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private school fees debt collection Debt Collection for Private Schools

As with the majority of Business sectors in the UK, Independent schools are dealing with a far more challenging economic environment these days. The recession has left its mark on the industry and many schools had to tighten their budgets with increased and stiffer competition in the market place.

As a result, non paying parents can have a devastating effect on a schools cash flow as these fees are relied upon to meet operational costs so a efficient credit control and Debt Recovery service is essential to the long term well being of these establishments.

It is unfortunate that despite the value these establishments provide by way of a Premier education for children, many Independent schools have a real issue with some parents not paying the fees for their child’s education. It is a unsavoury situation for all parties concerned however experience of dealing with such matters is the difference between the fees being paid or not being paid at all.

The solution

At Frontline Collections we have a vast experience in dealing with such matters in a Professional and Expedient manner. we can help you to address such issues fast with our skilled knowledge of Private School Fees Debt recovery.

We possess specialised teams of Recovery professionals who conduct their roles in a ethical and proficient manner. Negotiating the swift payment of fees overdue is the objective but this is done in a professional and courteous manner.

Sometimes, the non-payment of school fees can occur as a result of miscommunication. Other times, there maybe a spurious dispute that needs to be reconciled without delay. It may just be that a realistic payment arrangement needs to be implemented once we have made an assessment of their financial standing.

We have dealt with all scenarios and our highly experienced personnel ensure that the matter is resolved swiftly in a compliant and professional manner.

We have a clear understanding of the industry and just how delicate any debt matters within this sector business need to be processed. We provide a fully comprehensive service so there are no hidden fees and no nasty surprises.

We need to first establish the facts surrounding the actual non-payment of the school fees. Quite often financial difficulties are the root cause or matrimonial breakdowns. We apply a process of mediation to establish the facts then follow this with negotiation which usually leads to a successful outcome for all parties concerned.

Our services are extremely cost effective and our mantra is to minimise the cost to our clients whilst maximising the results.

Key points of our services:

High Recovery rates & inclusive service
Commission rates from only 8%
Industry Expertise
Comprehensive service
24/7 Online Account Management
Dedicated Account Manager
Internal Collections Team

We are the first choice for Private Debt Collection in the UK and our track record demonstrates this.

Contact us today to see how we can help boost your school’s cash flow, speak to one of our friendly Advisers today