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scottish debt collection

Scottish Debt Collection

Last modified: November 28, 2023

Scottish Debt Collection

The collection of monies owed to Scottish based individuals and businesses has gone through something of a polar shift over the past few years.

Many businesses are now choosing an alternative route to the very costly and time-consuming Legal route that used to be the only feasible recourse when dealing with unpaid debts before Scottish Debt Collection services.


Under the close watchful eye of the Debt Collection industry’s main trade association; ‘The Credit Services Association’, the levels of professionalism are higher than ever in most quarters and the level of accountability has increased tenfold.

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Whilst there are still rogue operations and dodgy ‘no win – no fee’ vendors, the majority of Debt Collection Agencies are largely compliant with the code of conduct as laid down by the CSA as well as directives issued by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Results Driven

The fees involved in utilising the services of a professional debt collection agency compare very well with the traditional litigation route. Usually, as they are heavily performance-related. Most reputable debt collection firms will work on a ‘No Collection – No Costs’ basis so they represent a much more efficient method of collecting owed monies.

Once the debt has been paid, a commission fee of usually around 10-30% will be deducted from collected monies with possibly a higher commission for very old or low-value debts.

Scottish Business and Commerce

Scotland is not just one of the most beautiful landscaped countries in the world, it has been voted ‘European Region of the Future’ twice in the past four years by the Financial Times Foreign Direct investment magazine. It also has more angel investments than any other country in Europe.

Scotland’s top five exports include Food and drink, Refined petroleum and Business Services with the USA being the top export destination.

Scottish Debt Collection service for you

It does not matter if are Self Employed and not been paid, an individual who’s owed a personal loan debt or a Small Business with overdue invoices. Our Highly Professional Debt Collection service in Scotland can help.

The word ‘Debt Collector’ still holds a stigma for some but that is not the case if you just apply some basic common sense.  Millions of pounds are recovered every month by Debt Collection firms across Scotland and indeed the UK.

In 2017, the Leading Debt Collection Agencies in the UK hold high levels of accreditation such as ISO:9001 and will always be members of the Credit Services Association. When choosing a Debt Collection firm to represent your interests, you need to source a top professional solution.

Typically the UK’s top choice for Business Debt Collection would be the Award-winning Federal Management who have Scottish based Collection offices in Oban, Argyll. The UK’s leading Private Debt Collection firm, Frontline Collections have Collection Offices located in Glasgow.

Using a Professional Scottish Debt Collection Agency can reap you or your Business many benefits. Not least of which an expedited route to collecting debts owed to you.

The Legal route can be expensive and drawn out. It also comes with no guarantee of success at the end. With a Scottish Debt Collection Agency, you will manage this risk entirely assuming you part with a professional, ethical company.

From Aberdeen to Gretna, we can collect debts across the lands of Scotland and have done. A Debt Collection Agency in Scotland can be a valuable solution to your unpaid Scottish Debts problem.


If you or your business is dealing with the problem of somebody who just does not want to pay what they owe you, speak to an expert Debt Collection professional today. A Professional Debt Collection Agency will always provide a free pre-action assessment of your situation along with realistic guidance on the prospect of your debt being recovered.

Scottish Debt Collection | Get Expert Help From A Professional Private Debt Collection Agency Now

Our friendly team of Debt Collection Experts is happy to help you today