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Frontline feature in ‘The Times’ Business Owner essentials

Last modified: November 23, 2023

Frontline Collections made the National Media news again on Saturday. In a positive piece, Frontline were cited as an essential for a Business Owners checklist feature. The prime located article was in the Business section and gave readers of The Times Newspaper an insight into the services we provide.

The article was complete with Company images of our different teams in action. Firstly was an image of a Frontline internal Collections team member. This was supported by an image of a pair of our External Debt Collection officers attending a property.

The Times Newspaper is one of the best News mediums in the UK. Based in London, the Times began way back in 1785. In 2019, the Times averaged a daily circulation of over 400,000 people in the UK.

It has been a busy past 12 months for Frontline Collections in terms of media coverage. Our growing reputation has previously seen us featured in News publications such as the Daily Mail, The Telegraph and The Mirror.

Our new partnership with the Independent Schools Association attracted a lot of media interest last October in 2020. Many news platforms reported on the new partnership, highlighting the problem of Private Schools dealing with Unpaid School Fees.

In terms of online news sources, Frontline Collections have also received notable mentions We have been cited as the UK’s leading Debt Collection Agency by websites such as Business matters and other prominent Business News sites.

Our focus has always been to deliver the best debt collection service possible. However, it is always taken a huge compliment to see that our efforts are being recognised. We have developed a fine reputation for Professional Debt Collection over the past 15 years. This reputation is further enhanced by this latest glowing piece in one of the UK’s top newspapers.

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