If your tenant breaches the terms of your lease then you the right to forfeit the lease i.e. terminate the lease therein If the breach is non payment of rent and the premises are used for business purposes then forfeiture can be effected by re-entering the premises and simply changing the locks and this is a fixed cost service we can offer via our Agents.

Forfeiture (Commercial Lease)

The final sanction for a landlord faced with a leaseholder in breach of his lease due to the failure to pay is to forfeit the lease and to peacefully repossess the property.

Our Agents undertake peaceful repossession of commercial property, terminating the lease and handing control back to the landlord. Our Agents will ensure that the lease is forfeited by peaceful entry of the premises, changing the locks and correct display of the notices of forfeiture.

  • Peaceful Re-entry
  • No Court Order Required
  • Fixed Fee plus disbursements

Our service involves making an inventory of all valuable goods, with photographic evidence where appropriate. Our Agents act promptly and efficiently, assigning professional locksmiths to supply replacement locks to secure the premises.

Cost Vary

Generally fees are around £450.00 plus V.A.T. for executing the Forfeiture, plus Locksmiths charges incurred in the execution of the Forfeiture and any additional expenses which are incurred in carrying out your instructions.

To use our services simply contact our New Business Team on 0333 043 4425 for further information.