Frontline Collection's Scottish office was established early into our long history. Situated in the heart of Glasgow, our Scotland Debt Collection office helps our Scottish client base with personal, private, international and bulk debt collection solutions.

Based in the city of Glasgow, our office can be found on W George Street, close to the city centre. Facing St Georges Tron, we are a very short walk from Glasgow Queen Street station and George Square.

Whilst our Scottish Debt Collection Agency team are based in Glasgow, our service and network is spread across the nation. Our Glasgow team provide a local service to be able to completely dedicate our debt collection services to all of Scotland and south of the border.

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Debt Collection Agency in Scotland

Frontline Collections offer debt collection services. Our professional debt collection service has a recovery rate is as high as 90% on all undisputed claims. From Oban to Aberdeen, you can be sure that when it comes to a Professional Scottish Debt Collection solution, we can help.

We provide a Free assessment of your Debt Recovery requirements and identify the best strategy to collect what you are owed. We are not fee earners and do not charge per action.

Debt Collection Agency Scotland Services

Some of the key debt recovery services we offer from our Scotland office are:

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Debt Collection Agency Scotland - Call on the Experts for help

To contact Frontline Collection’s Scotland office, please use the details above, or complete the form on our contact page.

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Debt Collection processes in Scotland

Debt collecting in Scotland can be complicated. For a start, there is a different jurisdiction to that of England and Wales. Fortunately, our trusted debt recovery service can help you navigate the process.

Beginning a Debt Collection Process

When somebody owes you money, the whole debt collection process can start with a simple letter or phone call. This is to inform the debtor of the outstanding debt and request payment.  Sometimes, this will resolve the issue, but if not, further action is needed.

Escalate the non-payment problem

If the debtor fails to respond to n amicable request for payment, you might need to up the ante. This can be gained by sending further letters and making more telephone calls. A professional debt collector can sometimes advise you of the best protocols for this.

Legal Guidelines for Scottish Debt Collection

It is recommended that any debt collection actions are done so lawfully. For Businesses, it may be imperative to follow the legal guidelines set out by the Consumer Credit Act and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA overseas and regulates the debt collection sector in the United Kingdom.

According to FCA guidelines, the debt collection process must be fair, transparent, and non-menacing. Scottish Debt collectors must adhere to codes of conduct and relevant legislation.

Types of Debt Collection Agency Scotland

Debt collection Agencies in Scotland vary in specialisms. Overall, many can help collect four main types of debts. These include consumer debts, commercial debts, and international debts.

Consumer Debts

Consumer debts are debts are sums owed by private individuals. These debts include sums owed to financial institutions but can also include monies owed to customer serving enterprises. These include firms of Dentists, funeral directors or vets. Scottish Debt collection Companies will usually act on behalf of the original creditor. Some however, purchase debts and attempt to collect it themselves.

Personal Debt Collection

This is where an individual owes another monies. This could be for a personal loan given to a friend or family member. It can also include freelancers or self employed persons who have given services to another in return for a pre-agreed sum of money.

Business Debts (B2B)

Business debts are monies owed from one business to another. Late payment of invoices is the primary cause of B2B debts.

International Debts

Debts owing from overseas are usually referred to as International debts. This is when a sum of money is owed by individuals or businesses based outside of the UK. A very challenging situation especially when a business is owed by a foreign customer but not an insurmountable task.

Hiring a Debt Collection Company in Scotland

There are several benefits to hiring a debt recovery agency in Scotland. Keep reading this helpful article to learn it is imperative to consider a Scottish debt collection agency before taking action.

Scottish Legal Compliance

Debt collectors in Scotland should have the necessary expertise and experience to recover outstanding debts quickly and efficiently. They should normally have a thorough understanding of Scottish debt collection laws and regulations that govern it. This ensures that your debt recovery efforts comply with Scottish and UK law.

Saves you Time and Money

Hiring a debt collection agency in Scotland can save you massively. Both in terms of time, resources and stress! Trying to recover debts internally can be time-consuming and costly. It takes away important team members from more productive tasks. By outsourcing non-payment issues to a professional debt collector, companies free up their time and staff.

Non-payment is the single biggest cause of failure for Scottish businesses every year!

Recover More Debt

Working with a debt collection company in Scotland will help you get more of what you are owed. Recovering unpaid debts will help any business improve their cash flow and boost cash levels.

Choose the Best Debt Collector in Scotland

Choosing the best debt collector Scotland is essential. Be aware that the best is rarely the cheapest! The best debt collection agency Scotland will recover more outstanding debts whereas the cheapest will not.When looking for a Scottish debt collection company, there are important factors to think about. These include things like the agency’s relevant experience, rating, and recovery rate.

Relevant Experience

Relevant Experience of your sector or your problem is crucial. Individuals and Businesses should look for a debt collector with a proven track record of success for their respective requirements. The debt collector should be experienced in recovering the type of debt that you are owed.

Debt Collection reviews and Reputation

It is always advisable to check out debt collection reviews for any company. The debt collection company should have positive reviews going back years. At Frontline Collections, we have been one of Scotland's most trusted debt collection agencies for nearly 20 years.

Company Success Rate

You should consider the recovery rate of any debt collection service. You should look for a debt collector with a high success rates for collecting debts.

Areas of Scotland covered

Ensure the Debt Collection agency Scotland covers all areas including the Scottish Islands such as Isle of Skye, Mull and Shetland.

A Nationwide Debt Collector should be able to help with Debt Collection in Glasgow through to other Towns and cities. A proficient Scottish Debt Recovery service will be able to assist with Debt Collection Aberdeen, Debt Collection Edinburgh, Debt Collection Dundee and Debt Collection Paisley.

How Much Do Debt Collectors in Scotland Cost?

The cost for debt collection in Scotland can vary. It is largely dependent on the kind of debt, amount owed and age. The industry average commission rate is 15-30% At Frontline Collections, our commission rates start from only 8% for large debts. Maximise debt collection, minimise the cost.

Collect Business Debts in Scotland Today

If your Business is owed money from customers, it is time to contact the leading Scottish debt collection agency. We can help with the entire process with ease while adhering to all regulations. We also working partnership with a law firm for those rare, difficult debts where enforcement is necessary.

Collecting Personal Debts in Scotland

We are Number One for Personal Debt Collection Agency Scotland. We have been operating as Professional Debt Collectors in Scotland since 2005. Millions of pounds collected and hundreds of reviews to support this. Whatever the problem, discuss your issue in confidence with one of our Team of Experts today.