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Dental Debt Collection in the UK

Last modified: January 30, 2024

Dental Debt Collection UK services

When you think of a business that might have non-paying clients, a dental practice might not be the first type of establishment you would think of. There has been a rise in Dental Debt Collection over the past few years. More Dental practices are needing a Professional Dental Debt Collection service.

Previously, we recently did a feature on Top tips for dental practices to avoid unpaid dental fees – This insightful editorial was constructed by our practicing Dental Advisory. The input was also taken from Expert Private Dental Recoveries team.

Frontline Collections helps a large number of dental practices in the UK. From Harley Street specialists to local practices in Manchester. We cover all parts of the country and cater to Dental Groups also.

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When to Act

The UK’s dental industry has its own set unpaid debt problems and in this particular environment. The key is to know exactly when to call in professional debt collecting assistance to assist with Dental Debt Collection.

There will be a period of time when the matter is dealt with internally. Typically speaking, unpaid dental patient debts remain internal for up to as much as 120 days. Unfortunately, the longer these amounts are left, there is an ever-diminishing chance that they will be paid.

Determining Factors

So, just how long do you keep it internal? At what point should debtor accounts be passed to a specialised dental collection agency. This will depend on the amount owed by the dental practice in question.

120 days, however, is too long. They may be suitable terms for the business to business transactions, but not for unpaid dental fees. If fees have not been paid by the 4-month point, you are likely in ‘not going to pay’ territory.

Gather Evidence

Once an account is deemed delinquent and all reasonable attempts have been made, you need to make a decision. It is counterproductive to continue to chase unpaid dental fees. A Professional and proven Dental Debt Collection can significantly boost a practice’s profitability.

When you do make initial contact with a collection specialist, it is important to have the details of the treatment provided. It will also help to detail info on your efforts so far to collect payment.  The number of calls made and notices posted to the customer will all help a debt collector do their job more efficiently.

Chasing unpaid Dental fees

When it comes to chasing dental patient debt, the shorter the time it takes the better, so don’t let it go on for too long. Reasonable time should be given to the debtor to settle the outstanding balance, but once that point has been reached, action needs to be taken.

Throughout the process, all details of actions taken in pursuit of the debt should be recorded and given, along with the contact details of the patient, to a third party specialist debt collector. The more information you can provide, the better your chances of success.

Many Dental clinicians are self-employed and suffer from not being paid. Every dental practice should have measures in place to deal with such scenarios.

Dental Debt Collection Solution

If your dental practice is suffering from delinquent patient debt, reviewing and tightening up your payment policies can go a long way to rectifying the situation. Put a plan in place for the inevitable non-paying clients and stick to it. Only by doing this can you do what is best for your practice and keep unpaid patient debt to an absolute minimum.

Using a Professional Debt Collection Agency is now commonplace within the Dental Industry and should be considered a viable option in order to recoup unpaid dental fees from non paying patients. Compliant and effective Debt Collection for Dental Fees is part of the daily activities undertaken here. All cases for unpaid Dental Fees are executed by our Highly experienced Collection Officers.

Such is our dedication and commitment to excellence in the field of Dental Debt Collection. We even have a practicing clinician on hand to advise us on cases. It is these resources that maximise the amount of dental debt we collect. There are no short cuts to achieving successful outcomes.

It is very important to remember that no dental practice has ever lost a patient because they were asked to pay what is rightfully and legally owed. Working with the Leading UK Debt Collectors can ensure that the Dental Fees owing to you are recovered in a professional and understanding manner.

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Dental Debt Collection | Get Expert Help From Professional Debt Collectors Now

Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today


Common Dental Debt Collection UK FAQs

What is Dental Debt Collection?

Dental Debt Collection is the process of recovering money that is rightfully owed to a dental practice. This can be overdue patient balances, fees for services rendered, or other payments related to dentistry. Frontline Collections specialize in helping dental practices recover these funds in a professional and understanding manner.

What are the benefits of using a specialist Dental Debt Collector?

A specialist Dental Debt Collector is an expert in the field and can provide you with a tailored approach to debt collection. They understand the complexities often involved in dental debt and have experience in resolving many of them.

By using their knowledge, they can pursue debts efficiently and effectively while minimising time lost on the phone or chasing paperwork. Furthermore, they are also familiar with legislations governing dental debt collection.

Are all dental debt collection agencies the same?

No, not all dental debt collection agencies are the same. It is very important that a distinction is made that not all Debt Collection services are the same.

A specialist Dental Debt Collector will have experience in the field and an understanding of how dental practices and their patients interact. They know what to look out for, which can help them recover funds more quickly than other debt collection agencies.

The value of working with a proven dental debt collection specialist should not be underestimated. It can mean the difference between recovering 10% with an amateur firm or up to 90% with professional like Frontline Collections.