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recovery of unpaid school fees

Recovery of unpaid school fees

Last modified: November 23, 2023

Debt Collection for Private Schools

The cost of providing modern-day school private education sector has never been so expensive. Throughout the UK, the fees to parents have risen accordingly. The average cost per term of educating a child at a private school has increased to almost £14,940 per school year. For boarding schools, the average yearly fees has climbed to £35,289 per school year.

Thus, the recovery of unpaid school fees has become essential to the cash flow of any Private School. Private School Bursars need a Professional Debt Collection solution to help them ensure School finances are stable.

Unfortunately, unpaid school fees do arise. Why is it that some parents view Private school fees as a non-essential bill to pay? They would not avoid payment of their mortgage or credit cards so a pragmatic approach needs to be adopted to ensure your schooling facility remains solvent.

An Independent school have to be financially sound like any other business but with the rapid rise in fees comes a number of parents unable to pay for their child’s schooling.

Recovery of Unpaid School Fees – Get Expert Help From International Debt Collectors Now

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Despite the value, these establishments provide by way of a leading education for children, many Independent schools have a real issue with some parents not paying the fees for their child’s education resulting in difficulties with the school’s cash flow.

The solution

Efficient credit control and Debt Recovery service is essential to the long term well being of these establishments. No Private Education facility can survive when it has parents who are not paying term fees on time.

At Frontline Collections with our skilled knowledge and vast experience in dealing with Private School Fees Debt Collection we can help you to address such issues in a professional and expedient manner.

Non-payment of UK Private Schools fees can occur for a number of reasons such as miscommunication, divorce, disputes, etc.

We recruit specialised teams of Recovery professionals who have dealt with all scenarios and who conduct their roles in an ethical and proficient manner. Negotiating the swift payment of fees overdue is the objective but this is done in a professional and courteous manner.

Whether you are an Independent school, private school or Montessori school – we have the professionalism and pragmatism to provide a valuable extension to any school’s own internal credit control procedures. We can provide Debt Collection in Nottingham or Debt Collection in Leeds. Our services cover the whole British Isles and beyond.

We have a clear understanding of the industry and just how delicate any debt matters within this sector business need to be processed. Our services are extremely cost-effective and our mission is to minimise the cost to our clients whilst maximising the results.

Key points of our services:

  • High Recovery rates & inclusive service
  • Commission rates from only 8%
  • Industry Expertise
  • Comprehensive service
  • 24/7 Online Account Management
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Field Collections Officers

If you are the Bursar for a Private School, supercharge your Debt Recovery with our Professional, trusted services.

Recovery of unpaid school fees Frontline Collections

Independent Schools Association Gold Preferred Supplier – Frontline Collections

In 2020, Frontline Collections was awarded the title of ‘Gold Preferred Supplier’ by the Independent Schools Association (ISA).

As the only debt collection agency in the UK to receive this title, Frontline Collections are the best choice to collect unpaid school fees.

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We are the first choice Private Debt Collection Agency in the UK and our track record demonstrates this. We have vast expertise in the recovery of unpaid school fees so contact us today to see how we can help boost your school’s cash flow.

Recovery of Unpaid School Fees – Get Expert Help From International Debt Collectors Now

Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today