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Frontline Collections now a ‘Partner of the ISBA’

Last modified: December 25, 2023

Frontline Collections is proud to announce that we have been named as a Directory Partner by the Independent Schools Bursars’ Association (ISBA).

The ISBA has a proud 80-year history of supporting the leading independent schools across the UK. With over 1,100 members at present, this new partnership with Frontline Collections will bring even more benefits to the ISBA’s schools.

Throughout our long history, Frontline Collections has helped to support private and independent schools recover unpaid fees.

Frontline Collections has supported many members of the ISBA over the past 15 years. Now that we are a recognised ‘Partner of the ISBA’, it will provide further credibility for our Award-winning solutions.

This latest accolade is in addition to being named the ISA’s Gold Approved Supplier for Debt Collection in 2020

Independent Schools Bursars’ Association

The Independent Schools Bursars Association has a long history that can be traced all the way back to the founding of the Public Schools Bursars’ Association in 1932. As such, it is known as one of the oldest and most well-established names in the private school’s sector.

In the current climate, and especially since the Covid-19 pandemic began, the non-payment of school fees has steadily become a growing and more noticeable issue.

Many independent schools are facing this problem. As such, there is a clear need for a professional and trusted debt collection agency to help ISBA members resolve this issue.

The UK’s Leading Unpaid School Fees Debt Collection Solution

Frontline Collections provides the UK’s leading specialist professional service for the recovery of unpaid private school fees. We recover thousands of pounds worth of private school fees debt every week, helping our clients in the process.

As partners of the ISBA, we will now be able to help even more members over the coming years. We are excited to be able to have the opportunity to work with many new ISBA members, helping them to recover all unpaid school fees they are rightfully owed.

Over the coming years and for the foreseeable future, we are very much looking forward to building upon and enhancing our relationship with both the ISBA and its member schools.

If you are an existing ISA member or are looking to recover unpaid Private School Fees, then we can help.

Why Use Our Services?

  • Specialist Debt Collection service for Private Schools
  • Low Cost, Comprehensive and Award-Winning solution
  • Average 90% Recovery rate on undisputed Debts
  • Online Account Management & Progress Reports
  • No Collection means No Costs to pay
  • Gold Preferred Supplier’ for the Independent Schools Association
  • Fully Compliant and ISO:9001 accredited Company
  • Local, National and International coverage

One of the competitive advantages of Frontline Collections is that, unlike other Debt Collection Agencies, less than 1% of the cases we ever deal with require Court Action. The means that we provide an exceptionally quick, low-cost and professional solution.

For further information on how Frontline Collections can benefit your establishment, call our friendly New Business Team today on 0333 043 4425

Frontline Collections now a ‘Partner of the ISBA’ Frontline Collections

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