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Last modified: November 22, 2023

Leeds is the third-largest city in the United Kingdom with a population of over three-quarters of a million people and a GVA of £20 billion+.  According to the UK Powerhouse report from the Centre for Economic & Business research, its expected to grow by at least 10.1% over the next decade which is great news for Leeds based Business. In order to support this growth, the service of an efficient Debt Collection Agency in Leeds will be needed.

There has been rapid growth for Businesses in Leeds with substantial increases in the number of companies starting up in Leeds at a rate of the twice the national average.

Leeds – Northern Capital of Finance

Leeds is also stated to be the largest financial hub outside of London as two of the UK’s largest Building societies are based in Leeds namely Leeds and Yorkshire Building societies. In addition, First Direct chose to base their operations in the City. It may also surprise you to learn that over 30 national and international banks have bases there as well as the Bank of England.

Leeds is also famed for its large call centres that help some of the UK’s largest companies provide an efficient customer service programme.

If you or your business are looking for a Debt Collection Agency in Leeds, there are steps you should be taking to avoid the small minority of unlicensed cowboys that still blight the Debt Collection Industry. Any Debt Collectors you use, you will be responsible for their actions if unlawful.

A Professional Debt Collection Agency in Leeds will be appropriately accredited and conduct itself in a professional manner at all times. Whilst the mission is to collect monies due, it has to be done in a compliant and lawful way.

Cost-effective and Results driven

Most Professional Debt Collection Agencies have a more proactive and pragmatic strategy for collecting unpaid debts than well-trodden and expensive legal proceedings. A company that operates a ‘No Collection – No Commission’ basis will usually obtain a much better rate of success at a fraction of the cost. Indeed, at Frontline Collections we have a large number of Legal services companies who use us to recover fees owed to them.

Debt Collection Agency Leeds – Get Expert Help From Debt Collectors Now

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Commission rates in the Debt Collection industry generally vary from as little as 15% up to 50% dependant on the value, type of debt and age of the debt. A Professional Debt Collection Agency will always treat every case on its own merit. As well as this, a Free pre-action assessment should be conducted to assess realistic chances of collection.

A fully inclusive debt collection agency may request a small instruction fee, dependant on the debt size and this instruction fee will result in subsidised commission rates (i.e. 50% less than average commission rates) and a fully inclusive service that comes with no hidden fees and no costs if the debt is not collected.

Best Leeds Debt Collection Agency solutions

For Private Debt Collection in Leeds, Frontline Collections are the Premium solution. We deliver a fully comprehensive service that is focused on obtaining results and going that extra mile to ensure our clients get paid.

For a B2B Debt Collection in Leeds, Federal Management are the UK’s Number One choice. They are a Multi-Award Winning Debt Collection Agency that is regulated by the FCA and holds accreditations from the National Skills Academy and the Investors in People.

These Top Debt Collection services cover Leeds, Yorkshire and across the United Kingdom. We can also provide low-cost International Debt Collection services also.

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If you or your Company are owed money, it pays to speak to Professional Experts. Call us in confidence now for Free advice on your problem – You will receive Professional advice and guidance on your options to recover what is owed to you from our friendly Debt Collection Professionals. Top solution for Debt Collection Agency Leeds.

Debt Collection Agency Leeds – Get Expert Help From Debt Collectors Now

Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today