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Benefits of Using a Debt Collection Agency in Glasgow

Collecting debts on your own can prove surprisingly challenging. It demands substantial time, possible solicitor fees, and legal knowledge that most don't possess. Our Glasgow debt specialists are ready to step in and handle this for you.

Frontline Collections has years of proven debt collection results, helping businesses and individuals throughout the UK. Some key benefits of our Glasgow debt collection services include:

  • Legal Compliance
  • 90% Debt Recovery Rate
  • Save Time & Money
  • Free Debt Appraisal
  • Convenient Location
  • Trusted Reputation

Legal Compliance

Frontline Collections adheres fully to UK laws and regulations around lawful debt recovery. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ISO:9001 accredited and certified by the Financial Services National College.

You can trust our reliable debt collection agency to pursue collection only through approved processes. We work hard to recover our client’s funds while preventing any unnecessary legal trouble.

90% Debt Recovery Rate

Our debt collection agency has a proven process to help Glasgow businesses and individuals collect late payments. Our Glasgow team uses ethical tactics like emails, calls, letters, and more to ensure debtors pay on time.

Our recovery rate is as high as 90% on all undisputed claims. We aim to get clients the money they deserve quickly and efficiently.

Save Time & Money

We understand that unpaid debts can strain an individual’s finances and seriously damage the cash flow of Glasgow businesses. Trying to collect debts from customers yourself takes significant effort and time, and hiring legal firms is expensive.

Our debt collection service makes things easy by handling the entire process at a low, fixed fee. Our commission rates start from as little as 8%, which is lower than the industry average of 15-40%. We also do not charge any collection costs if we are not successful in recovering your debts.

Free Debt Appraisal

As one of the premier debt collection agencies in Glasgow, our objective is to give you clear, realistic expectations upfront about the possibility of recovering outstanding debt. That’s why we offer a free debt assessment before formally proceeding with your case.

Our debt recovery team will thoroughly examine each debt claim to confirm its validity and your legal entitlement to payment under Scottish regulations. We will be transparent with you if the debt is not recoverable.

Convenient Location

Glasgow is home to numerous individuals and businesses, from small shops to large practices, who may need debt recovery services. While Frontline Collections has a national UK presence with locations in Manchester, London, Birmingham, and Cheshire, we also have an office convenient for in-person meetings in Glasgow.

Visit our Scotland branch at 48 West George Street, Glasgow, to sit down and discuss details privately with our debt recovery team. Or contact us by phone, email, or web chat for tailored solutions for your individual case.

Trusted Reputation

Frontline Collections has built a strong reputation by delivering results case after case. From positive client reviews to 5-star Trustpilot ratings, we are debt experts that local businesses and citizens can rely on to recover monies owed.

In addition to our 18+ years of debt recovery in Glasgow, we carry important accreditations from the Financial Conduct Authority and Credit Services Association. When your financial well-being is at stake, depend on our established agency to resolve your outstanding debts.

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What Our Clients Say

Our Debt Collection Services in Glasgow

Frontline Collections consists of accredited experts focused on legally and ethically collecting unpaid debts owed to our clients. Some of the services our Glasgow debt collectors offer include:

Personal Debt Collection

Personal debts are private debts owed by individuals to other individuals, such as loans to friends, bounced cheques, unpaid invoices, etc.

Chasing collections by yourself can be frustrating and uncomfortable, and hiring debt recovery solicitors in Glasgow may be too expensive. Instead, trust Frontline Collections to ethically contact your debtors to get funds recovered at a low fee.

Commercial Debt Collection

Commercial debts are debts that businesses owe to other businesses. If left unrecovered, these debts can drain a business's finances quickly. Fortunately, recovering debts from late paying companies is what our agency focuses on. We even handle large volumes of overdue accounts through streamlined bulk collections.

Our Glasgow debt collection experts have the knowledge to settle overdue debts across many business industries, including freelancers, dental practices, and private schools.

International Debt Collection

International debt refers to money owed by a debtor based in one country to a creditor in another. When a foreign customer has overdue payments, it can be difficult to get them to pay up, as there are many legal procedures involved across borders.

This is a service our debt collection agency in Glasgow, Scotland, can assist with. We have reliable partners worldwide that assist our team in contacting overseas debtors and follow the correct legal process country by country.

Do you need personal, business, or international debt collection services? Call our Glasgow debt collection agency today, and one of our expert advisors will get in touch.

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Our friendly team of Glasgow based Debt Collection Experts are happy to help you today


Frontline Collections: The UK’s #1 Debt Collection Agency

Frontline Collections has over 18 years of expertise as accredited debt recovery specialists across Scotland and England.

We aim to become one of the most trusted debt collection companies in Glasgow, helping individuals and local companies to securely recover debts they otherwise couldn’t recover alone.

We are FCA-regulated, ISO:9001 accredited and accredited by the Financial Services National College. Our Glasgow debt collection agency also holds a gold supplier status for specific sectors, like private schools.

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Debt Recovery in Glasgow - FAQs

Still have a few questions about our Glasgow debt collection services? Read our answers to the most common questions below.

How Much Does Debt Collection in Glasgow Cost?

Frontline Collections is one of the most affordable Glasgow debt collection agencies due to our low fixed rates. Our pricing is based on the total value of the unpaid debt, how long it has been outstanding, and the complexity of recovering it.

Our commission fees start at just 8% for larger debt values. If we are not successful in recovering your debt, we don’t charge you collection costs.

What Happens if a Debtor Won’t Pay?

Through ethical methods, we are usually able to peacefully recover debts without needing legal proceedings. If your debtor avoids our contact attempts, we may have to file a court claim with local authorities as a last resort. However, 99% of our cases get resolved without needing court action.

While rare, legal action helps bring closure if all else fails. Our main aim is to negotiate the best possible outcome for our clients without needing to get legally involved.

Can You Guarantee That My Debt Will Be Recovered?

On average, our debt collection success rate is 90%. However, each situation is different, so we cannot make guarantees about full debt recovery in every case. To set realistic expectations upfront, we offer a free case assessment.

A debt collector in Glasgow will examine your specific circumstances, including what you are owed and by whom. We will then discuss a realistic projection of your potential outcome before you formally hire us.

Ready to reclaim owed funds from your debtor? Call us today on 0333 043 4425 for a free estimate and advice on debt collection in Glasgow.