What To Expect From Our Dental Debt Collection Solution?

  • Specialist Debt Recovery Service For Dental Requirements
  • Industry Leading Recovery Rate Of 90% On Undisputed Debts
  • Low Commission Rates To Maximise Cost-Effectiveness
  • Qualified Dental Clinician On Hand To Act As An Advisor
  • Fully Compliant And ISO:9001 Accredited
  • Debt Collection Team Of Experts With Combined 100+ Years’ Experience

Since 2005, we have successfully provided our world-class Dental Debt Collection solution to a large number of Dental Practices across the UK following an increase in patients not paying for their treatments.

More and more dentists are needing to use Dental Debt Collection Agencies as a result of non-paying patients, and Frontline Collections are the UK’s No1 for these requirements.

The goal of our service is to not only recover money from “problem patients” but to educate those in the Dental Industry on how to hopefully minimise bad debts in the future and the processes in which to follow when one arises.

Research that has been collected over the last few years has seen almost every Dental Practice in the UK experience a few bad debts.

If a patient has undergone treatment and is then refusing or ignoring payment, it is important to know that a specialist debt collection agency such as Frontline Collections can recover the money on your behalf.

Dental Debt Collection | Get Expert Help From Debt Collectors

Our friendly team of Private Debt Collection Experts are happy to help you today,


It is important to remember that your dental practice is a business and still deserves to be paid like any other.

A phrase we commonly use when describing Dental Debt Collections is “no dental practice has ever lost a patient simply because they were required to pay”.

Dental Debt Collection for Unpaid Dental Fees

Frontline Collections have provided assistance to Dental Practices across the UK since 2005, collecting unpaid patient fees across all parts of the country from Harley Street specialists to local practices in Manchester.

As with all of the sectors that we have provided our services to, we adopt a proactive, pragmatic and hassle-free approach when it comes to collecting all debts as to not cause unnecessary stress for our Dental clients.

Collecting unpaid dental fees on behalf of the practice means that the relationship between Dentist and Patient is not jeopardised.

Not only will this allow for the continuation of future opportunities but will also benefit the cash flow of the practice and help to grow the business.

Our recovery rates are among the highest in the industry and compliment our low commission rates, ensuring the most cost-effective solution to collecting money from a debtor. This links to our vision of “delivering the most efficient and effective service”.

As part of our fully comprehensive and inclusive Dental Debt Collection service, we include the following actions:

  •  Specialist Dental Practice Fee Expertise
  • Letters, Emails and Telephone Calls
  • Debt Collection Officer Visits
  • Professional and Discreet
  • Insolvency Demands
  • All Pre-Action Due Diligence
  • Free Pre-sue report (if necessary)

Industry-Leading Dental Debt Collection Agency

Alongside our Dental Practice recovery service, Frontline Collections are one of the UK’s leading agencies for Private, International and Independent Schools Debt Collection requirements.

Our team of award-winning experts have put together a feature on “Top 10 Tips For Dental Practices To Avoid Unpaid Dental Fees” which may give you some peace of mind if you are looking to tackle difficult patients.

Our Debt Collection service is backed by Five Star Google and Trustpilot ratings for peace of mind.

Experiencing dental patients that aren’t paying fees or for treatments can be a real toothache! Get in contact with our New Business Team on 0333 043 4425 to discuss how we can help you get your money back.

Dental Debt Collection | Get Expert Help From Debt Collectors

Our friendly team of Private Debt Collection Experts are happy to help you today,


Dental Debt Collection - Most common Questions

What does Dental Debt Collection mean?

Dental Debt Collection is the process for recovering unpaid dental fees owing to Dental surgeries. This can include fees owing for all types of dental treatments both cosmetic treatments and all private dental treatments.

The actual dental debt collection process usually involves recovery strategies such as letters, emails, phone calls, text messages and even Recovery agent visits. There is also the option of Legal assistance for court action on the rare occasions.

Working with a Dental Debt Collection Agency?

Dental Debt Collection is a specialist niche and it is essential to work with experienced experts to get the job done.  A professional Dental Debt Collection Agency can help you recover unpaid dental fees quickly where possible.

A specialist Dental Debt Collection will also have years of experience in dealing with dental based situation. This experience is extremely valuable when it comes to recovering dental debts quickly.

By working with a specialist, dental practices will save time and money.  Using a professional firm will ensure you protect your reputation also.

How much is Dental Debt Collection?

On average in the UK, commission rates start from 15-50% depending on the amount owing. Frontline Collections commission rates start from only 8% for larger debts.

A Free case by case assessment is provided to ensure a dental debt is worth pursuing. If there is sufficient merit in the debt claim and we can act accordingly. A nominal instruction/administration fee is payable and this can be added to the debt value if it is in your terms and conditions to do so.

Dental Debt Collection Agency or Law firm?

If you have asked yourself Should I used a debt collection agency or legal action then it is a normal consideration. The facts are that working with efficient specialist will produce far quicker and far less costly results. If the debt is heavily disputed with substantiated counter claims for negligence etc then it may be worth speaking to a specialist solicitor.

Whatever the problem, give us a call today for any dental debt collection requirements.