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Debt Collection Agency or Legal Action?

Last modified: November 21, 2023

Debt Collection Agency or Legal Action?

Using a Debt Collection Agency or taking Legal Action is often a question poised to individuals and companies up and down the UK. There are multiple factors to consider and here at Frontline Collections, we provide a full 360-degree service for all aspects of Personal Debt Collection.

Less than 1% of the Debts we are instructed to collect ever require any form of expensive Legal action and as our service is on a No Collection – No Commission basis, it keeps costs to a minimum from the outset as a small instruction fee usually covers all disbursements. In the unlikely event, Legal Action is required, we provide a subsidised Legal Claims service but this is only after we have ensured the debtor has the reasonable means to clear the debt.

Debt Collection Agency or Legal Action? Get Expert Help From A Professional Private Debt Collection Agency Now

Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today


This article outlines the benefits of hiring a Private Debt Collection Agency against the alternative of hiring a firm of Solicitors.

Looking to instruct a Debt Collection Agency?

Debt Collection Agencies specialise in recovering unpaid debts however as with any industry, there are some good, some bad and some very bad. Using a Highly Professional Agency that is well established with a proven track record will ensure you maximise the chance of recovering monies owed to you.

A Professional and Prolific Debt Collectors will apply specific strategies to every individual case they deal with. Operating conveyor belt procedures will not collect your money for you. Dealing with every debt on a case by case basis will ensure a Debt Collection Agency achieves maximum collections.

A working Experience in your sector should also be essential. At Frontline Collections, we have a vast array of cross-industry experience and are well versed in the different types of payment evasion techniques used by some.

Every Debt Collection Agency has different pricing policies however at Frontline, we operate a fully transparent service with no hidden fees and abortive costs to pay. Here is a quick comparison of our standard service compared with the traditional debt recovery service from the average Law firm.

Key benefits of Professional Debt Collectors over Law firms:

  • No Collection – No Commission or Collection Fees (Frontline also provides a Free Pre-Action analysis)
  • No Fee earning or drip pricing policies
  • Less than 1% of cases Frontline deal with require Legal Action
  • Specialist Debt Collection techniques, Tools and strategies
  • Fully inclusive service with only a small instruction fee to pay

Keen on using a Law firm?

As when looking for Professional Debt Collectors, the same logic should apply when sourcing a Law firm. Check out their online reputation and specialist areas. Do they have a working knowledge of your sector? It is also worthwhile understanding the potential costs involved each step of the way.

Law Firms tend to charge per action and are usually process driven with you being charged for every task undertaken. If the matter ends up in the courtroom, then it can become extremely costly on top of the court fees etc so you will need to be aware of this.

A bonafide and Professional Debt Recovery service should provide some form of pre-action assessment on your chances of recovering a debt. They should always advise you if it is economically viable for you to take a debtor to court and all the potential costs involved.

We have heard from many clients where the Legal Fees have ended up more than the debt itself.

Key benefits of a Professional Law Firm over a Debt Collection Agency:

  • The Legal Route will often result in a judgement through the Courts
  • Usually have profound Legal Knowledge for more complex cases
  • Extensive contractual experience and deeper understanding of the law for heavily disputed commercial debt.
  • Well versed in Civil Procedure Roles and the relevant protocols.


Frontline Collections provides a full debt collection agency service encompassing all aspects of Debt Collection to completion. From the initial letter of instruction, our focus is to recover your money as quickly as possible in a manner that is designed to minimise the cost to you.

If Legal Action is required then it is done so on a subsidised basis and a Legally qualified Executive will manage your case to full enforcement. Once a CCj has been obtained then we will consider the most productive way to enforce it. CCJ Debt Collection can be done either via our High Court Enforcement Team or via other means of Legal Enforcement that are deemed appropriate to the particular debtor in question.

We do not make a drama out of a crisis. We know Debt Collection and the millions that we have collected in unpaid debts since 2005 is clear evidence of this. If you are looking for a Professional and Low-Cost Debt Collection solution, get your FREE Pre-Action analysis today from the UK’s leading Private Debt Collection Experts and call us now.

Debt Collection Agency or Legal Action? Get Expert Help From A Professional Private Debt Collection Agency Now

Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today