Debt Collection Agency for individuals

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debt collection agency for individuals

The use of a Debt Collection Agency for Individuals in on the rise in the UK. The rising tide of legal fees and protracted process time are giving way to more expedient options. Once upon a time the awful lawful recourse to collect a debt was using a solicitor. In 2020, there are new ways to collect a legitimate debt that is owed to you.

Many people make the error of thinking that Debt Collection Agencies are just for Businesses. Frontline Collections are a Debt Collection Agency for individuals as well as businesses. Private Debts can sprout from many varying scenarios. We help thousands of businesses and individuals recover debt owed to them.

Typical situations where an individual could utilise a Debt Collection Agency can be as follows:

  • Unpaid personal Loan – Ideally this would be documented or have some supporting evidence.
  • Not been paid for work – Maybe you are self employed and not been paid for services provided.
  • Item or goods not paid for – There are situations when an agreed fee has not been paid for an item such as a car.
  • Wages not been paid – A company has not paid you
  • Private Rent Arrears – Your tenant has not paid you the due rental monies

Most Debt Collection Agencies are not able to help individuals. Many cater for specialised markets only. These can include just Business debts. Or maybe just utilities and credit based debts.

At Frontline Collections, we can help most individuals who are owed money. There has to be a legitimate debt with sufficient proof to support the claim of course. If you are an individual that is owed money, it can be a frustrating situation.

Much is made of the adverse effect on mental health that being in debt can cause. But what about the mental health of the individuals that are owed money? Being owed money is a perplexing scenario. There is little regard for the individuals in the UK and the millions that are owed to them.

We serve to empower those individuals that are owed money. From Self Employed Tradesman to good hearted people that have ‘lent’ money to friends or relatives. Our Low Fixed Fee service is structured to maximise the prospect of collecting what is due to individuals across the UK. We can even work on International debts where possible.

If you are an individual that is owed money then you do have options. Choosing the right option for you will determine the outcome. To instruct a Professional company like us you will need to have proof of the alleged debt. Simple hearsay is not sufficient proof and does not warrant our involvement.

Proof of Debt

The best proof of debt is some form of signed agreement to support the claim. This is not always the case but there are other evidence indicators. These can vary from copies of email dialogue to bank transfers on your statement. If work was performed then a signed timesheet. Anything that supports your claim that you are owed money will help.

We know that every situation is different. This is why we provide a Free Case evaluation for those individuals in this kind of situation. We also look at the ability to pay of the debtor in question. As much as we want to right the wrong in these situations, it has to be done in a cost effective manner.


If you have searched Debt Collection Agency for individuals then you are likely to be owed money. If your debt is genuine and you need help, we are the UK’s Top Debt Collection Experts. Contact us today for your Free Case evaluation. Since 2005 we have helped people just like you.

There are some simple tips here for the collection of a Personal debt. These can help you do the basics without the need for help but you may have already acted. Using Debt Collectors in London or anywhere in the UK can help you get paid quickly.