Dealing with a customer that does not want to pay

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Customer not paid

If you are self employed or a Business owner, dealing with a customer that does not want to pay can be a challenging situation. Getting paid is vital to your cash flow and at some point every Business owner will encounter a customer that does not what to pay. Chasing customers for unpaid bills can be extremely time consuming, stressful and costly.

As any expert within the Debt Collection industry will tell you, the older the colder. Basically meaning, the longer a ‘debt’ remains unpaid, the harder it is to recover in most instances. Therefore, it is essential that you handle this in a professional manner that is most likely to recover most or all of the debt in the shortest time.

Every day we speak with angry and frustrated tradesman and small business owners who are dealing with late or non paying customers. Therefore we have compiled some helpful tips to help you handle customers ‘who do not pay’ and hopefully reach a positive outcome.

Get it in black and white – Unfortunately the days of ‘a man is as good as his word’ are long gone. There are some unscrupulous people out there who have no intention of paying you and will see your kindness as weakness. Back up everything you do with evidence of work and/or goods supplied.

Work with the customer – Although it is hard not to get frustrated with customers who are not paying you, you should continue to treat the customer like a customer. Be pleasant and understanding and work with them to reach an agreement.

Written communication – By sending your customer a letter regarding their unpaid debt you are clarifying that you are serious about getting paid, as well as ensuring you have written evidence.

Stay on top of debt – Do not write the debt off regardless of the amount. It is the principal. Stay on top of the situation and look in to different options you can use to recover your debt.

Speak to Frontline Collections – Frontline Collections is the UK’s leading Private Debt Collection Agency and help thousands of tradesmen and businesses every year recover unpaid invoices and outstanding accounts.

We will provide a free appraisal of your unpaid debt problem and advise if we can help along with the realistic probability of a full recovery. Using a Debt Collection Agency is now viewed as the most cost effective alternative to costly legal proceedings and is worth serious consideration.

These tips for dealing with a customer that does not want to pay will hopefully have helped you with your issue however if the situation is beyond your control, it helps to know the UK’s leading Experts are at hand to assist you.

A pragmatic, Professional and persistent strategy always achieves the best results in our experience. There are no false promises given and every effort is made to ensure our clients get paid monies owed to them.

So take the first step to recovering your unpaid debt today and call our friendly New Business Team now on 0333 043 4426 for your Free consultation on your Personal Debt Collection needs.