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Last modified: November 28, 2023

Our PPI Debt Collection experience and success is unrivalled in terms of results and we provide a proactive service that is proven to get the very best in results for our clients. Our service is FAST TRACK and designed to recover monies as quickly as possible in a professional and competent manner.

Our PPI Claims Management Company expertise is unrivalled and many of our staff have previously worked for Claims Management companies so we know exactly what type of excuses are given for non-payment and the profiles of those that use them.

So why use Frontline Collections?

  • We will recover up to 10 times that of the average Agency
  • No Collection – No Commission
  • Low Industry Commission Rates
  • Online Account Management facility
  • Special Tracing & Debtor Investigations Team
  • Debt Collection Officers to visit debtors
  • Unrivalled specialism in PPI Debt Collection

Such is own our prowess and proficiency, we have also taken on secondary debts that other agencies have not been able to collect and still produced far better results than what they did for their primary placement.

We currently have around 55 PPI Companies on our books and all receive a far higher recovery rate than any previous methods some have used much to the pleasure and delight of their Directors and shareholders.

If you are not using Frontline Collections for your PPI Debt Collection then you are simply losing money as we guarantee that no other agency in the UK does, has or can match our excellent recovery rates. As Leading Uk Debt Collectors, we pride ourselves on the results we achieve.

We typically recover around 65-90% of collectable PPI debts either in full or via repayment schedules. This is way above the industry average for this kind of debt yet our commissions and fees are lower than any other agency on a pound for pound basis.

Our success speaks for its self. It is not just the PPI industry that we perform highly in. We have excellent results in other areas of the Claims Management sector such as the Endowment Mortgage shortfall ‘claim’ business.

The largest portfolio of debts we had at that time within the claims sector was for ECA UK Ltd where we recovered £378,012 out of a possible £423, 448 and all within the space of 2 years representing a remarkable recovery rate, far surpassing the expectations of all.

To maximise the return on your bad debts and to get the best results, you need to use the best service.

Case study

The issue

A well known National PPI Claims company actively trading for a number of years had the problem of nearly 400 unpaid debts for commissions due to them as part of their successful PPI claim back operations.

They had previously tried using two UK based Debt Collection Agencies with frustrating results and littering of false promises. They found that there was a lack of transparency from outset and very minimal results and return. The main problem was they felt no progress was being made with companies that seemed more interested in charging for disbursements such as tracing. One of the Debt Collection Agencies also had a policy of keeping debtors monies for as long as possible and there were constant accounting errors with both which caused massive frustrations.

With an ever-increasing portfolio of bad debts, the decision was taken that they needed a solution that was focused on getting results along with the support to effectively manage the reporting and accounting side also.

The solution

Frontline Collections were engaged with a view to providing a one-stop comprehensive solution for their needs. The focus was to optimise results and operational service in a cost-effective manner whilst conducting Debt Collection activities in a professional and compliant fashion.

The result

The instructing PPI Company conducted a 6-month review of the partnership and reported their “great satisfaction” at the initial results.

There was a 300% increase on Collections compared with the previous agency at the same stage with a 50% reduction in cost on a pro-rated basis. This was a direct result of the far more proactive PPI Debt Collection strategies applied from coupled with a more diligent pragmatic approach.

They also cited their own internal reporting had dramatically improved due to Frontline’s online reporting facility, dedicated accounts manager and detailed invoicing processes.

The current

18 months on from the initial instruction and the PPI Company still continue to report excellent results overall along with a glowing satisfaction in general.

The conclusion

Not surprisingly, the PPI company client has stated on a number of occasions “If only we had used your services in the first place” We think this says it all really.

We pride ourselves on being the Best Debt Collection Agency for PPI Debt Collection so If you are looking to maximise the return on the bad debts owing to you or your business, then make the smart choice and speak to one of our friendly advisers today by calling us on 0333 043 4425.

All enquiries are treated in the strictest of confidence.

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