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Recovering Private Medical Fees

Recovering Private Medical Fees

Last modified: November 28, 2023

Recovering Private Medical Fees | An Expert Guide

The vast majority of people in the UK qualify for free medical care. There are still instances where an individual will use private medical services for consultations and treatment.

Patients need help recovering from all manner of personal injuries. Present and future treatment are required in many cases. The cost of private medical services needs to be considered.

The private medical industry may be singularly unique in what it offers. However, there is still support for those in need of help recovering owed monies for unpaid private medical fees.

Here are just a few of the things that can incur charges:

  • A shortfall from the insurance cover the patient had for private treatment provided
  • Insurance exclusions for a particular treatment in addition to the patient’s policy excess
  • Private medical treatment and procedures
  • Non-payment of consultancy fees
  • Medical costs
  • Private dental fees

Recovering Private Medical Fees | Get Expert Help From A Professional Private Debt Collection Agency Now

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Professional debt collection services

Once enforcement of the debt has begun an appropriate letter is sent to giving notice that legal action is being considered.

A professional debt collection agency with a specialism in the private health industry can act as credit control.

Take private consultants for example. Quite often they may see private patients on an “as and when” basis, but they expect to be paid. Often, the patient chooses what they want to hear, and they may feel that they should not have to pay.

If you have a non-paying patient it is important to recover the cost of treatment as soon as possible.


There was once a time where professional debt collection had a certain stigma attached to it. Many people perceived the industry as heavy-handed and an absolute last resort.

Times have moved on a great deal and an accredited professional debt collection agency is a modern and professional service.

The majority of accredited private debt collection firms offer ethical services that take the feelings of both parties into consideration. This is particularly important, as some patients can sometimes be considered vulnerable and need to be treated very carefully.

It is in everyone’s interests for issues to be resolved amicably and this is always a collection agent’s priority.

Point of Contact

Another role played by a collection agency during the recovery process is mediation between the debtor and the client. They act as a point of contact between both parties and calm the situation whilst sorting it out.

This can include negotiations and the agreement/enforcement of agreed payment arrangements.

Throughout all collection instructions, everybody is kept updated and informed of any significant activity relating to the payment of the debt.

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A specialist collection agency in a sensitive sphere like the private healthcare industry will have all the necessary compassion and understanding.

They know that the last thing people need when leaving the hospital is to be chased for payment. However, they also know that they’ve usually agreed to pay for their treatment, so should be aware of it.

A skilful collections agent will be able to determine the exact nature of the reason for failure to pay. They will take the necessary and most appropriate action, with the patient’s welfare foremost in their minds.

A good collections firm provides a successful resolution to the payment issue. It will also result in a debtor who is experiencing the minimum amount of stress and worry.

A sensitive and understanding manner is needed when recovering medical fees. Similar to that of recovering unpaid funeral costs or unpaid care home fees. We are mindful of the circumstances of the debt and gently negotiate a way forward on the matter.

Debt collection services for the healthcare industry are a quick and viable alternative to the lengthy routes of traditional debt recovery. It is one that absolutely should be considered by doctors and consultants owed money for services provided.


Are you a private healthcare practice, private consultant or provide medical healthcare service provider? If so, it is good to know there is a professional and specialised solution for you.

Recovering private medical fees is very much a daily occurrence for our specialist team.

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Recovering Private Medical Fees | Get Expert Help From A Professional Private Debt Collection Agency Now

Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today