How to collect a Debt from an Individual in the UK

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Collect a debt from an individual

If you are owed money by somebody then you will be wondering how to collect a debt from an individual in the UK. It is a common misconception that a Debt Collection Agencies will only act on behalf of large scale Finance institutions or Utility companies.

The reality is that a Private Debt Collection Agency will be able to assist any individual or Small Business with the collection of an unpaid Personal Debt under whatever guise that may be. As long as the debt is legally valid and enforceable then a Professional Debt Collection Agency can help collect monies owing from an individual.

There are many instances where a debt can arise and it can be owing from either friends, family or associates. Some of the most common usage of Private and Personal Debt Collection services tend to be one or some of the following:

  • Monies loaned to a Personal Friend or Family Member
  • A Personal loan giving to a small start up business
  • Monies not received from the sale of an item (Motor vehicles, Large electrical items etc)
  • Unpaid Rent for Landlords
  • Wages owed for services rendered
  • Refunded monies overdue
  • Monetary deposit not returned
  • Bounced cheque or Unpaid Promissory note

There is hardly anything more perplexing in life then when somebody fails to meet their financial obligations to you. No doubt you will have acted in good faith and to be left out of pocket when you have merely sought to help somebody leaves a very bitter taste. But it provides some comfort to know that a Professional Debt Collection Agency can be there to assist you. They can collect the debt that is owed to you where possible.

It is fact of life that some people just do not like to pay what they owe regardless of the loss of friendships or reputation. In the modern day, we live in a world to Rich People live as if they are broke and less fortunate people live as if they are rich. It is a contradiction of lifestyle but if you are reading this then you will well understand the frustration of somebody taking advantage of your kindness to their own advantage. This can even be sometimes a so-called friend that owes you money.

A sign of integrity is paying what you owe somebody. When you have to taken positive action to collect what is owed from an individual then you are going the right way about settling the matter. A positive course of action is to use a Professional firm of Debt Collectors. The word ‘Professional’ is key to the success of this exercise.

Some procrastinate over taking debt recovery action to collect what is owed to them for fear of them losing control of the situation. By using a Professional Debt Collection Agency that is appropriately licensed and accredited, you will be sure that all dealings are deal with in a ethical, non aggressive manner whilst getting the job done.

As stated, if you are reading this then it is likely you are seeking to collect a debt from an individual in the UK, so here are some simple tips to try and find a resolution yourself before you engage a Professional Debt Collection solution:

  1. Reach out the the person who owes you the money, requesting a simple chat. Communication and dialogue solves the majority of problems and it will provide you with an understanding of the situation.
  2. Politely remind them of their obligations to you. A simple text can do the trick. They may have simply forgotten.
  3. Be direct. Tell them they need to pay you what is owed in a courteous manner. Evasive responses of “I’ll pay you in a few weeks” are not really good enough. Nail them down to a fixed date and payment amount.
  4. NEVER just write it off unless it is a very small amount. Somebody that simply has no intention of paying you is effectively stealing from you, this is not acceptable in the UK or anywhere else in the World. Indeed, in some International Countries you can be jailed for Debt evasion.

As an addendum to the above, it is worth pointing out that you should never lose your temper. We all know how frustrating it is to be owed money but losing your temper or becoming aggressive with turn the situation sour and you could stand to never see your money paid back at all.

It may help to know that if you are seeking to collect a debt from an individual in the UK, you are not alone. Frontline Collections receives thousands of enquiries every year from people just like you. Whether it is Personal Debt Collection of monies owed from a friend or an invoice that has not been paid to a self employed tradesman. Be sure that it is a common situation that many people find themselves in.

As Personal Debt Collection Agency specialists, we understand these frustration totally. This is exactly why we provide a Free appraisal of your situation with a frank and honest assessment. It is always better to have documentation to support your debt claim however this is not always necessary depending on the situation. Civil law in the UK is based upon the balance of probabilities so for instance, if you have a cash transaction showing on your bank account of a transfer to somebody’s bank account, then it would back up a claim of a personal loan. If you have an invoice that has not been paid then it is essential to have copies of correspondence and the invoice itself.

If you are wondering how to collect a debt from an individual in the UK then it is always worth seeking Professional advice. Such is the same scenario if you are looking to collect a debt from a company, seek professional guidance. Here at Frontline Collections, we can advise you of the merit for your claim and present the options available to you to recover it. We do not provide false hope nor make false promises that a debt can be collected when it cannot. In the past 15 years we have learned a thing or two about Personal Debt Collection and that experience is there to assist you to the best of our ability.

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