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Are you looking for expert assistance with debt collection in Lancashire? Frontline Collections is a trusted agency for debt collection in Lancashire. We offer a variety of services that include private, business, and bulk debt collection.

If you are searching for quick and efficient debt collection in Lancashire, Frontline Collections knows exactly how to fast-track the debt recovery process. Contact our debt collection agency today to get in touch with a professional debt collector.

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Frontline Collections - Debt Collection in Skelmersdale, Lancashire

While we are based in the United Kingdom, Frontline Collections offers debt collection services for UK businesses or private individuals anywhere in the world. Frontline Collection's Skelmersdale office is very close to our home roots in West Lancashire. Just off the M58 motorway, our Skelmersdale office is easily accessible via the M57 or M6 motorways.

Address: Unit 1c, Maple Court Maple View, White Moss Business Park, Skelmersdale WN8 9TW

Contact Telephone: 0333 043 4425 | Email:

Opening Hours

Monday – 08:30 – 17:00
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Business hours exclude UK bank holidays. For more information on these, please visit

Benefits of Hiring a Debt Recovery Agency in Skelmersdale

Are you struggling with unpaid debts that are impacting your business’ cash flow? Our collection team, composed of local agents based in Lancashire, is highly trained to pursue debts. Their extensive experience ensures that you have the best chance of recovering debts as quickly as possible. Some key benefits of our debt recovery service throughout the Lancashire area include:

  • Purpose Adapted Facilities
  • Scottish Legal Compliance
  • 90% Debt Recovery Rate
  • Free Assessment of Debt Recovery Requirements for Creditors
  • Convenient Location
  • Save Time and Costs

Purpose Adapted Facilities

We have a nationwide network of facilities that cater to debt recovery solutions. Situated near our Manchester Head Office, the Skelmersdale location not only serves as a secondary local collections office but, due to its convenient location, also acts as our main training hub for the whole business.

With purpose-adapted facilities, our Skelmersdale office is one of the most important locations for Frontline Collections debt collection services.

Scottish Legal Compliance

When collecting debt, our debt recovery staff adheres to strict regulations. Our debt collection agency offers debt collection services backed by the necessary expertise and experience to recover outstanding debts quickly and efficiently.

Our debt agency stays up to date with Scottish debt collection laws and the regulations that govern it so that your chances of recovering debts are significantly increased. This ensures that clients can have peace of mind knowing that we are a fully compliant service provider across the United Kingdom.

90% Debt Recovery Rate

Our professional debt collection service has a recovery rate as high as 90% on all undisputed claims. Recovering what you or your business is owed has never been easier with our expert team of debt recovery specialists in Lancashire.

Free Debt Recovery Assessment 

Our debt recovery team will provide a free assessment of your debt recovery requirements and identify the best strategy to help you get paid.

Our debt recovery company prioritises our client's needs first, with transparent pricing that provides value-for-money services. We will provide a frank appraisal of your chances of debt recovery to ensure you don’t waste time or money. Our team of professionals will act on your behalf to efficiently communicate with those who are unable to pay, including issuing a debt collection letter.

Convenient Location

If you’re looking for debt collection in Preston, our excellent northern location means our debt agencies are just minutes from places such as Preston and Warrington. If you need a trusted debt collection agency in the UK to deliver a professional service, then our debt collectors are the solution.

As well as a training facility, the Skelmersdale office is home to our West Lancashire and Merseyside collections teams, who help the local areas with personal, private, bulk and international debt collection solutions.

Save Time & Costs

Did you know that commercial debt is one of the biggest contributors to the failure of companies in the United Kingdom? Consulting with a debt recovery agency saves you time and money and enhances your chances of recovering debts. Outsourcing your debt collection to a professional debt collector also frees up your time to focus on your business.

Our debt collector team works closely with creditors to ensure the debt recovery process is as seamless as possible.

Do you need a professional debt collector to help you claim back your money? Fast-track your debt collection success today by contacting Frontline Collections' local debt collection agency.

Debt Collection in Skelmersdale: Our Services in the UK

Whether you’re looking for local debt collection or international debt collector services, our debt recovery service will help you claim back money owed effectively and discreetly. Some of the key debt recovery services we offer from our Skelmersdale office are:

Private Debt Collection

If you require a debt collector to recover debts for personal purposes, our debt recovery agency can help you claim back money owed by debtors. Our specialist debt collector team has helped thousands of individuals recover debts so that they can carry on with their lives and businesses.

International Debt Collection

Besides local debt collection in the UK, our debt collection agency services also extend to overseas debt collection. We have trusted partners in almost every country worldwide, meaning you can recover debts from nearly any location. Our debt collector services are widely available with a low fixed cost.

Bulk & Business Debt Collection

Our debt collection company offers a service that gives you the best chance of recovering your bulk debts. Our debt-collecting companies can help you recover outstanding debt, including overdue accounts and unpaid invoices. Our expert team can also assist with commercial debt collection for small businesses, including veterinary practices, dentists, and even schools.

For quick and professional advice on collecting debts, we’ve got an experienced debt collector at your service. Contact Frontline Collections today, and a professional debt collector from our team will gladly assist you. 

What Our Clients Say

Frontline Collections Skelmersdale: A Trusted Local Debt Collection Agency

Frontline Collections is one of the leading local debt collection agencies in the UK. We have been operating as professional debt collectors since 2005 and have collected millions of pounds from debtors. There are hundreds of reviews from satisfied clients to support our leading local debt collection claim.

We're a debt collection agency that prides itself on professionalism, excellent customer care, and discretion when it comes to claiming back credit from your debtor.

Besides providing services for debt recovery in Lancashire, we have branches across the UK. So, whether you’re looking for a debt collection agency in London or Preston, Frontline Collections is here to help.

Recover your debts fast with our efficient debt collection service. Call us today, and we’ll work closely with our team to ensure you receive the best service and recover your debt.

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Our friendly team of Skelmersdale based Debt Collection Experts are happy to help you today


Debt Collection in Lancashire - FAQs

Have any questions about our debt collection services? We’ve answered some of the most common questions about our Lancashire collection agency below for your convenience.

Why Use a Debt Collection Agency?

Acquiring the services of a debt collection company increases your chances of recovering your debt. Our debt collection company will utilise our years of industry knowledge and experience to recover outstanding debt while you focus on what is important to you. We’ll provide you with regular updates on the status of the debt collection case and aim to get this done as quickly as possible.

Does Your Debt Collection Agency Offer Corporate Debt Collect Services?

Yes, we are a commercial debt collect agency and can assist with business debts in the United Kingdom. If you require business debt recovery services outside of the United Kingdom, we can assist with this type of debt management too.

Can Your Debt Collection Agency Assist if the Debtor Has Moved or is Located Outside of the UK?

Yes, our debt recovery agency can assist with the recovery of personal and commercial debt even if the debtor has left the country. Our overseas debt collection solicitors are trained to transcend language barriers and follow international debt collection laws and regulations. Our debt collection team connects with a network of trusted partners worldwide to ensure that the debt recovery process is as seamless as possible.

How Much Does Hiring a Debt Collector in Lancashire Cost?

The cost of a debt collector varies and is dependent on the type of debt, the amount outstanding, and the age of the debt. We offer a fixed-fee debt collection service at low commission rates. While the industry average commission rate is 15-30%, our commission rates for debt recovery services start from only 8% for large debts.

Can You Guarantee a Successful Debt Recovery?

While debt collection agencies can never guarantee debt recovery, our debt collection agency has a 90% average debt recovery success rate.

To give you a realistic expectation of your debt collection success, we offer a free initial consultation. During this consultation, we will provide you with a frank and transparent appraisal of your chances of successful debt recovery.

How Long Does The Debt Collection Process Take?

Our debt collectors always strive to collect debt owed as soon as possible. Our debt investigations are usually wrapped up within weeks or even days, but this ultimately depends on the complexity of the case.

In some cases, our debt-collecting agents find that the debtors do not have the money to pay in one payment. In cases like this, our collection team will negotiate a repayment plan which is administered on behalf of the creditor.

What Happens When Debtors Refuse to Pay?

As private debt collectors, we will always do everything we can to avoid legal action with your debtor. A debt collector will send many letters, make calls, and do whatever else is required to make contact. Should these attempts fail, court proceedings with a county court judgment will be the final port of call for the debt collector.

How Does Your Debt Collection Agency Ensure Confidentiality During The Process of Debt Recovery in Lancashire?

We understand the sensitive nature of debt collection in the United Kingdom and the importance of protecting reputation and privacy throughout the debt collection journey.

Whether you require personal debt collectionin Lancashire or recovery of business debts, our debt recovery service prioritises confidentiality and discretion. All communication between debt collection companies and debtors is done securely and privately via email or on the phone. We will never share your personal information.

If you require debt collection in Lancashire, speak to a professional debt collector. Call Frontline Collections, and we’ll put you through to a debt collector who has your best interests in mind.