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Debt Collection for Removal and Storage Companies

Last modified: November 21, 2023

Debt Collection for Removal Companies

Do you work for a Removal Company and have customers that are not paying for the services you have provided?

In this article, our team of expert Debt Collectors have put together guidance when it comes to Debt Collection for Removal Companies.

Across the UK, there are thousands of Removal companies that support both Private and Commercial relocations.

Whilst there are some individuals that will choose to conduct moving property themselves, there is a massive multi-million-pound industry to help those that want an easier option. This is the option of Professional Storage and Removal service.

Around 75% of the removals that are carried out in the UK are those staying with in the country, so it may surprise you to learn that around 25% is for removals for locations abroad. Also, based upon current trends, around 5% of the population will move house in the next year.

The top destination for the removal industry in the UK is London, with over 200,000 people moving into the capital last year. With this, there were only 25,000 removals that were going the opposite way.

These are staggering statistics for a large industry that is growing every single year. The growth in usage of Removal Companies is supplemented by the growth of firms around the country.

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The Removal and Storage industry within the UK has recorded impressive performance over the last few years, with industry revenue rising year-on-year. As the corporate move market continues to grow, this will present more opportunities for the Removal and Storage industry as the year’s pass.

Commercial moves are very different from domestic/residential moves and can be on a far larger scale. These types of moves typically require more planning, as the logistics of a commercial move can be quite complex.

Domestic, or Residential, moves are usually quite straightforward as the process of moving is just to load up a van to take items from one destination to the other.

Regardless of the type of move, one of the main problems that are common amongst most Removal companies in the UK is the issue of customers that do not want to pay. For situations like this, there are agencies that are expertly trained to deal with Debt Collection for Removal Companies.

Debt Collection for Removal and Storage Companies Frontline Collections

Using A Debt Collection Agency – Debt Collection For Removal Companies

Whilst almost every Removal and Storage company will have adequate professional indemnities and insurance, there will be occasions were invoices and accounts go unpaid for a variety of reasons.

These reasons can include:

  • Genuinely forgot to pay for the services.
  • Disputing an invoice due to a mistake.
  • Financially difficulties which have put you at the back of their priorities.

There may come a time where the client simply has no excuse, and so they have no intentions of ever paying you. If you are the owner of a Removal or Storage company, then it is in your best interest to deal with any unpaid invoices in a professional and diligent manner.

The terms and conditions that are agreed with your customer may provide some protection for any spurious disputes. However, like with any business sector, there will always be a small minority that will try to avoid paying.

At Frontline Collections, we have worked with hundreds of Removal companies over our long history, and are well versed in all aspects of the Debt Collection process.

If your Removal and Storage Company is owed money by delinquent customers, it will help to know that you are dealing with the top professionals who can help recover what is rightfully owed to you.

You should never have to experience a situation like this, especially if you have provided goods or services to your customer in good faith.

It is important to remember that no Removal Company has ever lost a customer simply because they were asked to pay for work that was carried out for them.

We operate the UK’s highest recovery rates of an average of 90% on all undisputed debts.

Our professional, hassle-free and cost-effective private debt collection for removal companies service will ensure the maximisation of a successful recovery whilst minimising the cost.

Your finances have already been affected as you are owed money by a problem debtor, so why should we make you pay even more for their inconveniences?

Whether your business is owed money for a UK removal or International removal, speak to one of our friendly New Business Team today. Our experts can offer fast, free advice on the best options to recover the debt owed to you.

Debt Collection for Removal Companies | Get Expert Help From Professional Debt Collectors Now

Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today