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Are All Debt Collection Agencies The Same

Are all Debt Collection Agencies the same?

Last modified: November 21, 2023

Are all Debt Collection Agencies the same?

You may have wondered ‘Are all Debt Collection Agencies the same’. If so then we are pleased to advise that the answer to that is an absolute no.

As with any industry or sector you work in, you will know the credible firms and the ones to stay away from.

A bit like people to be frank which is ironic because a firm’s ethics are very much based on the owners.

This applies to both individuals seeking a Private Debt Collected and to companies wanting a portfolio of debts recovered.

We operate a ‘principle not profit’ Debt Collection service and provide a free assessment of your realistic chances of recovering a debt at outset. We do not want to waste our time and certainly do not want to waste yours.

The true value of working with a trusted and reputable Debt Collection Agent should not be underestimated.

Even in the unlikely event that you think Frontline Collections is not a good fit for you, we have taken the time to give some great pointers and guidance for you when it comes to the matter of selecting a Professional Debt Collection firm to represent you and your interests.

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When instructing a Debt Collection Agency, they effectively become an extension of you or your business. They are working for you so this is something you need to consider very seriously. You would not just let any builder into your house or anybody work in your business so the same logic applies to this scenario.

Do your homework. Check their professional standing, accreditation and remember that if something seems too good to be true, it is!


What action do they purport to undertake on your behalf? Some firms that purport to be ‘Debt Collectors’ will simply send an email or two and make a phone call whereas others will do much more. Know what depth of service to expect and request transparency on the actions they claim they will take.


A major factor for consideration for obvious reasons but comes hand in hand with the ‘Actions’ section. Simple logic tells you that a more pragmatic and robust depth of actions will produce far superior results. For superior results, you need superior service.


Be very sure about what it is going to cost you! All Agencies operate differently and you will want a transparent pricing policy. Some Companies Charge per action as well as a commission of recovered monies. Some companies even expect you to pay abortive fees if they do not collect the debt.

Industry Commissions can range from 6% – 45% dependant on the value. Some companies claim they can provide a ‘free’ service. Avoid these at all costs if you value your brand, the debt value and your liabilities.


How are you going to be updated on the progress of your cases? Ask the question as one of the biggest complaints from customers within the debt collection industry is that they are not keep informed. Have payments been made? What is happening?

If you do not know what actions have been taken or what is going on, this will only serve to fuel your initial frustrations.

Industry specialism

This is a massive factor in terms of the results that you can expect to achieve. As with any industry, knowing and having a depth of working knowledge of a business sector and the protocols therein is a massive advantage. For example, some could just specialise in PPI Debt Collection or Debt Collection for Dentists.


There is an old saying “Choosing the wrong Debt Collection Agency will be worse than choosing none at all” – You could be landed with hidden fees/costs, a damaged reputation and all manner of associated problems. We have even heard of people landing themselves in trouble with the Police!

We are unequivocal proof that using a Professional Debt Collection Agency can yield fantastic results, both in terms of results and the cost-effectiveness of achieving the said results.

Think smart, choose wisely and it really will pay to use a Professional Debt Collection service. For free advice or help with your Debtor problems, speak to one of our friendly advisers today.

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