Debt Collection for Vets in the UK

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Debt Collection for Vets

Unfortunately, bad debts and non paying customers is an all too common problem for many veterinary practices in the UK with millions being owed in unpaid vet bills. A specialist Debt Collection for Vets service in the UK can play an important role in minimising this issue.

The problem was highlighted last year by the British Veterinary Association after their ‘Voice of the Veterinary Profession’ survey. The survey aimed to try and get a better understanding with regards to scale of the problem in modern day Britain.

Rather surprisingly, the survey found that around nine in ten vets have performed work that they have not been paid for at some time of another. Even more startling is that the average monthly bad debt owing is reported to be around £676.

Veterinary practices are a valuable asset to any community in terms of the service that they provide in terms of assistance for pets and their owners. They have to be sustainable businesses if they are to continue caring for sick animals and this is only possible if they are paid for the work they do in a prompt and courteous manner.

A solid and effective credit control strategy can certainly minimise the impact that non paying customers have but what happens when that is not enough and does not provide the required results. It is very important to remember that No Veterinary practice has ever lost a customer simply because they were asked to pay for treatment.

One solution for those that are trying to avoid paying what is rightfully due, is procuring the services of a reputable debt collection specialist who has industry experience. More specifically  in dealing with the recovery and collection of unpaid vets bills. The value of a Professional Debt Collection partner should not be under estimated.

At Frontline Collections, we have been providing a ethical and bespoke Debt Collection service for Vets since 2005. During this time we have recovered hundreds of thousands of pounds in unpaid vet bills. We continue to collect thousands of pounds every month in unpaid fees for the veterinary industry and other closely associated industries such as the Equine industry.

We understand the need for a Personal and discretionary approach. We view our reputation as we are sure you view yours so all affairs are conducted in the appropriate manner. As a Professional Debt Collection Agency, recovering thousands in Unpaid Vet fees – we know the industry inside out.

Every situation of non payment of Vet Fees is dealt with in a Professional manner. We are always mindful of our clients brand and share the same values for our reputation. Vets need a Debt Collection Agency that will be an ambassador for their business so high levels of professionalism are adopted at all times.

As leading UK Debt Collectors, our Premium Low cost service is results driven and fully inclusive. As well as a dedicated case manager, you are also given an online account management facility where you can track the progress of your debts 24/7 if you have multiple cases with us.

Less than 1% of the cases we deal with ever need any form of court action unlike others and we pride ourselves on being transparent at all times. This is why we provide a fully inclusive service from the start so there are no hidden fees and no drip pricing policies.

Operating a veterinary practice can be challenging enough without unpaid vet fees. Frontline Collections provides a Professional recovery option. Over the past 15 years, millions of pounds has been recovered in unpaid vet fees. If you have it within your terms, we can also add the cost of using our service to the debt value.

This makes it a far more cost effective for recovering debts. As a veterinary practice, your objective is to tend to sick and needy animals. Having to chase Animal Owners that do not want to pay what is owed for treatment is not within your remit. That is why you should enlist the expertise of the Country’s leading Veterinary Debt Collection Experts.

If you or your practice are seeking Professional veterinary Debt Collection, speak to our friendly New Business team today for further information on our revered Debt Collection for vets service.


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