Complete guide to CCJ Debt Collection

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ccj debt collection

The requirement for CCJ Debt Collection is on the rise in the UK. With over half a million County Court Judgments made already this year, CCJ Enforcement is an obvious necessity.

Obtaining a CCJ is sometimes the chosen route for some to legally establish a debt. A CCJ is not essential for Debt Collection, however it is appropriate at times. The County Court route is useful for disputed debts or belligerent debtors.

A CCJ is a court order that tells a debtor to pay money they owe and avoids any ambiguity. Obtaining a CCJ can be a task in itself and then it is often the case that it needs enforcing. Enforcing a CCJ can present its own challenges but there are different ways to do this.

A County Court Order will stay on a Debtors credit file for six years. It will make it difficult for them to obtain credit and can impact on their job roles. Unfortunately, a CCJ itself is not enough to get a debtor to pay up so CCJ Debt Collection can be necessary.

Every Debtor has their own story why they have not paid. If a County Court Judgment has not been paid then it is time for you to consider the routes for enforcing a CCJ for payment. These vary in strategy and are very much dependant on the information you have and the circumstances of the debtor.

Sometimes, it is the case that no enforcement action should be taken at all. It will simply be a waste of money if a debtor has absolutely no means to pay and has no reasonable income. A reputable Professional would advise you of this.

Here are the main options available for CCJ Debt Collection

  • Attachment of earnings – If it is a person that owes you money, then they can pay you back direct from their wage. An order will be made for regular deductions from their weekly/monthly wage.
  • Third Party Debt Order – If you have details of their bank account, you can apply for an order to freeze it and the contents therein. A surefire way to getting paid.
  • County Court Bailiff – For small debt amounts, a County Court Bailiff can visit the property of a debtor. There is a charge involved.
  • High Court Enforcement – For larger amounts, due legal process can be applied. A writ can be applied for via the High Court. This is then executed by authorised self employed HCEO’s.
  • Charging Order – Place a charge upon a debtors property. You can force an order of sale however this is rare.
  • Insolvency/Bankruptcy – When a debtor is trying to hide away assets or being completely evasive, this is an option. It is a lengthy, expensive process but does work.
  • Oral Examination – A Debtor can be ordered to court to explain to a judge why a Court Order has not been paid. They must also disclose full details relating to their income and assets.

CCJ Debt Collection should not be taken lightly. It is always recommended that you apply due diligence into the debtors circumstances also. It is not always a cost effective exercise and may lead to further frustrations. The good news is that a County Court Judgment stays live for six years. This means it can be enforced at any point in that time. It might mean being a little patient in some circumstances but offers options.

If in the six years the debtor disappears, they can be traced to a new address within the UK. As leading Private Debt Collectors, we know just how to get our clients paid.

At Frontline Collections, we have helped enforce thousands of County Court Judgments. Our CCJ Debt Collection experience is critical to securing payment for our clients. Every CCJ we are approached to help with has a different scenario with it. Before proceed with any instruction, our Enforcement specialists do their home work. We diligently investigate the debtors and recommend the most appropriate action.

If you or your Business are seeking to enforce an unpaid ccj or need help with CCJ Debt Collection, call us today for assistance. Our Professional Debt Collection Advisers are well versed in all things debt collection. We will listen to your issues and identify any ways forward to secure payment.

The strategies applied when seeking enforcement of a CCJ vary greatly. There is no utopian one fix solution for all so an assessment is made. We factor in all aspects of the debtors financial circumstances and offer you the most appropriate solution. A diligent and tenacious decision making process will see the CCJ Debt get paid.

From our Highly experienced Legal Team to pro active High Court Enforcement Officers. We will help you collect what is owed. Contact our friendly Experts today for immediate advice and solution. CCJ Debt Collection done, the simple and Cost effective way. Our National and Local Debt Collection service is second to no other.