Key Benefits of Using Our Debt Collection Services

Frontline Collections' professional debt collection service provides a specialist and highly professional veterinary debt collection solution in the UK with the following benefits:

  • Specialist Debt Recovery Service for Veterinary Requirements
  • Industry Leading Recovery Rate of 90% on Undisputed Debts
  • Low Commission Rates To Maximise Cost-Effectiveness
  • Fully Compliant and ISO:9001-Accredited
  • Debt Collection Team of Experts With a Combined 100+ Years’ of Experience

It has become increasingly popular over recent years to use the services of a professional debt collection agency rather than traditional methods such as solicitors. The value of an industry-leading collection agency such as ourselves should never be underestimated.

Unpaid fees can accumulate over a long period due to the lack of resources to chase these debts, which is why you need veterinary debt collection experts. We understand the importance of caring for sick pets, but outstanding invoices and non-paying customers can affect the number of sick animals who can receive care.

Operating a veterinary practice can be challenging enough without unpaid vet fees, which is why Frontline Collections ensures a hassle-free, efficient and cost-effective service. Our mission is to be a good solution to the issues of unpaid veterinary bills in the UK by providing the most efficient and effective service for our clients.

Let us help you get your customers to pay what they owe. Call Frontline Collections today, and we’ll help you recover your debt professionally and discreetly.

Veterinary Debt Collection | Get Expert Help From Debt Collectors

Our friendly team of Private Debt Collection Experts are happy to help you today,


Why Use a Veterinary Debt Collection Agency?

Over the last few years in the UK, it has become an unfortunate reality for veterinary practices to experience customers not paying their vet bills. Veterinary treatments can carry high costs, and non-payment of owed debt can affect the company’s finances and create long-term issues for small businesses.

A study that was conducted by the British Veterinary Association highlighted the issue that around nine in ten vets have undertaken work that has not been paid for by the pet owner. This is an extremely disappointing discovery, especially considering how much of an asset veterinary practices are to any community.

Like every other business, a veterinary practice needs to maintain its finances to be sustainable. If this does not happen, it can cause major consequences. A few too many unpaid accounts can leave a practice in debt of its own, unable to perform most veterinary treatments. This is especially important for the veterinary sector in the ever-changing economic climate the UK has faced.

We have provided assistance to Veterinary Practices across the UK since 2005, recovering millions of pounds in unpaid vet bills every year. We have assisted all types of businesses across the veterinary industry, including:

  • Animal hospitals
  • Equine vets
  • Farm vets
  • Marine veterinarians

It is extremely important to remember that no veterinary practice has ever lost a customer simply because they were asked to pay for treatment. However, practices can fall apart if they do not recover unpaid bills.

Our Industry-Leading Debt Collection Services

When you use Frontline Collections to undertake the recovery of your unpaid vet bills, it is in our mission statement to remain sensitive to all existing relationships, meaning the partnership between vet and customer is not jeopardised.

Included within our fully comprehensive and inclusive veterinary debt collection service, our specialist debt collection processes provide the following:

  • Payment Reminders, Letters, Emails and Telephone Calls
  • Debt Collection Officer Visits
  • Professional and Discreet
  • Insolvency Demands
  • All Pre-Action Due Diligence
  • Free Pre-Sue Report (if necessary)

Our professional accounts team can discuss payment plans with pet owners in a professional manner to find a dedicated solution for everyone. This helps to avoid bad debts and weed out the bad debtors.

Let us arrange professional payment terms and recover your outstanding bills. Give Frontline Collections a call today at 0333 043 4425

Veterinary Debt Collection | Get Expert Help From Debt Collectors

Our friendly team of Private Debt Collection Experts are happy to help you today,


Frontline Collections: World-Class Veterinary Debt Collection Agency

Operating since 2005, Frontline Collections are the UK’s leaders in private and international debt collection agencies. Due to veterinary collections being a specialised industry, we are proud to say that we can offer debt collection for vets that is sensitive to both business and client needs.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the provision of Debt Collection services. We are also one of a small number of Debt Collection Agencies in the UK to be approved by the FCA.

We maintain industry-leading recovery rates complemented by low commission rates, ensuring the most cost-effective solution to collecting money from a problem debtor. Our award-winning debt Collection service is backed by Five Star Google and Trustpilot ratings for peace of mind.

If you or your practice have professional veterinary debt collection requirements, speak to our friendly new business team today at 0333 043 4425.

Veterinary Debt Collection - Frequently Asked Questions

Have a few questions about debt collection for veterinary services? Explore our frequently asked questions below, or get in touch! We’re happy to assist.

How much does debt collection for vets cost?

This depends on the value of the debt, the age, and the type of debt that is outstanding. We do charge a small instruction fee upon a successful pre-action assessment. This can be added to the principal sum owing if it is in your terms and conditions.

What is the success rate for debt collection for vets?

We have a very healthy success rate with our specialist services averaging around 80-90% for undisputed accounts. We will only take action in cases where there is a reasonable prospect of success.

How quickly can you recover unpaid vet bills?

While there is no set time, we are a results-driven service so we aim to recover monies owing as quickly as possible, whether this is paid upfront or by managed payment arrangement.

Do you need assistance with the debt recovery process? Trust Frontline Collections’ professional veterinary debt collection services to assist you in recovering debts. Call us today at 0333 043 4425.