. Since 2005, Frontline Collections has provided Small Business Debt Collection services in the UK collecting millions owed to them.

Running a Small Business can be difficult enough and attracting custom is very most the forethought of every small business owner. Knowing there is a Professional, affordable solution from the Best Debt Collection Agency in the UK will help.

So do not delay, act now and speak to one of our friendly Small Business Advisers on how we can help you and your business today. If you are a small business or self employed and not been paid, then it will pay to speak with the UK’s leading specialists.

Do You Own A Small Business? Get Expert Help From Small Business Debt Collection Experts now

Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today