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I Haven't Been paid

Not Been Paid – What Should I Do?

Last modified: November 28, 2023

Not Been Paid! – What Should I Do? | Expert Help

If you have loaned money to someone, it is only right that this is repaid to you in a timely manner. Not been paid is a very perplexing situation. After all, when money is lent to someone, this is done so in good faith and with pure intentions.

Similarly, if you own a small business or are self-employed, you are entitled to be paid for services you provide. It is a fact of life that no one wants to ever encounter financial difficulties, whether personal or works related.

There are a number of different types of people that could owe you money, such as friends, relatives, tenants, customers etc.

If you have trouble with someone who is failing to uphold their payment obligations, you are not alone. Millions of individuals across the UK will experience issues related to money at least once in their lifetime.

If you leave your job, you should check if your employer has paid you the full amount in your final pay. You may have deductions from your wages, or you may have unpaid holiday pay, sick pay, maternity pay etc.

You should check your contract or talk to your employer to see what your legal entitlement is. There is no excuse for not been paid whatever the situation.

Due to the nature of money transactions between individuals, this is known to have little or no security. For example, most people have access to mobile banking apps, meaning money can be transferred in an instant and without thought.

In most cases, you would not have your friend or relative sign a contract to borrow money from you either. If your debtor decides to not pay the money back, you may have nothing to fall back on. This may leave you feeling helpless, with no clear indication of where to turn to rectify the problem.

Instructing a private debt collection agency to recover the money you’re owed is the most beneficial option for anyone. Not been paid is a situation nobody should have to face in the current climate.

Not Been Paid, What Should I Do? | Get Expert Help From A Professional Private Debt Collection Agency Now

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Using a Debt Collection Agency if you not been Paid

This way of recovering owed money has quickly become the most popular in recent years.

Professional debt collectors have experience in local, national and international recovery. This expertise results in a truly worldwide debt collection solution.

There are hundreds of agencies in the UK, and knowing which one to choose can be a challenge on its own.

Most of these will operate in a compliant manner, however, some extend the bounds of what makes a good agency.

What makes a bad debt collection agency?

Just like in every industry, there are agencies that only operate to earn money, rather than looking after their clients.

Some of the most common traits to look for in a bad debt collection agency are:

  • “No Win, No Fee” promises.
  • Drip-pricing or abortive fees (being charged even if the recovery is unsuccessful).
  • A lack of client testimonials or less than average Trustpilot ratings.
  • No accreditation (Credit Services Association, for example).

Being caught out by one of these ‘cowboy’ agencies will put you in a difficult position, costing lots of money.

Not Been Paid - What Should I Do? Frontline Collections

Frontline Collections – The UK’s Leading Private Debt Collectors

Frontline Collections have a long history of helping individuals like you, producing a success rate of 90% and above on average. Not been paid is a statement we hear all too often.

Since 2005, we have successfully recovered large amounts of debt for self-employed workers, small business owners and private individuals.

No relationships are jeopardised during the recovery process, meaning you are left with the utmost peace of mind.

Whether you are owed money by a friend, an employer or a customer – the solution is Frontline Collections.

I Haven’t Been Paid, What Should I Do? | Get Expert Help From A Professional Private Debt Collection Agency Now

Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today


Not Been Paid! – Frequently Asked Questions

If I have loaned money to a family member, can I get this back?

Whilst this scenario can be particularly sensitive, the money loaned can still be recovered. The debt recovery tactics we use ensure all existing relationships are not damaged.

A customer has not paid, what should I do?

The most effective way to recover money owed from a customer is to use a debt collection agency like Frontline Collections.

How much will it cost to use a debt collection agency?

Debt collection is perceived to be an expensive task to complete, especially if the wrong agency is chosen. At Frontline Collections, we provide a low-cost service with commission rates of as little as 8%.

If I not been paid, how long will it take to recover the money?

The time it takes to recover a debt is based on the individual case, so is impossible to give a timescale. However, we recover money for our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Are Frontline Collections accredited by any organisations?

Yes, our expertise and high calibre service have been recognised by the Credit Services Association (CSA).