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Debt Collection Birmingham

Over the past decade, more people and businesses in Birmingham are using Professional Debt Collection services for the collection of unpaid monies owed as opposed to the old fashioned method of using expensive legal services. Individuals are now savvy when it comes to the problem of being owed money and choosing more cost effective methods for recovering money owed to them in Birmingham.

With a wealth of information at peoples disposal, thanks to the internet, the negative impression that people once had of Debt Collection Agencies in Birmingham has had a polar shift. Many Companies and Individuals now have Professional Debt Collectors at their disposal to collect unpaid debts and this is largely due to an increase in legislation to rid the industry of amateurs and cowboy firms.

Midlands Capital of Economy

Birmingham is not just the UK’s second largest city, it also is the economic giant of the Midlands and is also the largest employment centre outside London. There are over 44,000 Businesses in  the City Centre alone. Birmingham has also been named the best place in the UK for new startup Businesses outside of London.

Massive economic growth is predicted for Birmingham during the course of the next few years and to support that growth, companies and self employed tradesmen are urged to take action where there are cases of non payment of debts.

Wherever there is significant financial growth, there will always be the necessity for a Debt Collection solution and Birmingham is a prime example of a flourishing economy that will place significant value on a Professional Debt Collection Agency in Birmingham to support that.

Safe and secure 

If you or your Business are seeking a Professional Debt Collection Agency in Birmingham, there are steps you should take to avoid the Amateurs and racketeers that still exist within the Industry. Any Agency you use will effectively be an extension of you or your Business. Using a unprofessional, rogue company is a definite no no as in the eyes of the law, you will be responsible for their actions.

A Professional Debt Collection Agency in Birmingham will be appropriately licensed, accredited and conduct itself in a businesslike manner in all aspects.

Cost effective and Results driven

Most Professional Debt Collection Agencies have a more pro active and pragmatic strategy for collecting unpaid debts that conventional legal methods. A company that works on a ‘No Collection – No Commission’ basis will often obtain better results.

Commission rates in the Debt Collection industry generally vary from as little as 8% up to 50% dependant on the value of the debt, the type of debt and the age of the debt. A Professional Debt Collection Agency should always treat every case on its own merit and discuss debt collection cases prior to action.

A fully inclusive debt collection agency may request a small instruction fee, dependant on the debt size and this instruction fee will result in subsidised commission rates (i.e. 50% less than average commission rates) and a comprehensive service.

Leading solution

For Private Debt Collection in Birmingham, Frontline Collections are the Number One solution. We deliver a fully comprehensive service that is focused on obtaining results and going that extra mile to ensure our clients get paid.

For a Business Debt Collection Agency in Birmingham, Federal Management are the UK’s top choice with their Multi Award Winning Debt Collection service that is regulated by the FCA and the only Debt Collection Agency that is approved and accredited by the National Skills Academy.

Act now

If you or your Company are owed money in Birmingham,  it really will pay to speak to the Professionals. Call us now for Free advice and assistance on your problem and you will receive expert advice and guidance whatever the scenario from our friendly Debt Collection Professional Advisers.