Frontline Collections was formed in partnership with Federal Management in 2005. Our objective is to solely specialise in the Collection of Private Debt in line with our client's requirements. Working in accordance with the ISO:9001 standards, we have hundreds of years of combined Debt Collection expertise. We are a highly reputable company that delivers the UK's leading Private Debt Collection solution..

Our Main office is in Manchester and we also have Collection Offices in Lancashire, Glasgow and London. For overseas Debt Collection, we have a International network of trusted and accredited partners.

Why Frontline Collections?

  • High Collection rates and Low Commission rates
  • Avg. 90% Recovery rate on undisputed Debts
  • Members of the Credit Services Association
  • On-Line Access to Accounts for Multiple Debt instructions
  • FREE Pre-Action Risk Analysis of your debts
  • Debt Collection Officers to visit Debtors
  • Free tracing & Investigation of Debtors where appropriate
  • Legal dispute mediation Team - Less than 1% of cases ever require court Action
  • Fixed Low Cost service that is Robust & Highly Effective
  • International Debt Collection Team to collect Debts in the EU, USA & Overseas

Think All Debt Collection Agencies are the same? Think Again

Frontline Collections specialise in the Collection of Private & Consumer Debt and our practices are tailored specifically for these markets thus maximising results. Our pioneering practices coupled with expert knowledge and experience ensure our Collection strategies are way ahead of our competitors and allows us to provide a unique, unrivalled cost effective Debt Collection service that is used by people and companies from all Business sectors.

Whether you are owed money by an individual or have hundreds of delinquent accounts, Frontline Collections have the solution. Our diligent and robust services are designed to deal with any situation imaginable in a professional, ethical & expedient manner.

We specialise in Debt Collection only and nothing else. We have no spurious ties to Debt Management firms or personal insolvency companies nor are we tied to any expensive legal firms. We are what we say we are and we do what we say we will do. We are the leading UK Debt Collectors for the collection of Private and Personal Debts.

For more details about our services please call our New Business Team on 0333 043 4425