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Using a Debt Collector Agent | Debt Collector Agency

Last modified: January 31, 2024

Using a Debt Collector Agent | Debt Collector Agency Frontline Collections

There comes a time when everybody needs the service of a Debt Collector Agent or Debt Collector Agency. More often than not, the term Debt Collector or Debt Collection Agency is more commonly used for such roles. The need for a Debt Collector Agent can arise from a whole series of events. It can be monies owing for a personal loan or maybe it could be a business that has not been paid by a customer.

Whatever has preceded the matters, the need for a debt collector agency is a very real one for many people.

When to use a Debt Collector Agency or Debt Collector Agent?

If phone calls, letters and emails have been ignored, then it is time to take action. Your gut instinct will tell you if you believe somebody is not going to pay what they owe you. This can be a friend, family member or a customer. Evasive and distant type behaviour will suggest to you that they are not going to pay what they owe.

A positive action to take before employing a debt collector agency is to send a letter before action. This can show the person (that owes you money), that you are serious about getting it back. It is suggested that you send the letter before action recorded delivery or suchlike. That way you know it has been delivered and most likely read.

If this communication is ignored and a response not given, it is probably time to speak to a professional for help. A Professional debt collection expert can help advise you on the possible options available.

Types of Debt Collector Agency

Debt Collector Agencies fall into three primary categories. A Debt Collector Agency can sometimes specialise in particular types of debt collector agent activity. Commercial Debt Collection or Business Debt Collection is one example. Personal Debt Collection is another and then there is International Debt Collectors.

Business debt collection is where the debt collector agent deals with B2B debt collector type activity only. Personal debt collectors will usually deal with debt owed by an individual. This is also known as consumer debt collection or private debt collection.

International Debt Collector Agencies will only deal with debt collector activity from foreign individuals that owe money. This can be either for personal debt or mainly business debts that are unpaid.

Debt Collector Agency or Legal action?

A Professional Debt Collector Agency such as Frontline Collections work on a fixed fee basis. A small instruction fee is payable and a commission from recovered monies. The instruction fee is often recovered from the debtor minimising the cost to the creditor that is owed the money. It is the preferred method of debt collector agency solutions for many seeking to collect money they are owed.

Legal action can be very expensive and is never usually a swift procedure. It can take months to obtain a county court judgment and then, the is the question of collecting the unpaid ccj. This could end up with you having to use a debt collector agent to collect the ccj anyway. It can be quicker simply to go to a debt collection agency to start of with. More economical and expedient.

How effective is a debt collector?

Using the right Debt Collector for your unpaid debt is essential. As with any type of service, you get what you pay for. To get the best chance of recovering the debt, the best debt collectors should be used. Ones with a long proven track record of debt collector agency excellence.

If you are asking yourself, Somebody owes me money – what can I do? Then you may just have found the best solution for your problem.

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