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Collection of unpaid funeral fees

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collection of unpaid funeral fees

Collection of Unpaid Funeral Fees

Everyone can feel the rising cost of life itself more and more in the modern world.

You can feel this at the petrol pump, the supermarket, or when buying a car or a house.

Even the funeral sector has had to change with the times.

Every day, more people find their disposable income is shrinking with each passing year.

After performing some research, SunLife found that the average cost of a funeral was over £9,000.

We have now reached the point where it is common for funeral fees to go unpaid.

This has become a daily experience within the industry.

Owners of funeral directors are often unsure of who to turn to when they need to deal with the collection of unpaid funeral fees.

A funeral director may be compelled to hesitate or feel awkward when chasing the bereaved for payment.

After all, losing someone is amongst the most difficult times any of us can face.

People know that a funeral is not always a low-cost affair.

The price of a funeral can also vary depending on the level of service and provisions people need.

The funeral director should not absorb these costs, as it is they who have provided their services in good faith.

In most cases, the funeral director personally tends to the needs of the grieving family.

The level of debt for unpaid funeral fees is at an all-time high, and directors must take positive action to combat the problem.

In this article, our debt collection experts will explain the best way in which agencies can help with the collection of unpaid funeral fees.

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A funeral is an emotional and difficult time.

The experience leaves those involved in a deeply vulnerable and psychologically strained state.

Whilst this is true, the cost of the ceremony needs to be covered.

When people arrange a funeral, they will discuss all aspects of the costs.

This is appropriate and can help the bereaved to know what to expect.

With an agreement such as a funeral ceremony, the client must understand what their obligations are for any fees.

It is always best to explain this to them before you finalise the ceremony.

Losing a loved one is always a tragic event.

Whilst this is true, the funeral director has responsibilities, and so all clients need to pay for the services that the director provides.

The cost of a funeral can be high, and you must act on the collection of unpaid funeral fees with the utmost consideration for the bereaved.


The people using the services of funeral directors must meet the costs that are incurred.

Like any other business, a funeral director relies on a steady cash flow to maintain and grow the company.

The feelings of those who are bereaved must always be respected, but they also have a responsibility to the funeral directors.

Funeral directors provide a sensitive and vital service, helping families at a very difficult time.

If unpaid funeral fees happen too much, it might force the company in question to start requesting upfront payments for all funerals.

This is the last thing anyone wants, and so clients must be obliged to take their responsibilities seriously.

Collection of unpaid funeral fees unpaid funeral fees Funerals are a difficult time for all involved. Things can be more stressful if funeral directors need to deal with the collection of unpaid funeral fees


It is easy to assume that the persons responsible for unpaid funeral fees are always the relatives of the deceased.

This is not necessarily always the case, as sometimes others who are dealing with the funeral in other ways may be those withholding payment.

For example, solicitors involved in the testament aspect of the death can often affect the payment process.

In most cases, the solicitors are responsible for releasing funds that the family have reserved to pay for the funeral.

They can be slow in doing this, and this can cause issues for a funeral director.

Regardless of the reason, a funeral that results in an outstanding debt can be a difficult and stressful issue to resolve.

You must deal with the recovery of any unpaid funeral fees sensitively and thoughtfully.

The goal is to seek repayment of the fees that someone owes you.

Professional Assistance

Most funeral directors have a credit control process in place.

This allows them to manage the collection of unpaid funeral fees in a professional manner.

There will always be those who will refuse payment no matter what, and this can be a challenge for many funeral directors.

When this happens, it is becoming more acceptable and common to instruct a professional debt collection agency.

There are many different types of debt collection agencies, and no two are the same.

With any problem, a specialist service will provide the best solution.

A specialist private debt collection agency will provide the most effective and professional service possible.

In the case of the collection of unpaid funeral fees, the agency you choose must know how to approach the problem appropriately.

They must use the right amount of consideration and respect.

Without this, they could make the entire experience a lot worse.

Ultimately, a funeral company is a business, one that has its own set of specific issues faced daily.

A director must pay bills, staff and fees, and they must do this to ensure the stability of the company.

A professional debt collection service for the collection of unpaid funeral fees can be an enormous help.

Frontline Collections is one such agency, and over we have helped to recover unpaid funeral fees since 2005.

If you are facing the issue of clients who have not paid you for a funeral service you have provided, you should speak to us today.

Being owed money for a funeral service you have provided is a very worrying and stressful position to be in.

Frontline Collections provides the UK’s leading specialist private debt collection service.

Our debt collection agents have expert knowledge of the funeral sector.

As such, they can provide a sensitive and effective debt recovery service.

We provide this at a low cost, and we recover all debts as fast as possible.

This helps minimise unnecessary worry and stress for funeral directors…

…leaving them free to concentrate on providing the vital services they deliver.

A professional debt collection agency such as Frontline Collections will deal with your debts in a courteous, firm but fair manner.

This will allow you to focus on the ongoing responsibilities of your day-to-day operations.

Speak to us today for a free pre-action assessment of any unpaid funeral fees you have.

Collection Of Unpaid Funeral Fees | Get Expert Help From A Professional Private Debt Collection Agency Now

Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today