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Debt Recovery Wales – Take action to collect what you’re owed

Last modified: January 29, 2024

I Need Debt Recovery Wales, What Should I Do?

Are you owed money by someone and need debt recovery services in Wales? Do you have a Welsh customer that has not paid? If so, it should help you to know that you are not alone.

Due to the large Welsh population of over three million people, theoretically, the chance of this happening is relatively high.

As well as this, small businesses account for more than 99% of the business population within the country. This implies that small businesses are likely to experience financial issues the most.

The non-payment of fees in Wales results in affected cash flow, in turn, damaging yours or your business’s financial structure.

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When Do You Need Debt Collection Wales?

Clearly, small businesses and individuals in Wales alike face the same challenges with people not paying.

It can be challenging to spot the warning signs of someone who is not going to pay, resulting in the below scenarios.

Examples of why debt recovery Wales may be needed:

  • A customer has not paid for goods or services you have provided.
  • Invoice payment dates have been missed and the debtor is ignoring you.
  • You have loaned money to a friend or family member who has failed to repay this.
  • An ex-partner owes you money and is refusing to pay this back.
  • A previous tenant has rent arrears that are still to be paid.
  • You have been underpaid by an employer.

Business News Wales reported that over half of SMEs (55%) would do business again with a late-paying customer.

This is a concerning reality, highlighting the need for small businesses to continue to make money as a way of surviving. A solution is required to allow businesses to continue working.

Welsh Debt Collection Excuses

Knowing the common debt collection excuses is a good way of recognising the warning signs of someone who may fail to pay.

It was revealed that 59% of SMEs are seeing more and more excuses from customers than ever before. Simply, if you have provided a service or loaned money to someone, you deserve to be paid.

Some of the most common excuses include:

  • “Our accounts department are out of the office so payment cannot be made”.
  • “We are still waiting on you to send the invoice across”.
  • “I do not have the money to pay this at the minute, you will have to wait”.
  • “We are in the process of changing banks and therefore cannot pay at the moment”.

If you are unpaid in Wales, you may have heard every excuse under the sun as to why payment is withheld.

Delinquent debtors will do this as a way to prolong the payment, whilst some will simply ignore you and refuse to pay.

How to Get Unpaid Fees Paid – Debt Recovery Wales

Outstanding debts commonly present a high level of anxiety and stress for the person who is owed the money.

This is especially true for individuals who loan money to friends or relatives, where the transaction is built on trust.

You may end up doubting the, otherwise good, relationship with an existing customer that has failed to pay.

In any of these situations, we recommend that you stay calm and look at the many options available.

Sending a letter before action (LBA) to the debtor is an option that both individuals and businesses regularly use. This states that you intend to start court proceedings, should the money not be paid.

Doing this will take up time that could be used elsewhere, such as carrying out beneficial tasks that grow your business.

Debt collection agencies create the most effective LBAs, which will help you achieve the above.

To receive the fastest, most reliable way to get your money recovered, you need to use a debt collection agency.

Debt Recovery Wales - Take action to collect what you're owed Frontline Collections

Who is the Best Debt Collection Agency in Wales?

If you have not been paid in Wales, you need a trusted debt collection agency to recover this.

Frontline Collections have provided private individual and b2b debt recovery since 2005.

We operate on a fixed-fee basis, resulting in an affordable solution to a costly situation.

Unlike other Welsh debt collectors, we do not use high court enforcement officers as a first resort or operate a “no win, no fee” policy that is a disguise for hidden fees.

Our debt collection services are methodical and professional, resulting in no damage to existing relationships.

If you find yourself asking ‘I have not been paid in Wales, what should I do’, or ‘A welsh customer owes me money, what next?’, a professional debt recovery action is needed.

I Need Debt Recovery Wales, What Should I Do? Get Expert Help From A Professional Private Debt Collection Agency Now

Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today


Debt Recovery Wales – Frequently Asked Questions

I need debt recovery in wales, what should I do?

When money is owed to you or your business, this can form a stressful situation. You must stay calm and contact an expert debt collector such as Frontline Collections.

Can wales debt collection be used by businesses as well as individuals?

Yes! Frontline Collections specialise in the private debt collection for small businesses and individuals. Other agencies specialise in commercial debt recovery for larger businesses.

A family member owes me money, will debt recovery hurt our relationship?

Our specialist debt collectors provide a professional and pragmatic service, ensuring the relationship between you and your debtor is not jeopardised.

How much does it cost for debt recovery Wales?

Although the cost of debt recovery is determined by the individual case, our services keep costs to a minimum. We achieve this by operating with industry-low commission rates.

Is Welsh debt collection successful?

There are many debt collection agencies in Wales, each with different results. Frontline Collections lead the way, providing success rates on average of 90% and above.

Is it just Wales you cover or the whole of the UK?

We can collect debt across Wales, from North Wales to South Wales and provide Debt Collection in Wrexham as well as Debt Collection in Cardiff. We also cover the whole of the UK too from Glasgow to Debt Collection in London.