Debt Collection service for Insurance brokers

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Insurance Debt Collection specialists

The United Kingdom has one of the biggest Insurance markets in Europe and within the UK there are thousands of Insurance Brokers. Frontline Collections represents many Brokers across the UK delivering a expert Debt Collection service for Insurance Brokers that is unrivalled in terms of its success.

Insurance Brokers are usually associated with general insurance which normally includes insurances such as car, house etc rather than life insurance. The sale of general insurance is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and has been since April 2013.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that Comparison websites are the way forward however this is usually not the case as anybody who has done their homework will tell you.

General Insurance brokering services are offered by many types of organisations these days from the traditional type of high street broker through to many web based brokering companies.

Having spent many years working on behalf of some of the UK’s leading insurance brokers, we understand the industry. We fully understand the negative impact and issues caused by unpaid bad debts and that is why we provide an inclusive debt collection service that is not driven by fee earning or hidden costs.

Some of the key types of sectors and scenarios that we deal with include:

– Insurance Brokers
– Insurance companies
– Third parties that have not been paid for insurance work
– Individuals that have not been paid by insurance companies
– Motor Insurance companies
– Money owed from an Insurance broker

A debt collection service for insurance brokers guarantees that the maximise amount of money is recovered on your behalf. Insurance industry expertise is a must and knowledge of the typical ‘reasons not to pay’ is a must.

So of you or your business have an insurance related debt owing to you of any kind, get FREE advice today on your problem and let the experts help. Contact our New Business team directly on 0333 043 4425