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Debt Collectors for Previous Tenant - Recover Outstanding Rent

Debt Collectors for Previous Tenant

Last modified: November 23, 2023

Debt Collectors for Previous Tenant

Landlords in the UK often find themselves in a position where they are owed money from a previous tenant. For example, one landlord may rent out a property to someone, who eventually will leave. At the end of their tenancy, they may have some outstanding fees that need paying.

Some examples of this include outstanding rent payments or maintenance charges to the property that they are obliged to pay for. Regardless of the case, if there is money owed, then it must be recovered as soon as possible.

Like any other business, private landlords rely on a stable cash flow to make a profit and fulfil their financial obligations. If a tenant does not pay, this can cause a great number of problems in a short amount of time.

In most cases, the previous occupant is no longer at the address and has provided no forwarding address. If this is the case, then a specialist trace service is required in order to find the debtor.

Luckily, most professional debt collection agencies can provide this solution, along with the means to enforce the recovery of a debt. There are different times of tenants, from Private tenants owing monies to student rent arrears. None are exempt from paying what they owe.

Frontline Collections is one such agency and has helped thousands of individuals and small businesses recover owed money since 2005. In this article, we explain the benefits of hiring debt collectors for previous tenants.

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The Issues Landlords Face

Ultimately, landlords are the same as every other business in the UK. They provide a high-quality service for their customers and must be flexible to succeed. A landlord’s properties are his main source of income. They must ensure that everything is as it should be in order to meet legal tenancy requirements.

Property ownership and management can be very profitable business. However, it does come with its fair share of costs and expenses. For example, a tenant that lives at the address notifies the landlord that their washing machine has broken. In this case, it is up to the property owner to pay for a repair or replacement.

Or, when a tenant leaves a property, the landlord must pay the cost of any general maintenance that needs resolving. This is as well as listing it on property websites and estate agents in order to find a new tenant.

In some cases, a tenant may leave the property in a poor state of repair once they leave. Whilst it is common for landlords to require deposits to provide security, the cost of repairs may be greater than this.

Unfortunately, many landlords have to face the necessity of evicting a tenant from their property. This may be due to a breach of the tenancy agreement, or because of a lack of payment. Either way, the act of evicting a tenant will be costly, both in terms of time and money.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the individual case, there are many situations where a landlord is owed money. If the tenant refuses to pay, then the services of an enforcement agent must be used.

Debt Collectors for Previous Tenant Frontline Collections

Debt Collectors for Previous Tenant – Hiring a Professional

When a property owner is owed money by a previous tenant, it is better to hire a professional. This is as opposed to trying to take on the task of tracing the debtor and recovering the money alone. This can often take too long and is usually unsuccessful.

Many debtors believe that they will be safe from any consequences of their actions if they abscond. They often view the worst that could happen as a negative impact on their credit rating.

It is common for ex-tenants to leave without providing a forwarding address. It is also common that a tenant no longer lives at the address indicated. Proof of identification, such as something like a council tax bill or a credit card invoice is good to have. A skilled tracing agent may be able to locate them.

Previous Tenant has disappeared

If the previous tenant has absconded, you may not be able to contact them at all. If this is the case, the communications you send will probably be marked as return to sender.

If you do know the debtor’s whereabouts, then you can send them payment reminders or a letter before action. However, most debtors are determined not to pay, and will most likely never open the letters. This leaves property owners will few options, but luckily, there are solutions available no matter the circumstances.

Instead, a professional debt collector can perform the act of enforcing the debt on your behalf. This will save you a lot of unnecessary expense and time. It will also provide an effective and low cost solution.

Many options exist for the topic of debt collection. For example, debt collection solicitors, speaking with a debt agency, or at the very least, talking to the citizens advice bureau.

Taking legal action against previous tenant

The option of taking legal action against a debtor has previously been a common course of action. It is viewed by most as an expensive alternative to using debt collectors for previous tenants. As well as costly legal fees, there is no guaranteed outcome at its conclusion.

During this time, property owners must pay legal expenses and other costs, until the a judgement has been awarded by a County Court. Even when a CCJ is awarded, there is then the issue of enforcing by way of CCJ Debt Collection which can be problematic in itself.

Whilst various choices exist, the most beneficial, effective and low cost solution is to instruct a professional debt collection agency. This applies to the whole of the Uk. Whether it is Debt Collection in Nottingham to unpaid rent arrears in Newport.

Solution for Debt Collection against Previous tenant

Frontline Collections is one such agency that is well versed in the dealings of previous tenants owing money. Since 2005 we have helped thousands of businesses and private individuals recover what they are owed.

As well as tracing absconded debtors, we can enforce the recovery of owed debt. Our debt collection experts are regarded as the UK’s leading private collection agents and provide a fully comprehensive service.

We are regulated by the Credit Services Association (CSA), meaning we provide a fully regulated service. We have also won awards such as the “Gold Preferred Supplier” title from the Independent Schools Association (ISA).

Speak to one of our friendly debt collection experts today for a free, no obligation, pre-action assessment. If there is little no zero chance of recovery, we will advise you accordingly.

Debt Collectors for Previous Tenant | Get Expert Help From A Professional Private Debt Collection Agency Now

Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today