Do you need help with small business debt recovery? We at Frontline Collections are experts in debt collection for any small business and are able to help you recover money owed to you, whether that be late payments or a significant unpaid invoice.

Frontline Collections is a small business debt collection agency that has successfully helped thousands of clients with our services. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you reclaim owed money.

What is Included in Our Debt Collection Services

  • All Letters, Emails, SMS and Phone Calls
  • Legal Mediation and Investigation
  • Expert Negotiation and Payment Plans
  • Debt Collection Officers To Visit Debtors
  • Regular Progress Reporting
  • Free Initial Tracing of Absconded Debtors

While there are many debt collection agencies out there, finding the right one may be a challenge. Choosing the wrong agency can result in you paying high fees or receiving significantly less money back from your debtor. As the UK’s number 1 debt collection business, we take your wins seriously.

Our all-inclusive debt recovery services are a cost-effective solution to receive payment on overdue invoices. We have an average 90% success rate on all our undisputed cases, and only about 1% of our cases require legal action.

Choose Frontline Collections for business debt recovery services in London and the rest of the UK. Fill in our enquiry form today, and we’ll help you avoid bad debt.

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Why Use a Debt Collection Agency?

We understand how overdue invoices and non-payment can affect small businesses and sole traders. Unlike larger companies that often have reserve funds, inconsistent cash flow can have a much more impactful effect on small business’ financial health and day-to-day operations.

You may not have the extra time, staff or resources to track late or unpaid invoices, which may leave you short on finances to pay bills and salaries. This also limits your business’ expansion potential, as non-payment limits the amount that you can reinvest in your company.

Because we understand the challenges that small businesses face, we offer cost-effective small business collections services to help you get your money back as efficiently as possible.

Expert Small Business Debt Collection

As a local collection agency for any small business, our philosophy is to approach the case proactively and positively to ensure the success of your recovery from a private debtor or other businesses. Our services are for any small business, whether you’re a sole trader or have 50 employees.

About Our Debt Recovery Services

At Frontline Collections, we prioritise the success of your claim, which is why every case is screened efficiently and in-depth to ensure we can collect debts owed to you.

As an award-winning small business collection agency, we recover millions of pounds for our clients yearly, whether it’s a late payment, unpaid invoices or an outstanding account. We ensure you get the business debts owed to you paid as soon as possible.

We demand only the best from all our collection officers and team members to ensure you get the best service possible. When we take you up as a client for debt recovery for your small business, we do everything in our power to ensure your debt claims will be successful without the need for a county court claim. Our aim is to make our collection process quicker and easier on your pockets.

If you need help with an entire account or an important late payment, Frontline Collections offers discreet and reliable services for small business debt collections. We operate in England and Scotland and offer international debt recovery services as well.

Our Debt Recovery Process

The process for our debt collection services for small businesses starts when you contact one of our advisors for personal advice. We’ll do an assessment for due diligence. Our assessment usually includes address verification and credit and insolvency checks. We approach the debt collection process in this way to measure if your debtors will be able to pay you back. We then ensure your debt is legally valid and collectable.

The next step is establishing contact with your debtor.  We will make use of phone calls, letters and emails to get in touch with your debtor. We might also send out an agent to meet your debtor face-to-face to discuss the situation. In 99% of our successful cases, we recover the debt owed at this stage, and only 1% of our undisputed cases go to court.

If your debtor still refuses to pay, we will be forced to issue legal proceedings and county court judgment to receive your payment. We send out a letter before action, letting them know we’re about to start taking legal action.

During legal proceedings, we will also ensure appropriate enforcement action is taken to ensure the payment terms are enforceable and you receive what you’re owed. Once your debt is recovered, all monies are forwarded to you minus our agreed-upon fixed commission fee.

Benefits Included in Our Debt Recovery Work

We offer a full-service package at a fixed fee commission rate starting at 8%. This ensures that you will have no upfront or hidden fees.

Our fully inclusive debt recovery service for small businesses includes the following:

  • All Pre Action Due Diligence
  • Credit Checks and Investigations
  • Insolvency Demands
  • Pre-Sue Report (If Necessary)
  • Accountancy Fees
  • Letters, Faxes, Emails, Telephone Calls

Do you need help with small business debt recovery in the UK? Choose Frontline Collections — the UK’s #1 business debt collection agency. Call us on 0333 043 4425 today!

Frontline Collections: Expert Debt Recovery for Small Businesses

Frontline Collections offers an award-winning debt recovery service that has seen thousands of clients get their monies back since 2005. As an experienced debt collector for small businesses, we understand the effects unpaid invoices can have on your business's cash flow.

This is why we take it very seriously when a client is struggling with unpaid invoices. Unfortunately, many small businesses often struggle to get a client to pay. With us, there is always a solution to recover bad debts.

We offer small businesses a reliable and efficient debt recovery service to ensure that you have access to payment recovery and get the money that’s rightfully yours. You can see all our five-star ratings on Google and Trustpilot to give you peace of mind.

Give us a call at call us on 0333 043 4425  and speak to one of our experts about your business debt collection in Scotland and England.

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Business Debt Collection - Frequently Asked Questions

Have a few questions about using a debt collector for your small business? Here are our answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

How Much Can I Expect To Pay for Your Small Business Debt Collection Services?

We strictly work on a commission-based fixed fee that starts at 8%. As small business debt collectors, we understand that you might not have the resources to reclaim money owed to you, which is why we ensure that there are no hidden or last-minute fees regarding our services.

How Long Will It Take To Recover Small Business Debt?

It depends; you could receive an immediate payment, or it can take a few days, weeks, or, in the worst-case scenario, months for you to recover outstanding invoices. As debt collectors for a small business, we understand the strain late payments can have on your business and ensure our highly trained small business debt collection team does everything in their power to ensure your monies get to you as soon as possible.

Speed up your small business debt recovery process with the industry-leading business debt collection agency in the UK. Fill in our enquiry form, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.