Debt Collection for Removal and Storage Companies

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Debt Collection for removal companies

There are thousands of removals and storage companies in the UK supporting both Private and Commercial relocations. Whilst some individuals may choose to conduct moving property themselves, there is a massive multi million pound industry to help those that choose the easier option of using a Professional Storage and Removals service. To support this is Professional Debt Collection for Removal Companies.

Commercial moves are very different than domestic moves and can be on a far larger scale for obvious reasons. One problem that is common amongst many storage companies and removal firms alike is the problem of dealing with customers that do not pay.

Seventy five of removals done in the UK are for people staying within these borders but it may surprise you to learn that twenty five per cent are for removals to locations abroad. Statistics also show that approximately 5% of the population will move house in the next year based upon current trends.

London is the top destination for removals with over 200,000 last year moving into London whilst only 25,000 removals were provided going the opposite way. It is also estimated that around 100,000 households and Businesses in the UK move property every month.

Staggering statistics for a large industry that is growing year on year. This growth in usage of removal and storage companies is supplemented by the growth of removal firms around the country.

Whilst pretty much every Professional Removals and Storage Companies have adequate Professional indemnities and insurance, there are occasions were invoices and accounts go unpaid for a variety of reasons. If you are the owner of a Professional removals service then it is in your interest to deal with any unpaid invoices in a Professional and diligent manner.

Your terms and conditions will provide some protection for any spurious disputes but as with any Business sector, there is always a small minority that will try to avoid paying.

At Frontline Collections, we have served hundreds of removals and storage companies over the past 13 years and are well versed in all aspects. If your Removals and Storage Company is owed money then it will help to know that you are dealing with top Professionals who can help your Business recover what is rightfully owed to them for services that were provided in good faith.

Whether your Business is owed money for a UK removal or an International removal, speak to one of our friendly New Business Team today for Fast Free advice on your best options to recover debt owed to you. No Removals firm has ever lost a customer simply because they were asked to pay so contact us today and make sure your money is returned to your account.