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Recently, there has been a greater requirement for International Debt Collectors with increased migration across the European Union and indeed, across the globe. Collecting Debt from a foreign country need not be a very stressful and hugely expensive task with our direct overseas private debt collection network.

Whilst it is easier than ever the travel the world, it still remains a tricky objective to collect overseas debts there is a strong necessity for professional overseas debt collectors for non payers, using our trusted network our National Debt Collection Agents with a successful working knowledge of the local jurisdiction in which the debtor is situated.

There are unproven methods of collection and the ‘lawyer’ route is very expensive with many requiring large retainers up front based upon the value of the debt. Our accredited International Debt Collectors network works on a low fixed fee basis with no hidden extras.

As with most things in life, the success of using International Debt Collectors depends on the quality and integrity of the company coupled with their overseas knowledge and network of partnerships.

A great example of such is; let us create a fictional Debt Collection Agency entity such as Sea Shark Collections. Now Sea Shark Collections may claim to be able to offer some kind of overseas debt recovery service but can they genuinely actually offer such services with effect.

Will they have a accredited network of fully vetted and professional foreign recovery agents in every major country across the globe? Do they have multi lingual speakers? Probably not is the likely prospect.

By placing your £20,000 debt in their hands, what are you likely to achieve. The answer is very little apart from maybe a scenario that will increase frustration, unnecessary additional costs and will probably see you write off the debt.

This can be easily avoided by doing some basic checks and using a wise decision making process. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing properly.

The International Debt Collection services of Frontline Collections are guaranteed to maximise the potential of recovering your overseas debt with minimum cost to yourselves. We will provide a free pre-action appraisal of your case and give you a honest and professional opinion.

Our dedicated Overseas team have recovered millions of pounds over the past few years in overseas debts where the only cost effective option was to write them off! We have maximised the cash collections for thousands of individuals and businesses by delivering our leading cross jurisdiction expert recovery service.

From Belgium to the Bangladesh, from Germany to Ghana, our expert global network of accredited Debt Collection partners and agents will ensure we maximise the chances of recovering your debt. No retainers, no false promises and no nonsense.

Speak to one of our friendly New Business Team today, we will give you free advice on how we can help. advise on the realistic possibilities of recovering your money and if we believe there is a realistic possibility it can be recovered, we can take instruction from you and take the first steps to getting your money back in your account. Of course, you could always give a ‘Sea Shark Collections’ type Debt Collection Company a call but then again……..

For the best results, you need the best International Debt Collectors..….. Frontline Collections are the experts. Call us now on 0333 043 4425 and start recovering your international debts.