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Last modified: July 21, 2021

Instructing International Debt Collectors

How To Recover Money From Someone in Another Country 

It is becoming more common for small businesses and private individuals across the UK to use international debt collectors.

This is due to the ease with which people can perform transactions overseas.

Other factors such as an increase in migration in Europe and across the globe add to this need.

If someone in another country owes you money, the situation can be stressful and frustrating.

The prospect of recovering a debt from another country can seem like an overwhelming and expensive task if you need to do this alone.

With this in mind, the services of international debt collectors are very valuable and sought after.

In this article, our team of experts explain the benefits of instructing international debt collectors.

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Instructing International Debt Collectors Vs Other Methods

If someone in another country owes you money, you may be tempted to attempt to recover the amount alone.

Whilst this can be an option, it can be costly in both time and money if you are unfamiliar with that country’s unique debt collection laws.

Other obstacles such as the language barrier may factor into this, as well as making sure that you are calling at the appropriate time of day.

Collecting a debt by yourself from someone in another country can be a very stressful and expensive task.

If you are a small business, freelancer or someone who is self-employed, this may not be an option at all.

Finding the time to dedicate to recovering an international debt is often impossible.

As such, people leave many debts idle or abandon them entirely.

This should never happen, as there is always a way to recover a debt.

Another option is to hire the services of a debt collection solicitor.

This can sometimes be effective, but it does come at a very high expense.

Solicitors are expensive, with some charging £200 per hour for the cases which they work on.

Others need large retainers up-front that they price based on the value of the debt.

This can also be a very lengthy process, with cases taking months or even years to resolve.

Instructing international debt collectors is the best option in any circumstance.

They will have the expertise and capability to be able to quickly recover the money from anywhere in the world at a low cost.

Frontline Collections, for instance, has a global network of trusted international debt collectors.

Each one is an expert in their own nation’s laws surrounding the recovery of debt.

What to Look For From International Debt Collectors

Like many other service-based businesses, success depends on the quality and integrity of the company.

For international debt collectors, their knowledge of overseas debt should be taken into account…

…as should their network of partnerships.

Many agencies claim to offer some kind of international debt recovery service.

When searching for international debt collectors…

…you should spend time looking into whether a company can indeed back up what they offer with an effective solution.

You should ask questions such as; “Will they have an accredited network of professional debt recovery agents in every country?”

“Do they have multilingual speakers?”

Often, this will not be true.

If you have a debt which is worth £20,000, you need to make sure that you are using the best international debt collectors for the task.

Choosing a disreputable or incapable agency will only increase your frustration.

It is also likely that you will waste precious time and money, and result in you writing off the debt.

You can avoid this by doing some quick checks and by using a wise decision-making process.

International Debt Collectors Frontline Collections

The Benefits of International Debt Collectors

It is a fact that it has never been easier to move around and travel the world.

As well as this, dealing with people in other countries for business is also significantly easier.

Millions of global transactions take place every day.

Whilst this is true, it is still difficult to collect a debt from overseas if you are acting alone.

The necessity for professional international debt collectors is stronger than ever.

Frontline Collection is one such agency.

We provide the UK’s leading international debt collection solution.

This service is fully comprehensive and works on a low, fixed-fee basis with no hidden costs.

We are regulated by the Credit Services Association (CSA), as well as being members of the UK Debt Collection Bureau.

As well as this, we have an industry-leading average debt recovery rate of 90% on all undisputed debts.

We provide a free pre-action assessment of your debt, which gives you a clear idea of how likely it is that we can recover your money.

With help from professional international debt collectors like Frontline Collections, you will be able to recover your money owed from someone overseas quickly and at a low cost.

Since 2005, our expert team of international debt collectors have recovered millions of pounds worth of debt.

Before this, the only cost-effective option open to businesses and private individuals was to write the debt off.

From Canada to China, from Germany to Ghana…

…our expert global network of accredited debt collection partners ensure that we recover your debt.

No retainers, no false promises and no nonsense.

By speaking to one of our friendly international debt collectors, you will get free advice on recovering your money.

If we believe there is a real possibility it can be recovered, we can take instruction from you.

We will then take the first steps to get your money back in your account.

For the best results, you need the best International Debt Collectors.

Frontline Collections are the experts. Call us now on 0333 043 4425 and start recovering your international debts.

International Debt Collectors | Get Expert Help From Professional Debt Collectors Now

Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today


International Debt Collectors – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to use your services?

We operate the Lowest Commission rates from only 8% for Personal Debts. We provide a Free Legal assessment to ensure the debt is legally valid and collectable. Each debt is taken on its own merit. Our service is also Low Fixed Fee.

Does your Debt Collection Agency collect Private Debts?

Yes, we are the leading solution for collecting Debts owed by individuals. As the No1 for Private Debt Collection in the UK, we have helped thousands of People and Businesses collect what is owed to them.

Does your Debt Collection Agency help individuals as well as Businesses?

We have helped thousands of Individuals recover what is owed to them. From Personal loans given to unpaid invoices for services provided, we can help

Does your Debt Collection service have A Minimum Debt Value that you will Collect?

We can usually deal with Legally valid debts from £250+ but sometimes help with smaller ones depending on the circumstances and volume.

Where are Frontline Collections based and do you offer Nationwide Debt Collection services?

Our Head office is located in Manchester and we have Collection offices Nationwide. Manchester, London, Scotland & Lancashire as well as a Nationwide Network of Collection Agents. We provide a truly Local and Nationwide Debt Collection service.