Do you need help to recover outstanding debts in the UK? Frontline Collections is one of the UK’s longest-running debt collection agencies with a proven track record of satisfied clients and a 90% average collection rate.

frontline collection office in England

Debt Collection in England

frontline collection office in Scotland

Debt Collection in Scotland

Need assistance from debt collection agencies in the UK? Frontline Collections can help you with personal, business and international debt recovery. Call us at 0333 043 4425 now for free advice and assistance.

Benefits of Hiring a Debt Recovery Agency in the UK

There are many key benefits to working with debt collection companies in the UK. Frontline Collections stands out because our local debt collectors are dedicated to helping you succeed. We prioritise your needs over our profits and work with a strict “no collection, no collection costs” philosophy.

Here are just some of the top benefits you can expect when you choose our debt collector services:

  • UK Legal Compliance
  • Saving You Money and Time
  • 90% Debt Recovery Rate
  • Free Assessment of Debt
  • Conveniently Located
  • Credit Control Training

UK Legal Compliance

All our debt collectors in the UK have the appropriate education and experience to recover your outstanding debts efficiently and discreetly.

Our debt recovery agents are well-versed and up-to-date on local collections laws and requirements and the appropriate processes for recovering debts. So you can rest assured that we deliver a reliable service as a debt collector company.

Saving You Money and Time

Our UK debt collection agency can help you save a lot of time, resources and money. We understand how difficult it can be to create time and dedicate resources to tracking down late payments from companies and individual debtors who won’t pay.

That is why we’re here to help. We aim to be the go-to debt collectors in the UK, and we do whatever we can to ensure you receive what’s owed to you. When you outsource your debt collection to us, you can rest assured you’ll receive your recovered debts as soon as possible so you can invest your time and resources into doing what you do best.

90% Debt Recovery Rate

Our average recovery rate is 90%, with only about 1% of undisputed claims needing court action. We have extensive experience and can identify the best strategy to ensure you start receiving payments for your owed debts as soon as possible.

Your case success is our priority, as we work on a strict “no collection, no collection costs” basis. We know how costly court proceedings can be, which is why we have professional strategies in place to prevent the need for specialist debt recovery solicitors.

Free Pre-Action Assessment

We approach every case with complete transparency and are upfront about your chances of recovering the feasible debt.

Once you've contacted our team for expert advice, we will provide you with a trustworthy debt recovery assessment. This free debt appraisal assessment is to ensure you have a valid claim and a chance of success.

As soon as this assessment is completed and approved, we start your debt recovery process.

Conveniently Located

All our main agencies are located in easy-to-reach areas and cities across the United Kingdom. While our main UK debt collection office is in Manchester, we also have a collections office in LondonLeedsLancashire and Cheshire.

Although most of our debt collections company offices are in England, we also offer recovery services to the rest of the UK. Our debt collection agency in Scotland is based in Glasgow.

Credit Control Training

If your company has had recurring issues with debtors not paying, we are able to train your team to create effective credit control processes and avoid payment issues in the future.

Working with an expert debt collector in the UK can significantly help your company as a whole set better credit control terms and differentiate between debtors who can and won’t pay.

Frontline Collections offers highly professional debt collection solutions to private individuals and businesses in the UK. Fill in an enquiry form today, and let the number 1 debt collection agency in the UK help you recover more for less.

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Our Debt Collection Services in the UK

As one of the top UK debt collection companies, we take pride in our efficient and effective services. We work on your behalf to recover your private or business debts, following strict processes to ensure you have a very high chance of succeeding and being paid by your debtors.

We have offices for debt collection in Scotland and for debt collection in England — find your nearest branch to get started on recovering what is owed to you.

The main debt collection services we offer as a debt recovery agency in the UK include:

Personal Debt Recovery

Our debt collection agency in the UK is the top debt collection agency for private individuals. If you’ve lent money to a friend, family member, acquaintance or anyone else and they are not paying you back, we can help you recover what is owed to you.

Our private debt recovery services also include freelancers or sole traders trying to recover money for products or services provided.

Business Debt Recovery

Commercial debt is usually accumulated from one business to another. Late and unpaid invoices are the leading causes of the development of this type of debt.

We help businesses, big and small, recover the money owed to them. We understand the disruption unpaid invoices cause in your cash flow and overall business.

Our business-to-business (B2B) debt recovery agency is able to help with this type of debt. We dedicate all our time and resources to help recover large volumes of outstanding debt so you won't have to.

International Debt Recovery

If your debtor is overseas or has left the country, it may be challenging for you to track them down and recover payment. Through our global partnerships with accredited debt collectors, we’re able to assist you in recovering international debts in almost any country.

Need help recovering your private or business debt collection? Give us a call and speak to one of our debt collectors in Scotland or England for expert assistance.

What Our Clients Say

Our Debt Collection Process in the UK

Collecting outstanding debts can be tricky, whether you’re a small business, an individual who’s offered a friend a loan, or a big company with large volumes of outstanding payments. Beyond the time and resources required to recover debt, different parts of the UK fall under different jurisdictions.

As a top UK debt collector at Frontline Collections, we have an entire team that is happy to give you debt advice and help you navigate the process of reclaiming your debts in the UK.

Beginning the Debt Recovery Process

If a debtor owes you money, and you have a valid claim to the debt, the first step for debt recovery in Scotland and the UK would be phone calls or letters.

The goal of this is to communicate to your debtor that you, as the creditor, expect payment on an outstanding amount. Sometimes, this initial communication will resolve the issue, and your debtor will make a late payment. If they can’t make the payment immediately, we can draw up a payment schedule to help the debtor settle their debt.

However, if they refuse to pay, then legal or even court action will be needed. Frontline Collections has a high reputation for settling private and commercial debt outside the court to help you avoid costly solicitor fees.

Legal Guidelines & Action During the Process

As debt collectors in the UK, every case we take up is done lawfully, with due diligence and respect for all parties involved.

Different types of debt require different legal processes. Businesses must follow the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines. Following the guidelines for a late payment can drastically impact the outcome of your case and the payment you’re eligible for.

Our first steps are always to contact your debtor on your behalf with telephone calls, letters, emails and even in-person visits. If this approach doesn’t work and mediation is not an option, the next step would be to seek legal action. Although we do everything in our power to avoid this.

For private and small business debts, we do our best to keep the costs involved as low as possible. We’ll apply for county court judgments and ensure appropriate enforcement is available. We’ll mediate as much as possible for a repayment schedule that suits both parties.

Call Frontline Collections, one of the leading debt collection agencies in Scotland and the rest of the UK today for trusted council. We are experts in minimising costs and maximising results.

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Frontline Collections: #1 Debt Collection Agency in the UK

Frontline Collections is the UK’s number 1 professional debt collection agency. With our process, we’ve helped thousands of clients since 2005 recover millions of pounds of debt in the UK and internationally every year. With hundreds of reviews on Google and Trustpilot from satisfied customers, you can trust that we’re here to help you recover your debt effectively.

We have partnered with various banks and financial institutions, including Experian, Barclays Bank, Creditsafe, Federal Management, and the UK Debt Collection Bureau, to help recover your debtor's unpaid invoice, personal loan, or commercial debt.

Our team of debt recovery agents will give you honest advice, guide you through the process, and answer any questions you may have in confidence.

If you require debt recovery services in the UK or internationally, contact us today. Let Frontline Collections help you recover what is owed to you.

Debt Recovery in the UK - FAQs

Do you still have a few questions about debt collection in the UK? Have a look at our answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below.

How Much Do UK Debt Collection Agencies Cost?

The costs of working with collection agencies vary. Our services are fully inclusive, which means all phone calls, letters, initial debtor tracing and visiting your debtor are included in the cost.

While the industry standard commission rate is 15-30%, we’ve been able to decrease our starting rate to as low as 8%. Our all-inclusive service means there are no hidden costs or fees.

We also won’t charge you any collection fees unless we’ve successfully collected your debt. As the best debt collection agency in the UK, we believe you deserve to recover your money without giving most of it away.

How Long Do I Have to Recover Unpaid Debt in the UK?

The timeframe that you’ll have to recover your late payment can vary. UK and international collection requirements differ.

If your debtor is in the UK, the time frame you’ll have to collect your debt is six years for private individuals and companies. This six-year period starts after the last payment or when the debt is acknowledged. This means that if either party acknowledges the debt, the time frame is reset to six years.

The timeframe for collecting international debt can be tricky, as each country has different standards, regulations and rules. We understand that international debt can be intimidating, which is why many individuals and companies wait to recover their debt. Our specialised debt recovery agents will be able to answer any questions you have about regulations across the globe.

Is There a Minimum Debt Value That Your Debt Collection Services in the UK Can Collect?

We specialise in helping clients recover legal debts of over £250. Our debt recovery agents in the UK can, however, help you recover less business or personal debts depending on the situation and assessment.

Would I Have To Make the Full Payment Upfront?

No, We understand that you could be experiencing cash flow issues, which is why our business or personal debt collection agency in the UK offers services strictly on commission. Meaning there are no major upfront fees for our professional services to start.

Our fee is fixed throughout the process, so you can rest assured that there will be no surprises. Only once your debt has been retrieved will we subtract our commission from the recovered debt payment.

When you get in contact with us, one of our consultants will go through the entire process and answer any questions you have.

Can You Guarantee Recovery of Outstanding Debts?

Unfortunately, no. Our professional debt collectors do their utmost best to ensure we are able to recover your money, but sometimes, it’s not possible.

Debt collection in the UK is only possible if the debt is legally valid with enough evidence to prove they’re due. When you call our debt recovery office and speak to one of our consultants, we will be able to give you guidance on whether your debt is recoverable. This is also why our free debt appraisal is important so that you can get an honest, frank answer early in the process.

How Can I Be Sure You Are a Trusted Debt Collection Agency?

Frontline Collections are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), enabling us to provide clients with debt collections in the UK. We are one of the few agencies that hold many accreditations of the FCA.

Collect your personal and business debts today with Frontline Collections — one of the top debt collection agencies in the UK.