Face to Face Debt Collection

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face to face debt collection

Face to Face Debt Collection is a tactic used in the recovery of debt. It is not a strategy used by most debt collection agencies in the UK. Under FCA Debt Collection guidelines it is not permitted. Typical debts under the FCA remit include Credit Hire agreements and Personal Loans etc  It is permitted for Private and Business Debt Recovery matters though.

It can be viewed as an overly aggressive tactic. Many people shy away from this type of debt collection activity as a result. Face to Face Debt Collection can result in tense situations. If a debtor is very aggressive it will only exacerbate the situation. The Debtor can feel that you are trying to intimidate them and could even call the Police.

Compliance in Debt Collection is more poignant than ever. The instructing party is penultimately responsible for the conduct of the debt collection resource. This is an important consideration. There have been instances of overly aggressive debt collectors being arrested. In turn, the instructing party has been culpable much to their surprise.

It seems an obvious statement that you should not be using ‘heavies’ or unlicensed parties. This can leave you in a worse situation with still no debt collected. Working with Professionals will not only get your debt collected, it will minimise any liability on your part. These are not always considerations when people choose a Debt Collection Agency. They should be however.

At Frontline Collections we only use face to face debt collection as a last resort. We have tried and trusted strategies for the collection of Private Debts across the UK. Normal methods of engagement usually serve us well. Face to Face Debt Collection is a useful tool where the debtor is ignoring all efforts. These efforts usually include Letters, Emails, Phone Calls and SMS texts.

Sometimes a visit to a property is necessary to establish whether the debtor is still there. It may be that they have absconded and we need to then trace somebody. Doorstep Debt Collectors can be carefully used to progress any debt collection case at minimum cost.

We conduct all Face to Face Debt Collection matters in a Professional Manner. Our reputation and that of our clients is always at the forefront of what we do. A Lawful, compliant Debt Collection service will always act in this way.

Face to Face Debt Collection should not be confused with CCJ Debt Collection or Judgment Enforcement. Enforcing a unpaid CCJ can be very much part of Legal Due process almost. A County Court Judgment is obtained by making an application to the Courts for a money judgment.

In turn, an enforcement order application can be made to try and procure payment. This can be done in a variety of ways. Collecting a CCJ is very much different than a standard debt collection visit. A CCJ is not necessary for a basic debt collection visit to engage a debtor.

UK and International solution

For International Debt Collection efforts, our mantra is the same. Collecting debts from individuals abroad can be a challenging task but we do it ethically. Our partners for overseas debts mirror our professionalism and know what is expected. Our reputation is built on 15 years of Professionalism.

If you are seeking a compliant and Professional solution then contact us today.